New Year, New Look: Freshen Up Your Bedroom

New Year, New Look: Freshen Up Your Bedroom


Freshen Up Your Wardrobes

Our wallets are still rebounding from December, as much as we'd like to start fresh in the wardrobe department this new year. Nonetheless, New Year calls for a major wardrobe overhaul, which means we must do everything we can to be as clever as possible while remodelling our closets for the new year!  You can simply update your style without spending a lot of money if you do it correctly. Finding items that can be combined, matched, and coupled with things you already own to create new outfits is the key to updating your wardrobe for the new year!
  • The old has to go. It's time to go through your closet, hanger by hanger, and get rid of the things you will never need. We're all culpable of clinging to things for far too long - you never wear that tree trunk tank at the back of your wardrobe, but you can't get rid of it since you wore it in Hawaii when you were 16 and can't bear to let go of the memory. Sorry, ladies, but if you don't see yourself wearing anything more than once in the new year, chuck it in the ""give away"" basket and forget about it.
  • Find a way to have an impact. Every fashionista requires a role model! Go back to the basics and look for a style icon to emulate. Having a fellow fashion-lover to look up to will help cement your style, whether it's Marilyn Monroe's beautiful trends, Elizabeth Taylor's gorgeous costumes, or Jackie O's traditional refinement.
  • Organize yourself. It's time to get down to business and make everything visible after you have a pick of items you'll wear. Sort garments by the length of the sleeves, then organize them by colour, facing the hangers in the same direction. That way, when it's time to finish your closet for the new year, you'll know precisely what you're missing, what colours you need more of, and what products you'll need to get your wardrobe ready.
  •  Use your imagination. Getting creative with your old clothing is one of the simplest ways to update it. Do you know that button-down shirt you always wear by itself? Remove the buttons and layer them over another blouse. Chop and change your outfits to see what you can come up with - you might be shocked at how many different looks you can come up with!
  • Live your life with elegance. The only way to keep up with the fast-paced fashion business is to immerse yourself in it. Daily read blogs, peruse editorials, and follow as many fashion-related Instagram accounts as possible, even if they don't match your particular style! Knowing the current trends, must-have products, and top influencers will put you in the mood for a fashionable new year.
  • Out with the old and in with the new. Finally, discover a few must-have pieces of clothes to add to your new year's outfit. Purchase a few out-of-the-box pieces to transform your wardrobe from dull to stunning if you're courageous enough. That way, when you're going over your updated new year wardrobe, you'll be able to see the difference between the before and after! Our favourite investment pieces are listed below.

Decorating Your Wall

Are you looking for new ways to decorate your walls? Those blank walls are full of potential, and a few improvements may transform a house into a home. Continue reading if you're ready to transform those plain, barren walls into beautiful focal points.  We've got the skills to amp up your walls and bring out your individuality and taste, regardless of your style. Whether you're an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book aficionado, you may personalize your walls to surround yourself with the things you love. Include a feature wall. Consider decorating the walls themselves in addition to exhibiting stuff on the walls. Create an accent wall with a bright and dramatic paint hue, or add a pattern with wallpaper, stencilling, or other artistic paint methods. (While you're at it, consider changing your ceiling!) In a tiny area, these ornamental touches may have an even greater impression. Display a fabric In a neutral space, a mosaic or wall hanging can add a splash of colour and pattern, as well as a sense of softness. Vintage scarves or other lovely fabrics can be framed. Bonus: They're a lot easier to transport than framed artworks when it's time to relocate. Sculptural sconces should be displayed. Sconces provide additional light without taking up valuable space on the floor or a side table. To bring in lighting and style, choose a sight design that also functions as wall artwork. Make a more eco-friendly choice. Plants don't have to be confined to the windowsill. To add a touch of greenery and wildlife to your walls, try hanging or wall-mounted planters. If you're not a huge fan of water, a high-quality artificial plant is a good alternative (and no one will probably ever be the wiser) A large whiteboard or chalkboard may help set the tone. A large whiteboard is a great addition to any office, playground, or even kitchen. A chalkboard adds a rustic touch to any area, while a whiteboard is a more modern option—and they don't have to be white (they come in several colours and designs). You can take it a step further by using WriteWallPaint to create a writable surface on a whole wall. Place your television on the wall. Is there another option? Place your television on the wall. Adding a flat screen to your wall may help you free up space on top of your media cabinet, improve the aesthetic of your wall, and change the design of your complete living room or bedroom. In addition, certain televisions, such as the appropriately called ""The Frame,"" are meant to seem like an artwork when turned off. With Samsung, you can set your television to display images of your choice in ambient mode. Consider using detachable wall art. Minted and Etsy both feature huge collections of elegant, grown-up removable wall art. The velcro murals are available in a range of styles and feature a nice matte finish. If you're renting and don't want to harm the walls, detachable wall art is ideal.

New Bedsheets

In hotel rooms, white or grey bedding and linens are common. Using the same colour palette in your house will give it the same high-end hotel feel. They are the ideal bed sheet ideas since they can be used with practically any bedroom theme like winter bedroom ideas or style.  When you want to create a stylish atmosphere in your room, this organic grey bedding set is a must-have in your closet. If the spotless purity of the colour white bores you, add some small accents to liven it up.  You may still keep it understated by opting for print elements in muted tones. Take, for example, the grey flowery bedspread in this modern bedroom. It adds colour without going excessive, breaking up the monotony of simple white beddings. As a result, it keeps them a quiet aesthetic you'll adore in your bedroom. Many individuals dislike the black motif for both the inside and outside of their homes. Those that can pull it off, however, will be rewarded with an exquisite and exhilarating bounty of originality.  Choose silk or satin linen to keep the brilliance of your bed sheet. Dusting is not an issue with this fabric, which may quickly dull the sheets. These sheets are wrinkle-free as well. Here's an example of how the beauty of this black-themed bedroom is enhanced with black bed sheet ideas. Are you tired of being woken up by sneezes due to the fluff on your bedsheet? Then microfibers could be the greatest bed sheet option to think about if you're trying to avoid allergies. They're also wrinkle-free, silky, and simple to clean. With its soothing tone and repeating pattern, this navy-blue microfiber sheet helps to create a calm environment. It gives the bed a focal point in this farmhouse-style bedroom. Satin is a sumptuous and beautiful fabric that exudes a romantic air at all times. It also conjures up an opulent environment that's ideal for a romantic bedroom. For special events like your anniversary or Valentine's Day, have a set of satin bed linens on hand.  Alternatively, perhaps for all those days when you want to feel rejuvenated, romantic, and majestic! Another set of microfiber bed sheets for sensitive sleepers is available here. The two-toned soft colour scheme is also a fantastic complement for a warm bedroom, aside from its hypoallergenic characteristics.  It looks friendly and pleasant because of the complementary steel grey and bone tone. These pieces are ideal for completing a grey bedroom décor.

Clean Your Mattress

Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to go over the whole surface of the mattress, including the sides. Pay extra attention to seams and use the crevice attachment to remove any debris or dust that has crept in. Now it's time to concentrate on removing stains from the mattress, which requires spot-cleaning. Never wet your mattress or clean it directly with water or a cleaning solution. For example, memory foam isn't designed to become wet. As a result, it's critical to approach with prudence and adhere to the philosophy of ""less is more."" So it'll be spot-cleaning with a stain remover. The type of stain and the type of mattress will determine the stain remover you choose. Use an enzyme cleaner to remove biological stains. Spray the cleaner onto a clean white cloth, then use the cloth to dab the stained area.

Fake Plants For Your Bedroom

You don't have green fingertips, do you? Faux plants or preserved eucalyptus bunches are also great for adding some greenery to your home. Even better, both are usually less expensive than real houseplants. Here are some of our favourite foliage decoration methods to help you make your home feel brighter and more vibrant. You may like the jungle appearance or long for a tropical holiday; the good news is that you can now retreat to the rainforest in your bedroom should you add some plants. Green plants may easily be added to your area to provide colour, symmetry, and a touch of the wild side.  You can easily bring the vegetation of the jungle to your region year-round, no matter where you reside, with little upkeep. Waking up every morning to the sight of lush greenery all around you—the ideal self-care formula for those anxious moments when you need to reset and unwind. Small touches may sometimes make all the difference in a space. This is especially important in cases where something unique is lacking. Small plants are some of the best suggestions among more bedroom ideas and will do the trick if you're wanting to tie a space together.  Succulents are a popular and fashionable plant with thick leaves that give off a Southwestern impression. The American Fern is another popular choice among customers. You'll have a touch of greens that transports you to the jungle with the overflowing leaves and full appearance.  A tiny plant in the bedroom might assist to create a sense of cohesion in the space. Plants can instantly soften edgy décor. Kimberly, the design-obsessed do-it-yourselfer behind Squeal, used a bar cart to create an indoor garden in her ultra-modern flat. Greenery brightens an unpleasant recess in her case.  The cart is the finest feature since it makes it simple to transport plants to the kitchen or bathroom for spritzing or trimming. Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely employs verdure-inspired décor to green up white space in this lovely floral-themed bathroom.  The blogger chose a synthetic palm tree since she had had bad success with live houseplants. While it may not deceive a plant expert up close, she claims it is lifelike enough to enliven the space. She added a few herb-inspired items of décor, such as the charming hamper on the left, to accentuate the feel-good green vibe.

Replace Old Carpets With Your New Ones

Carpet installation is rather straightforward; it's the upkeep that may be difficult, which is why it can be difficult to tell when it's time to replace it. Your carpet is obviously in need of some upgrading if you see any matting or worn-out cushioning.  Worse, and more noticeable, are stains that have penetrated too deeply into the carpet fibres; lighter coloured carpets, such as those in hues of grey or cream, can amplify these stains. In certain cases, scents in your carpet are caused by stains or even pet hair. These can be more uncomfortable and, in the long term, can cause allergic reactions. Look no farther than your carpets if you've detected allergies in your home that won't go away."

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