Mirror Designs For Home Interiors

Must-Have Wall Mirror Designs For Home Interiors

How to decorate your bedroom interior with wall mirrors? What kind of mirror should I choose? And how to install them correctly? These questions always come up when you have a new room or  renovate your existing space.

Mirrors are great for adding light and creating visual interest. They also add dimension and depth to a room. There are various types of mirrors for different purposes. Some are decorative, some are functional, and some are both.

Mirror design is essential because they reflect the mood of the room. The type of mirror depends on the purpose of the room. To  create a warm atmosphere, go for a sizable reflective mirror. If you're going to emphasise the size of the room, go for a smaller mirror.

You'll need to measure where you want it to go to hang a mirror. Then mark the position using tape or chalk. Next, drill holes at the marks. Finally, screw the mirror into place.

Mirror On The Wall - All You Need To Do

Mirrors are a crucial design element. They are used in many different ways. They help people see themselves better. They  make rooms brighter. They give an illusion of light and space. The mirrors are made of Glass. Colour match with your soft furnishings and accessories for a beautifully curated room.

Different Shapes, Styles And Sizes

If you have  a small bedroom, you may get away with having only one mirror. However, you should consider two mirrors if you have a larger bedroom.

There are several different kinds of mirrors. Here's a quick guide:

Full-Length Mirror - This is usually hung over a vanity table. It can be placed against any wall.

Half-length mirror - A half-length mirror is shorter than a full-length mirror. You can use this mirror as a dressing table mirror.

Vanity Mirror - A vanity mirror is perfect for bathrooms. They are usually attached to a wall above a sink.

Floor-standing mirror - A floor-standing mirror is ideal for bedrooms. You can put it anywhere in the room.

Framed Mirror - A framed mirror is ideal for hallways and other places where there isn't enough space for a full-length mirror.

Curved Mirrors - Curved mirrors are great for dining areas. They look good hanging from the ceiling.

Wall-Mounted Mirror - Wall-mounted mirrors are handy for bathrooms. They're easy to clean and maintain.

Mirror on the wall

    Choose Your Style

    A mirrored closet door looks great when framed, but it's important to remember that it  takes up a lot of space.

    To avoid wasting valuable storage space, choose a smaller mirror.

    For a unique touch, try placing a small table next to the mirror so you can place items on top while keeping them within reach.

    Mirroring Your Closet Door

    If you want to transform your closet door's appearance completely, consider installing a full-length mirror. It is a  quick DIY project that will keep the bank intact.

    Mirroring Your Dresser

    If you love having a dressing room but need more space, consider mirroring your dresser. You'll get the benefits of extra storage space plus a vanity area where you can apply makeup and brush your hair.

    Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

    Wardrobe doors are great additions to any bathroom. However,  if you live in a small apartment, you may need more room to install one.

    Fortunately, there are several options available. One option would be to install a wardrobe mirror instead. These mirrors will allow you to see your clothes from multiple angles.

    Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

    Mirroring Your Furniture

    You can create  a beautiful focal point in your living room by adding a mirror to your existing furniture set. If you already have a sofa, armchair, coffee table and lamp, you can use these pieces as inspiration for creating a new seating arrangement.

    Mirroring A Table

    You can also add a mirror to a dining table. Use this method if you want to state your design aesthetic.

    Mirroring An Entryway

    An entryway mirror is an intelligent way to give your front entrance some personality. It's a simple and affordable way to  update the overall look of your house.

    Mirroring The Bathroom

    There are many ways to incorporate mirrors into your bathroom. You could hang a large mirror above the sink or shower. Or you could opt for a wall-mounted unit. Either option will let you enjoy the beauty of your reflection every day.

    Mirroring In The Kitchen

    Kitchen appliances are an essential part of any kitchen. But they aren't always the prettiest things around. A cabinet mirror can bring life back into your kitchen.

    Mirrors For Living Room

    Living rooms need more than just a couch and TV. Add a little glamour with a mirror. Choose a classic frame that complements your decor.

    Mirrors For Living Room

    Mirroring On The Floor

    Floor mirrors are perfect for bathrooms. They're easy to clean and durable. Plus, they offer plenty of light.

    Experiment With Shapes

    Mirrors designs are available in  different sizes and shapes. You can choose the conditions in line with your living area.

    It's important to note that the distance between the floor and the top of the mirror should be at least 36 inches when installing a mirror.

    Think about the size.

    Size is another crucial consideration defined by the area where you will use the mirror art. So, it is essential to know how big you want your mirror to be.

    Consider the placement

    Decide where to put the mirror. The location of the mirror is also essential. It would help if you placed it strategically to easily access it during daily activities.

    Choose the perfect mirror frame.

    Select the best material if you plan on hanging a mirror in your home. It is because the mirror's surface will come into contact with moisture and other elements.

    Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for Glass or acrylic. Glass is strong, lightweight, and scratch-resistant, while acrylic is lightweight, flexible and water-resistant.

    Use More Than One Mirror.

    Create a symphony of the mirror by using different shapes in sync. For example, you can combine a rectangular mirror with a round mirror.

    Mirrored Wall

    Mirrored walls are the  latest home decor idea. These days, people are looking for unique ideas to enhance their homes. Mirrored walls are the simplest yet the most effective way to achieve this goal.

    Remember The Lighting!

    Also, keep in mind that mirrors reflect light. That means they may cause glare on certain surfaces, such as windows and mirrors. To avoid this problem, you can install dimmers on the lights in the room to  adjust the room's brightness.

    Choose the perfect mirror frame

    How To Install Mirrors In Your Home - Tips From An Interior Designer

    The best way to hang a mirror is by drilling two holes in the wall about 2 inches apart and then screwing the mirror into those holes. It will ensure that the screws do not protrude out of the wall. It's also good to use an adhesive like Gorilla Glue to secure the mirror to the wall, so it doesn't fall over time.

    You can hang the mirror using nails if you want to avoid putting holes in the wall. You'll first need to find a stud (the metal bar behind the plasterboard) and then mount the mirror onto this stud.

    You can also opt for hanging the mirror directly onto the wall without having any holes drilled. In this case, you'll need to ensure that no electrical wiring or plumbing is running through the area where you plan to hang the mirror.

    Also, if you're planning to hang the mirror above  a bed frame, ensure that the headboard does not interfere with its placement.

    You can also hang the mirror directly onto the ceiling. It is helpful if you want to display something besides just the mirror. If you turn anything else on the top, ensure that it has enough clearance around it.

    When choosing a mirror, it's wise to consider the lighting in the room as well. A bright bathroom needs a more radiant mirror than a dark room. So, before buying a mirror, think about the lighting situation.


    Now that you know all about the perks of having wall mirrors, let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions.

    Are Wall Mirrors Outdated?

    Wall mirrors are  timeless furniture pieces that can never run out of fashion. These are crucial elements of interior design and add a luxurious and modern touch to whatever aesthetic you choose.

    Which Wall Should A Mirror Go On?

    Where it entirely depends on your personal preferences, interior designers usually recommend hanging a mirror on eastern and northern walls as compared to southern and western walls.

    What Type Of Mirrors Are On Trend?

    Among various different types of aesthetically pleasing wall mirrors, curved mirror, TV mirrors, antique mirrors and oversized free standing mirrors are expected to be on trending this year.

    Wrap Up!

    Hanging a mirror in your bedroom is a great way to  improve the appearance of your space. You can choose from many designs and styles.

    However, when selecting a style, you have to consider the size of the mirror, the location of the mirror, how much light you want to let into the room, and what kind of lighting you already have in the room.

    By following these tips, you'll be able to get the perfect mirror for your bedroom. So which mirror design are you going to finalise for your home?

    Furthermore, if you’re looking to improve the overall look of your bedroom, adding the perfect good-looking furniture is your way to go. So don’t forget to visit  Crafted Beds. We bring you premium quality furniture and bedding accessories that will  add a luxurious look to your ordinary bedroom and transform it into an extraordinary living space so that your bedroom will look more appealing!

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