Learn how to style your bed like a pro

Learn how to style your bed like a pro


Have you seen all those Instagramers and wondered about the process they follow to choose the right bed and complement it with designs? 

Have you ever wondered how beds look so perfect in the backdrop of some magazines? 

Or have you seen hundreds of YouTube channels on how to crack the code of ‘styling your bed like a pro’? 

While ‘making’ a bed might take minimal efforts, ‘styling’ it to please the interior decoration Gods present within us is exhausting.

But worry not, because Crafted Beds has worked for you to ease out the situation. From the formula of choosing the perfect colour theme to deciding on the number of cushions and mastering the art of layering your bed, everything is discussed here!

Through today’s guide, we will talk you through the basic formulas and tricks that you can stick to make your bedroom look in its cosiest and heavenly form and become the inspiration to others who want to achieve the same look in their bedrooms.



There are certain things that we always like to compromise on, but not our bedding! Because nothing beats the feeling of a cosy and luxe bed against our skin after a long day of work.

Sounds exactly like you? 

Beddings form the style statement for any master bedroom. It’s the first thing that we set our eyes on when crossing the threshold of our rooms. 

We want to start from the bedding because this set of fabrics form the foundation and will determine the tonality for the room, depending on which the overall look of the bedroom can be built. 

So, how to choose the right bedding style that compliments your bedroom look and becomes the focal point of the place?

Here are a few tips -

    • Simple and classic - We know, you might be thinking of an attractive white bedding option. That’s right, what’s more, elegant than a puffy white comforter with matching shams? Whatever the colour scheme you might want to go for, simple white bedding compliments every look regardless of the same.
    • Patterned and pretty - Not looking for a simple theme? Patterns are the new dynamic style statement! The textiles, patterns, colours, and tones give an interior look that is irresistible to fall in love with.
    • Comfortable and cosy - Comfortability and cosiness is something more of a personal preference more than a style choice. Choosing the layers and fabrics that reflect on your character and personality is a vibe most people go for. Most of the time, a room is a mirror of you, don’t you think?
    • Single toned and swappable - A minimal and relaxing single-toned bedding, a matchy-matchy look for a perfectionist. Or a mix and match of colours and patterns with pillows, shams, and duvets, with single-toned sheets for an explorer.

Layering and texture

One of the easiest ways to style your bed with minimal effort is by layering your bed. It takes the most luxurious look just with a few layers of different fabrics like silk, wool, faux, and fur spread across the bed. 

Incorporating the style of different fabrics and patterns to both blankets and pillows will ensure double the visual effect of your room. This is one of the best ways to get a warm, soothing, and welcoming look to the majestic bedroom.

Here’s a quick look down on how you can layer your bed with just 4 easy steps -

  1. The first step is to lay down or spread your sheets and comforter or quilt as you would normally do when ‘making’ your bed.
  2. The next step is to lay down extra sheets and then fold back the top sheet about halfway, or one by a fourth of the bed.
  3. In the third step - You can play around a bit with a blanket, either layering it with the other sheets or draping it at the end of the bed to achieve a ‘laid back look.
  4. Then you can style your standard pillows and also throw some shams to complete the style.

Sheets for the base layer


The sheets for the base layer includes two types -

    1. Fitted sheets.
    2. Flat sheets.

A fitted sheet complements the size of the bed. Since it fits the mattress perfectly (they have elastic sewn at the corners to keep them in place), it gives a clean, tucked-in look. They are the sheets that form a base layer between the sleeper and the mattress.  

And the flat sheets are designed to stay flat on the bed and are plain fabric. Unlike fitted sheets, they are not the same size as the mattress, instead, they are a bit longer. And of course, they do not come with elastic sewn. They are usually placed under the duvet for an extra layered look.

They can also be used as the bottom sheet for the bed, anything according to your preferences. Although the flat sheets are longer, the excess part of the sheet can be tucked in neatly around the corners of the bed. 

How to layer the mattress with these base layers? Here are some quick takeaway pointers -

    1. Since fitted sheets are the main layer that you sleep on, they must be carefully picked and chosen to not only match the outlook of the bedroom but also to enhance the comfortability of the sleeper.

We would highly recommend you to go for natural materials like silk or sateen sheets for a neat, finished look.

     2. Cover your mattress with your new fitted sheet or if you already have one, just launder it and spread it across the mattress. Fitted sheets with deep pockets are snuggly and give an aura of warmth to the room.

     3. Now you can pair the fitted sheets with a flat sheet thrown over it or just use it as a layer between the mattress and the duvet to give a more fluffy look. 

It’s a whole another debate if one should use a fitted sheet or a flat sheet as the bottom layer for the mattress (That’s for another day!). 

But mostly, it boils down to your choices. You can just use one type of base layer to design your mattress or use both a fitted sheet and a flat sheet.

With that being said, let’s move to the ‘top sheets’ section of the guide.

Top sheets


If you are wondering what a top sheet is, a top sheet is very much similar to a fitted sheet. These sheets must be layered on top of the base sheets. The side of the sheet with a large hem must go on the top of the bed and it should be aligned with the head of the mattress.

Here are some points to remember regarding top sheets -

    1. If you decide to buy a patterned sheet, then one should place the patterned side down. This step is to ensure that the pattern is visible when you fold the top sheet in half.
    2. Make sure to spread the top sheet evenly for a clean look. You can also go for a ‘hospital corner’ look with top sheets. 

Reversible covers


Styling a bed that occupies most of the bedroom without a comforter or quilt is a bad idea! Because without a comforter or a quilt, the look will never be finished. It’s like a half-baked cake - Very unsatisfactory!

A decorative and beautiful piece of comforter can change the entire style statement of your room and give it a fresh, luxury look, with minimal effort.

And reversible covers or comforters are a great idea if you are someone who doesn’t settle for less and would love to change up your decor every once in a while. 

We would suggest you go for a reversible comforter or quilt that has a detailed pattern on one side and solid colour or a simple pattern on the other side. This way, you can easily switch between the patterns or colours whenever you feel bored with your last design.

Also, you would not have any worries about the look matching the overall themes of your bedroom. A reversible cover is a lifesaver!

If you are still unsure about what type of pattern you should go for, you can follow this simple trick. Answering this simple question will answer all your doubts.

What is the type of vibe you want to achieve in your room?

Examples - 

    1. Floral patterns - Sometimes gives off the vibe of a feminine, bold, chick look, but sometimes can also look very elegant and attention-stealing.
    2. Stripped patterns - These patterns can suit both modern and a simple bedroom look. If you are too confused about which style would suit your bedroom, you should go for this pattern.
    3. Coloured comforters - Humorous, fun look with simple colours and bold, dark-themed looks with extreme colours.

Remember to choose a reversible cover that gives off your vibe and personality.



Now it’s time to add a proper quilt or a bedspread to your bed. To make an elegant style look, make the bottom of the quilt fall below the mattress, and then the top of the quilt should be folded on the top.

Or you also choose to fold only one by a fourth of the quilt and tuck the edges to the corners of the bed. 

We love white! There, we said it. But you can go for whatever colour or look you want to achieve. Although, we recommend white, as it fits with everything and is extremely easy to clean.

Also, you can decide to layer the bed with extra blankets, but we do not recommend you to go for a heavy look. A down comforter would be much better to layer instead of a cumbersome blanket. 

Pillows and cushions


And now comes the most exciting and awaited part of the bed styling. Pillows and cushions take your bed style to the next level, no doubt! A when the guide is about ‘styling your bed like a pro’ - Would it be complete without pillows and cushions?


Pillows add a decorative dimension to the room and also make it extra cushiony, comfortable and add a unique perspective to the room. Throwing an odd number of pillows is always what specialist interior stylists recommend.

An odd number of pillows will balance the overall look of the bedroom and doesn’t give a too strict or too precise kind of vibe (that is if you don’t like the strict or precise vibe like us). Three pillows or five pillows are the perfect sweet spot.

Seven pillows might look great as well, but if you do not like overloading your bed with too many pillows, then you might go for 3 or 5 numbers. 

    • The first layer of pillows can be two huge shams according to your bed size (King, Queen, or Twin sized beds) 
    • The second layer of pillows can be two or three of the normal pillows that you use to sleep.
    • And the third/last layer of the pillow can be one accent pillow or lumber which will complete the look.

There must be some sort of variety in your pillow designs and patterns to throw off an elegant look. Mix and match between different colours and varieties of patterns, and designs to pull the style that will go well with the overall bedroom theme.

Colour palette


Finally, creating a colour theme or palette is important to decide beforehand about the theme one wants to achieve. Having a colour theme or palette will help you have a plan which will aid you to buy or piece together the already existing piece of sheets, pillows, and duvets.

The beddings, cushions, pillows, and accessories will all fall within this colour wheel to attain one look throughout the bedroom. 

You can easily select colour pallets based on the vibe that you want to go for. For example, if you want your bedroom to reflect summer vibes, go for orange or yellow colours that suit the seasonal theme.

Are you looking to surprise your partner with a romantic vibe and aura? Blush pink, black, white, and red colours are a winning combo! (Or any colour that symbolizes romance to you or your partner)

Or are you after a crisp elegance? White and white, or white and black, done right, will look perfect.

Pro tip - whatever you decide on your colour pallet, just try to add a bit of mixture to the textures, paints, and bedding’s colours, because no one wants to go for a matchy-matchy, dull look. Draw inspiration from your colour theme and perform the artwork to reveal the cohesive bedroom look.



Nothing substitutes the happiness of seeing a bedroom with a bed that expresses the divine look of elegance, the bed which stands strong to speak your language of style.

And we hope our styling guide helped you in creating your piece of fashion statement with your beddings, cushions, and quilts. If our guide aided you to achieve a look that steals the attention of anyone who enters your room in seconds, we are proud!

If you still have any doubts about styling your bed, please skip forward to the next section where we address some common questions of our customers.


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