Amazing Kids Room Design For Boys

Amazing Kids Room Design For Boys

While it may seem daunting for an interior designer to design a room for your little boy, it doesn't have to be! With the right combination of creative boys room ideas, functional furniture, bed frame and fun accessories, any interior designer can create an amazing kids' room design that will inspire your child to learn and play.

From bold patterns and vibrant colours to practical storage solutions, there are endless possibilities and boys room ideas when it comes to creating a boys' room that is fun and functional.

We've collected some of the most amazing tips and bedroom ideas for your kid's room design, but before moving on with the ideas, let's look at how to create an ideal kids' room design for boys that is fun and functional.

How To Design A Boys' Bedroom?

Well, a boys room is typically designed by an interior designer in a way that is fun and energetic. A lead interior designer considers vibrant colours and exciting patterns when curating boys room ideas. Additionally, you can add masculine touches like sports memorabilia or gaming accessories to make the personal space feel like his.

Furthermore, when designing a boys room, it's essential to consider what activities he may enjoy and how to incorporate them with the decorating ideas. If he loves gaming, you could build a gaming corner with comfortable seating and shelving for accessories.

Similarly, if he likes sports, add a mural of his favourite team on the feature wall or some memorabilia from past games. A comfortable full sized bed with plenty of storage space for books and toys is an excellent addition to any children's room.

There are endless boys' bedroom ideas and options to choose from when designing a boys room. Have fun and make it his very own space.

Here are some tips to help you design the perfect bedroom for your little man. With these tips, you're sure to have an incredible bedroom design for your son that he'll love for years.

Choose A Theme Or Color Scheme

When designing a boys room, choosing a theme or colour scheme is essential. It should be something that will be appreciated by your son and suited to his personality and interests.

Moreover, it's also essential to consider the child's age when deciding on colours and themes for your son's room; for example, bright primary colours may work better for younger children, while a more subdued palette may be more suitable for older boys.

Additionally, try to pick colours that complement the existing furniture and decor in the room and will create a cohesive look. Finally, consider any lasting effects of your choices for boys room ideas – it is essential to select something that can grow and evolve with your son as he gets older rather than having to redecorate multiple times.

Decide On A Furniture Layout

When deciding on a furniture layout for a boys room, it is essential to think about the size of the space and the activities that will take place in the room. Consider using more significant pieces, such as twin beds, bed frame, and dressers, and smaller items, like nightstands and desks.

Furthermore, it is also beneficial to use multi-purpose furniture pieces to save space and ensure smart storage, like a bunk bed, and loft bed with built-in drawers for smart storage. Make sure to increase vertical space and leave enough room for movement and play by spacing furniture away from the walls, more specifically, the feature wall.

Lastly, consider incorporating fun elements like a bean bag chair, climbing wall or hammock to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in the boy's room. With these boys room ideas in mind, designing the perfect boys' room with the proper furniture layout can be easy.

Add A Personalised Touch With Accessories And Toys

Adding a personal touch to any boys room makes it stand out. Adding personalised accessories and toys to a boys room is one of the best boys room ideas to create a space he will love for years. From custom pillows featuring his favourite superhero to wall stickers, and toy boxes that display his action figures, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Toys such as remote control cars, LEGO sets, and play tents can create a unique atmosphere. You can add wall decals or vinyl stickers featuring his favourite characters to spruce up the room quickly.

Furthermore, don't forget to include bookshelves and educational toys like puzzles and board games that will keep him entertained for hours. With a bit of creativity, you can easily design a boys room that is sure to be the talk of the town.

Choose The Right Lighting

The proper lighting makes all the difference when it comes to designing a boys room. You want to create a comfortable environment, inviting and conducive to learning and play. The key is to choose lighting options that are both practical and aesthetic.

Consider your son's activities in his room - reading, playing video games, studying - and pick lighting solutions that make sense. If he reads in his sleep space, you'll need a bright task light like a gooseneck lamp. For video games, look for overhead lighting that doesn't create too much glare on the screen.

For study time in the boys room, opt for bright but soothing lights like wall sconces or ceiling pendants which can provide ambient, indirect illumination. Accent lighting, such as wall washers or spotlights, can also be used to highlight artwork, posters and other mementoes.

Finally, ensure you have a good balance of natural light - either from the sun or artificial sources like LEDs - to keep your son's space bright and cheerful. You'll create a stimulating and comfortable atmosphere for your son with the proper lighting.

Play With Texture And Color

Colours and textures can significantly impact any room, especially a boys' bedroom. Start by choosing a few colours you want to feature in the space, like blue and green or orange and yellow.

Then focus on incorporating texture in fun ways throughout the room. A mohair rug on the floor adds warmth, while the wall can be adorned with a textured wallcovering or wallpaper. Use faux fur for pillows, and remember curtains that can add depth to the design.

Moreover, use affordable rugs to layer over carpets or floors for added texture. And remember the bedding. Choose sheets with subtle patterns or textures to bring the entire design together. With the right colours and textures, you can create a boys' bedroom that's both stylish and inviting.

Create An Inventive Storage Solution

The possibilities are endless regarding the storage solution in a boy's bedroom. There is something for every style preference, from built-in shelves and drawers to storage ottomans and bin organisers.

Consider adding open wall-mounted cubbies or small containers holding items like toys and games to make the most of floor space while keeping items organised. If it is a shared room, look for furniture pieces like bunk beds or loft beds, which can help save floor space.

Moreover, maximise the walls by adding floating shelves and modular bookcases for books and toys that can easily be accessed. For clothing, look for hanging racks that are easy to reach and tuck away when not in use.

For a creative touch, add custom decals or murals to make the room come alive. Furthermore, storage solutions don't have to be boring – mix and match colours, patterns, fabrics, and textures for a one-of-a-kind look. With the proper storage solutions in place, you can create a boy's bedroom that is both luxurious and functional.

Opt For Comfort And Safety

First things first, when designing a boys' bedroom, it is essential to prioritise safety and comfort. Ensure that you purchase furniture and fixtures that are sturdy, non-toxic and safe for your child. Use soft materials like plush rugs or carpets, soft mattresses and pillows in addition to a full sized bed.

Ensure your child has ample storage space to store their toys, books, and clothes. Avoid sharp corners and edges, as these can be potentially dangerous for a child. Use night lights to make it easier for your little one to move around in the dark, and ensure no electrical wires are exposed to avoid accidents.

Additionally, install window guards or safety railings if the room is on a higher floor. Remember to child-proof the room by installing drawer, cabinet locks, and door latches.

Display Artwork

Good artwork can bring any room to life; a boys' bedroom is no exception. When choosing artwork for a boy's bedroom, consider larger pieces such as wall-sized decals or murals that he can admire from his bed.

Moreover, you can also add smaller pieces of art in various sizes and textures to create an attractive visual decor on the walls. If you'd like to add a personal touch, frame the drawings of his favourite animals or superheroes.

Finally, you can find artwork that ties into the room's theme and coordinates with other decorative elements. For example, if your child loves the ocean, look for prints or murals depicting marine life to bring colour and life to the space.

Alternatively, consider wall decals or art prints that feature his favourite construction sets if your son is into Lego or other building block toys. This way, he can admire the artwork while playing with his toys.

By carefully considering your son's interests and incorporating artwork that reflects these, you will create a truly personalised room for him.

Be Creative With Bedding And Pillows

Creative bedding and pillows can make all the difference when designing a boy's bedroom. Choose colours, textures and patterns that reflect his interests or favourite colours. Pillowcases featuring sports teams, superheroes or other characters are always popular with boys.

Moreover, accent pillows add texture and pattern to the bed. Stripes, plaids and geometric shapes are excellent choices for boys' rooms. You can even mix and match different patterns to create a unique look. Comforters, quilts or throws in bright colours can also add a splash of colour and texture to the room.

Additionally, there are many ways to be creative regarding bedding and pillows. From selecting a custom fabric to adding personal touches like embroidery or appliques, you can create a look that is uniquely his. With bedding and pillows, the sky's the limit – use your imagination and have fun.

Don't Forget About Curtains Or Shades

Not only do curtains add to the room's aesthetics, but they can also serve as an effective tool for regulating light and sound. When selecting window treatments, it is essential to keep in mind colour choices that are both age-appropriate and complementary to your chosen decor.

In addition, make sure you select curtains or shades that are easy to open and close, so your son can easily adjust the light entering his room. From blackout curtains and thermal lined drapes to colourful roman shades and unique patterned window panels, there's something for every boys' bedroom.

The right choice of curtains or shades can help bring the entire room to life, making it a space you and your son will love spending time in.

5 Best Boys' Bedroom Theme Ideas

For boys, their bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep; it's a space where they can express their personalities and do activities that make them feel comfortable. But designing the perfect boys' room can be a daunting task. That's why we have put together a list of the five best boys' bedroom ideas!

From bold colours and patterns to fun themes, these bedroom ideas inspire you to create the perfect room for your son.

Check out our top picked bedroom ideas and get ready to create the perfect soft furnishings for your growing boy.

1.Space-themed Room

Bring the stars to your child's bedroom with a space-themed room. Whether they are an aspiring astronaut or just love anything related to outer space, a space-themed bedroom is sure to spark their imagination and create an out-of-this-world look.

Incorporating elements such as planets, galaxies, and rockets can make decorating easy. Choose wall decals, wall mirrors or wallpaper featuring galaxies and stars for a stunning backdrop that instantly transforms their room into an intergalactic retreat.

Additionally, brightly coloured bedding featuring planets and space shuttles can make the perfect finishing touch to their room. You can also opt for furniture pieces with space-themed designs, such as dressers or desk chairs with rocket-shaped upholstery.

Finally, don't forget to add some fun accessories, such as a giant telescope or framed posters featuring your child's favourite astronauts, to make the room indeed come alive. With these simple steps, you can create an unforgettable space-themed bedroom that your little one will love!

2.Adventure-themed Room

A boys' adventure-themed bedroom should evoke a spirit of exploration and discovery. Choose furniture, decorations and toys that promote imagination, creativity, and outdoor activities. Select bedding with themes such as maps, stars or animals to bring the outdoors inside.

Additionally, hang themed artwork on the walls, like posters from his favourite camping spot or photos of your family exploring the great outdoors. Opt for a large rug to define the space and provide a comfortable place for playing and lounging. Display souvenirs from your travels or items he collected on outdoor excursions.

Furthermore, adding details like adventure books, binoculars, or camping equipment will inspire him to go out and explore on his next adventure. Most importantly, create a nook for him to relax and have fun.

Whether it's a hammock or a reading corner – having a space dedicated to his own adventures will make him feel special and encourage him to discover the outdoors. With these tips, you can easily create an exciting and inspirational adventure-themed room for your little one.

3.Sports-themed Room

A sports-themed bedroom is an excellent way to encourage him to stay active and healthy. It should include furniture, decorations, artwork, and activities that reflect his love of athletics. From murals featuring his favourite team logos and jerseys to shelves of trophies and medals to basketball hoops and soccer goals, there are endless possibilities for turning a room into a sports fan's paradise.

Additionally, comfortable seating like bean bag chairs can make it more inviting to hang out with friends or watch games on TV. Adding blackout curtains will help him rest while keeping the sunlight from disrupting his sleep schedule.

Finally, encourage him to show off his skills and stay active by having a few pieces of sports equipment in the room. He'll be able to practice even when it's too cold or rainy outside. You can create the perfect sports-themed bedroom for your son with creativity and the right furniture!

4.Pirate Or Nautical Themed Room

With maps, anchors, ships and sea life, a pirate-themed room will make any little pirate feel at home! Start with a classic blue and white colour scheme, adding splashes of red for depth. Create a nautical-inspired bedspread featuring sailboats or anchors, and complete the look with a rope headboard.

Moreover, add pirate-inspired elements such as treasure map wallpaper, wall mirrors and oar-shaped decorations to bring the theme together. Plus, use storage bins in the shape of boats or treasure chests to ensure everything is neat!

A pirate-themed room is sure to be filled with adventure and the perfect place for young buccaneers to rest their heads. With the right pieces, any child will be proud to call it home.

5.Superhero Themed Room

Last but not least, a superhero-themed room is perfect for your cool boys to explore their imagination! From lightning bolt wallpapers, colourful curtains, and bedding featuring his favourite characters, you can quickly transform any space into an inspiring and exciting environment.

Moreover, with Superman rugs, Spiderman shelves and Batman sheets, there are many possibilities for creating a unique, fun and stylish superhero-themed room. With carefully selected toys and accessories like superhero figurines, action figures and wall art, your child can channel his favourite characters into a vibrant, safe space. So with these kids bedroom ideas, let the adventures begin.

Tips To Design The Best Kids' Room For Boys

So far, we have taken you through our favourite tips and ideas for the perfect boys room. Now, look at some more tips to create the perfect space for your little one.

Get Creative With Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a great way to customise the look of a space, and it doesn't have to be just for walls. Use wallpaper on furniture or even the ceiling to create a unique look that any boy will love.

Furthermore, get creative with colours and patterns — go bold with bright shades like yellow or orange, incorporate classic stripes, or go for a modern geometric design. You can also transform your little one's room into an adventure zone with wallpapers featuring castles, cars, sports motifs and more.

Whatever style you choose, wallpaper is sure to bring the boys room to life and make it a place where boys of all ages can feel comfortable and inspired. Plus, making a room look luxurious without any hassle associated with painting is easy.

Incorporate Learning Into The Design

The design of a boys room for boys should consider learning. Research Gate suggests how the design and organisation of spaces encourage or impede learning. When designing a boy's bedroom, one should incorporate elements that promote cognitive development, such as bright colours and stimulating materials, bookshelves for knowledge acquisition, and appropriate seating arrangements.

When selecting furniture, look for items that allow children to think creatively and use their imagination in various ways. Design the room with plenty of natural light to create an inviting space and encourage students to learn.

Overall, incorporating learning into the design will help create an environment conducive to development and exploration for boys of all ages. With careful consideration, a room can be designed that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing children with an enjoyable place to learn and grow.

Incorporate Interesting Lighting

We cannot stress this enough – the proper lighting can make all the difference when designing a boy's bedroom for boys. Consider using a combination of natural, task and accent lighting to bring the space to life.

Natural light is essential for any luxurious room, but in particular, it is crucial for kids' rooms as it helps create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Task lighting should provide the most efficient lighting for activities such as reading and writing.

Additionally, accent lighting can highlight any displays, bookshelves, or artwork you may want to display in the room. Have fun with this design element – play around with colours and textures until you find something that suits your vision perfectly.

Add Fun And Functional Furniture

Adding fun and functional furniture is paramount when designing the perfect boy's bedroom for boys. A great way to make a children's bedroom both stylish and practical is to combine pieces that offer multiple functions — try a loft bed with built-in storage drawers or a desk that doubles as a study and play area.

Moreover, for a bright, energetic feel, choose vibrant colours and quirky prints that will engage the imagination of any young boy. Of course, don't forget to add key pieces for every kid — like bean bags and soft seating — that provide comfortable spots to relax or hang out with friends. You can create an inspiring, exciting, comfortable, and fun space with the right furniture and accessories.


So far you know all about boys bedroom ideas and how to design the perfect boy's room for boys let's go through some of the frequently asked questions.

How To Design A Boys Room?

To design a boys' room, choose the best colour theme. Next up comes the furniture layout. This involves choosing the functional and appropriate furniture for the room's size.

What Should Be In A Boys Bedroom?

A few must-haves for a boys' room are a comfortable study table, a gaming corner, efficient storage and, above all, size-appropriate furniture.

What Age Is Appropriate For Bunk Beds?

Bunk beds are often recommended for kids ages 4 to 16. However, it's typically unsafe to let a kid less than 6 years old climb into the top of a bunk bed.

Wrap Up

All in all, designing a fantastic child's bedroom for boys is no small feat. However, with the right boys bedroom ideas and inspiration, you can create a space that your child will love.

From carefully chosen colour palettes to clever furniture layouts, you can transform any room into a functional and fun environment for playtime and learning. So get inspired and take the plunge – your son will thank you for it! If you're looking for the best furniture for your kids. Then look no further from Craftedbeds.

Crafted Beds provides the perfect selection of bedding accessories for creating the perfect child's room. Our selection is designed specifically for your loved ones, from luxurious bed frames and cosy headboards.

Not only do the bedding furniture looks great, but they're also made from durable materials that will last for years. So make sure you check out Crafted Beds for the perfect bedding accessories for your kid's room today!

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