Luxurious Bedroom Decor Ideas

Luxurious Bedroom Decor Ideas

Everyone dreams to have a luxurious house. The bedroom is the most important component of any house. It is the place from where your day starts and ends. This room enriches you with your private space. It is the perfect place to relax and refuel yourself. So these reasons are sufficient to grab your full attention of yours. 

Your bedroom must be filled with the best luxurious ideas. It will help in giving you a sense of mental peace and a deep sense of harmony. 

The bedroom can be decorated through various luxurious ideas. You can observe various luxurious hotel rooms for getting ideas. The initial decoration of the bedroom starts with its stationery. You should choose classy and luxurious products. Your furniture design, lights, linens, and every minor thing will determine the overall looks. You should be very careful while choosing this stuff.

All the things placed in the room should match each other. Apart from this, you can go for perfect combination products for better outcomes. We have mentioned some of the best decor ideas to decorate a luxurious bedroom. These ideas will help you to satisfy all your needs and get an adorable bedroom.

best luxurious ideas

Put a Lot Of Pillow On Your Bed 

Pillow plays a major role in giving your bedroom a luxurious look. This element is crucial for replacing your bedroom from an everyday look to adorable looks. 

As you can notice, every luxurious hotel room comes with adorable sets of pillows. Moreover, they offer a larger number of pillows to extend the ambience. There are a few below-mentioned things you should keep in mind while putting pillows on the bed.

A lot number of the pillow should be taken 

You should always prefer putting a great number of pillows. This helps in enhancing the looks of your bedroom. Moreover, you can arrange them in various adorable ways. 

Usually, the number of pillows depends from room to room. The major factor that affects the pillow count is room size, bed size, pillow dimensions. If you are going for a great-sized pillow, the number will reduce. Whereas in square-shaped small pillows, the number will increase.

Similarly, in large rooms, a decent pillow count will be preferable compared to a small room. The size of the bed is the most important factor. You should always fill your bed with pillows according to their capacity. For a medium-sized bed 5 to 7 medium-sized pillows are preferred. Whereas in larger beds the number increase and it decreases with a decrease in bed size.

Put a Lot Of Pillow On Your Bed

Attractive and match with room design 

There are a lot of pillows available on market. You should always choose a pillow that is attractive and well designed. Apart from this, the pillow should give a luxurious look. 

It must have premium quality fabrics for ensuring a top comfort experience. The shape and size of pillows mainly depend on the theme of your room. If you are planning for a modern or traditional room you should choose the pillow accordingly.

Add a classy Lampshade

Lampshades are very useful for enhancing the beauty of the room. These shades are available in various designs. However, there are two main types of lampshade. The most popular is the one that sits on the lamp table. While the other is designed to hang on the ceiling. You can choose your preferred lampshade according to your room decor theme.

If you are planning for a royal style luxurious bedroom nut want to make it simple and stylish, you can go for a traditional handmade lampshade. Apart from this, vintage-style lampshades are also preferable. However, if you are looking for modern decor you should go for the latest design. There are various lampshades with adorable modern designs. Apart from this, a few lampshades come with modern features and WiFi.

Your lampshade must be chosen according to other equipment in the room. The design and colour should match with all other nearby objects in the room. A sturdy lampshade is preferable with heavy work on it. Apart from this, make sure that the lampshade is capable of ejecting perfect light. Too bright or dim light may affect the beauty of your room. A decent lampshade always emits soft light diffusing. This leads to a perfectly cosy and ambient glow.

Antique Furniture 

If you are willing to have an old vintage-styled luxurious home or a mid-century style inspiration, antique furniture will act as sole to your idea. These are the most crucial add-up in any room to enhance its beauty. There are lots of options when you talk about furniture. This furniture is sufficient to give your bedroom a royal look. The top furniture you should look for is mentioned below.

Chair and table

Chairs are the basic furniture. You can get various antique designs when it comes to the chair. You should always choose high-quality furniture made up of hardwood. This furniture comes with a great life. Apart from this, you can either buy a basic chair with four legs or you can go for the rocking chair. The rocking chair usually gives better nostalgic vibes. If you are going for the basic antique chair. Make sure to buy a wooden antique table that perfectly matches the room and chair.

Chest of drawers 

Drawers come under the furniture that one should always have in his room. Apart from being useful, this furniture enhances the beauty of the room. This table is usually placed with a dressing mirror. You can also go for a chest of drawers with an attached vintage mirror. A wooden and hand-crafted drawer is preferred to buy. Apart from this, there are many drawers with work of gold or silver. 

These kinds of drawers are perfect to give your room a luxurious vintage and royal look.

Apart from this, you can look for many other antique furniture like a two-door cupboard, rugged sideboard, storage trunk, and most importantly bed.

Antique Furniture

Focus on one colour palette

One colour is always preferred as a symbol of royalty. If you are applying various colours on walls it can get messy. Apart from this, the combination of colours may go out of trend after some time. 

However, one colour palette always is on-trend. You don't have to be applying the same colour on four walls. You can apply a deeper colour on one main side and a lighter version on the leftover three sides.

Apart from walls. Make sure that the equipment placed in the room should match with that colour. The curtain or bedsheet all should follow the same colour palette. This helps to provide your bedroom with a classy look. A dim or Matt colour is preferred for the vintage look. Colours like purple, light pink, olive, ultramarine, and deco silver.


Lighting is the most crucial part of home decor. This aspect plays a major role in finalizing the beauty in dark. Moreover, this factor helps to represent all other items present in the room in a premium manner. 

There are various lighting ideas you can apply to your home. Your room design and theme plays a major role in deciding which light to apply. There are a few ideas that help in better lighting.

Choose According To Decor theme 

If you are willing to have a modern ambience, you cannot apply traditional lighting ideas to it. However, you can go for premium quality Wi-Fi-enabled lights. 

There are you can use the modern lamp for lighting. Apart from this, a premium false ceiling is also preferable. However, if you are looking for a traditional design. You can install royal-styled lamps and crystal beads ceiling lights. They will help you to gain a decent vintage look.

Use lights that emit soft diffusion

Always choose a light that emits softly. It gives s better ambience. Whereas hard lights are too bright and sharp. Those lights are not good for the eyes. However soft light will give a pleasant experience to your eyes. Moreover, these lights are more attractive and eye-catchy.

Use Multiple Lighting Devices At Every Point 

There are various kinds of lights available in the market for every place. You cannot place the same kind of light at every point of your bedroom. Firstly some classy lights should place on the wall above your bed. 

This place is most eye-catchy so you should be very careful while choosing lights for here. Apart from this, a few lights should install on the ceiling. You can either install these lights according to your décor theme. Some lights should be installed at unique places like room fountains (if present), free areas of the wall, at antique or painting placing sections.

Lighting in bedroom

Adequate Use Of Linen 

Linen is known as a symbol of luxury. If you are imagining having a luxurious bedroom, this is a must-add item. 

These clothes are used in various places for different purposes. This premium cloth is primarily used for making tablecloths, curtains, and pillow covers. This luxurious cloth is extremely expensive. It is capable of providing a royal touch to your room. 

Moreover, the use of this cloth help to push your room toward luxury. Linen is said to be the finest cloth usually used for luxurious works. The main places where you can use linen are mentioned below.


Every room has windows. All such windows need to be covered with curtains. Using linen as the curtain gives your bedroom a premium look. Moreover, this material is very soft and classy so it is the best option for the curtain. Due to its beautiful fabric, it will fit perfectly with all other luxurious items in the room.


Linen is a luxurious clothing fabric. This fabric is used to make various clothing products. Top-quality bedsheets are usually made up of linen. This luxurious fabric is extremely soft. It is capable of giving you a royal experience when you lie on your bed.

Table Cloth And Pillow Cloth 

Table cloth and pillows covers are among the most eye-catchy things in your bedroom. Using linin fabric in these two places helps to get an extended luxurious experience. This fabric is highly durable and soft. So using it as a pillow cover will help to get you a comfortable experience.

Paintings And Antique

Every room has its speciality. This speciality is due to the presence of something attractive in it. Installation of handmade paintings will extend the luxurious ambience big your bedroom. You must choose the painting according to the theme of the room. Paintings usually add a glance and a pitch of class to your room. 

You can choose among numerous painters to have a painting. The painting must suit the wall colour and ambience of the room.

Antiques are sometimes every person loves to have in their room. Antiques are of various kinds. You can choose the most suitable among them for your room. A shortlist of antiques that you should keep if you are looking for a vintage look is mentioned below.


Gramophone is among the most popular antique products. You can either buy a dummy gramophone or go for a real one. If you are going for a dummy gramophone, it must look as real as the original does. If it looks a bit unreal, it can destroy the entire luxury vintage look of your house. It is more preferable to buy an old preserved gramophone as an antique showpiece.


The clock is the prime vintage thing most people keep in their homes. You can go for a hand-crafted wooden clock of the old era. These clocks are high in demand and are available very easily. They are of huge variety and designs. You can choose among such clock that suits the ambience of your bedroom the most.

Adequate Use Of Linen

Ending lines 

Having a luxurious bedroom is the dream of every person. However, few are aware of the right method and tricks to get a luxurious look. With the help of this above-written article, you can plan an adorable setting of a bedroom on your own. 

This article helps you to get informed about various décor ideas. It helps to figure out the importance and the astonishing outcomes of all such luxury ideas. If you are willing to have a royal bedroom, this article is worth reading for you.

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