10 bedroom colour schemes ideas to inspire

10 bedroom colour schemes ideas to inspire

Waking up every day to the noise of chirping birds in the convenience of a warm red bedroom or retiring and rewinding after a long and stressful day in a bedroom with a calming blue beds vibe, it all starts with the bedroom colours and a theme that you will fall in love with, every day!

And painting is one of the most cost-effective and versatile ways to upgrade a room into a new haven. Maybe you are not going along with your current bedroom vibe, or maybe you want to give yourself a new bedroom for new year's eve…

A few brushes, rollers, and a cool theme (cosy yet cheerful, bright yet muted, or fully dramatic) can make your room the place that you would love to create memories, make love, or find positive loneliness.

But before choosing the right colour and theme, you need to be careful about your bedroom’s current status: 

Do you get a lot of natural light? Are you going to add a lot of artificial light? Do you want your bedroom to look larger than it is right now? Would you like to add more mirrors to the room? Or maybe you want to decorate your room with more plants…

Take all these things into consideration. And then dive straight into the guide. We have 10 amazing colour recommendations in the guide and we know you will end up choosing the right one for your bedroom by the end of the blog.

Black and white

Can black be too daunting and negative? Can white be too delicate yet positive? Keep all your doubts aside and bring the best of both worlds and make your interiors reflect the shades of black and white with confidence. 

As you may assume black and white bedrooms are not boring colours that might take you back in time! Instead, these high contrast, opposite colours can become the most versatile theme when combined with some hot trends.

So, how can you combine these colours to bring the best hue to your bedroom? Here are some tips from CraftedBeds experts -

The gorgeous bedroom above is the perfect example of incorporating the right amount of black and white into your bedroom. The curtains, duvet, wall art, and furniture is black, while the beddings and the floor mat are oozing white. Enticing, isn’t it?

This second bedroom uses the perfect shades of black and white to make the bedroom come together. While it may seem that black is dominating the picture, white also has its fair share of dominance. The most attractive part of the bedroom is the wall art, what do you think?

Hope the above bedrooms inspired you enough to go bold and reach the limits of aesthetics. But if you want to decide on other colours, keep reading!

Black and white bedroom

Navy blue and white

Navy blue and white - The colours of dream and luxury, or that’s what our experts define these colours as! Navy blue is a vibrant colour and it’s going to make a statement and bold one at that.

When you paint your bedroom in navy blue and white - Let the bold blue make the statement and white create the laid back look. 

Annie Sloan, one of the colour experts puts it this way - 'Blue is a little difficult to use because it’s generally cool-toned, and the lighter shades can almost make a space feel too big and open (first world problems eh)!'

So, if you are ready to go ahead with these colours, here are a few ideas -

Blue background, white beddings, and rustic wood furniture…what more does a bedroom need to look cool and collected? This bedroom gives the best navy blue and white vibes through simplicity and elegance.

The second best example for a mixed hue of navy blue and white. All you need here is a set of white beddings and white paint with a subtle touch of blue through the floor mat and the lamp. A great mind had done this for sure!

Olive green and white

A bedroom is the best place to get that shut-eye. And you might want a colour that provides tranquillity to rest and have peace throughout the night. Maybe you get that quality slumber when you sleep in the arms of nature.

But can you bring the outside nature indoors? Of course, you can! Spill the colours of olive green and white into your bedroom and make your room a botanical garden. A place you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Ready to start with the olive green and white shades of colours? Let’s look at some of the most inspiring bedroom ideas so that you can start with your bedroom.

If there is something that this bedroom proves, it is that plants and olive green paint never goes bland and old! With the plant right next to your bed and olive duvets covering the bed, this botanical bedroom gives the perfect garden vibes.

The first thing that the eye notices in this bedroom are the painting that lies next to the plant and the wall splashed in olive green. The brown floor, the white floor mat, the plants, all add more beauty and aesthetic to the bedroom with ease.

Olive green and white

Grey and grey

Shades of grey - Do they make you sound too boring? We cannot explain it with just words. So, let’s get right into the action part.

Awe! Not too dramatic, not too boring, but at the sweet spot! This bedroom uses most shades of grey to bring the best out of the bedroom. From the chandelier to the throw pillows, the bedroom stands as a beautiful, cosy place for study and sleep. Also, the plants make the place come alive.

The grey headboard is the show-stealer here for sure! Along with the headboard, the pillows, the hanging lights, everything is showing off the luxury of styling a bedroom in grey. Despite being neutral, the grey is exuberating the luxury and brightness of a perfect bedroom. This bedroom urges everyone to create a grey toned bedroom for sure.

Does your bedroom get more natural light? Go grey with confidence. Once again, the mix of grey and white combined with the natural light and the wall art, in the above room, makes it more alive and look recharged. A cosy way to snuggle into bed and also wake up for the next energetic day.

Green and gold yellow

To combine green and gold yellow - It takes a bit of artistic side mixed with some love for the colours. There is no way around but to feel extremely soothing and luxurious in a green and gold yellow bedroom. These colours are perfect for a bright morning and a calm and relaxing sleep during the night.

While green shades bring more natural vibes to the room, gold yellow is a cheerful and luxurious colour that makes any place brighten up with its presence. Moreover, it is extremely easy to make green and gold yellow work for anyone. These are the perfect colours that can show off the personality of a person easily.

So, now, let’s look at some ideas below for inspiration.

Do you like to add more artificial lights to your bedroom? Or are you located somewhere that’s devoid of natural lighting even during the day? If yes, you can take a lot of inspiration from the above bedroom aesthetics. The artwork makes a statement, the golden yellow used for lamps, and bluish green making up for the background.

The above bedroom is easy to decorate and is also cost-effective when it comes to the interiors and furniture. Simple yet majestic! 

Once again the love triangle of three colours (White, green, and golden yellow) are making the bedroom look more alive and giving off more cosy, professional, and organised feelings. We love the mock stairs behind the bed instead of using a headboard, and also the one single artwork that steals the attention. 

The bedding is extremely well done using the green and golden yellow colours, and the chair next to the bed is adding a ‘clean and clear’ mood to the air. Go ahead and take enough inspiration from the above bedroom - We are sure you are going to pull off the green and gold yellow better than you can imagine!

Light blue and yellow

The bedroom is extremely well thought out and executed! Not only do the yellow pendant lights and the yellow beddings look so cheerful and bright, but the light blue added to the single wall of the room is going hand in hand with the bright yellow and making the room look put together. 

The outside view with the roller blinds makes the environment much more special and eye-catching and the white nightstands on either side of the bedroom make it harder to ignore them at any cost! This is a great example of why one should go for light blue and yellow. Also, this bedroom is the reason we jumped straight into the picture!

We know there are a lot of colours in the above bedroom. But do not get overwhelmed because you can bring the same look into your bedroom with just light blue and yellow. Although, the example above is really impressive and shows off how diverse and versatile one can get with just two to three colours.

We think the main show-off piece in the bedroom is the two artworks and the main attention snatchers are the yellow and blue colours with the bed making a statement as well. You can also swatch the plan and make your background reflect one colour (Yellow) and buy the beddings in light blue colour.

Do not confine yourself to one thing. Experiment more and visualise more. They will help you to bring together the room that you always dreamed of. 

Light blue and yellow

Maroon red and gold yellow

People think that marron red can go wrong in many ways and can be too daunting to be in a bedroom which is a place for relaxation. But that’s not the entire picture. Combined with gold yellow, maroon red can take your bedroom to places unimaginable! Also, maroon red can go right in many ways and be perfectly soothing when done right.

Some of the expert suggestions can be that you can bring maroon red beddings for your bed and decorate other accessories of the bedroom with gold yellow or vice versa. If you do not want to add too much maroon red to your bedroom, just add a statement piece like artwork, or paint one wall with maroon red and other aspects of the bedroom with gold yellow and white colours.

White and wood brown

This bedroom explains how one can use white and wood brown to create a rustic look better than any words can do! The wood brown headboard, nightstands add more weight and meaning to the theme while white brings more calm and relaxing features.

Have a look at this bedroom. While the first bedroom we introduced is more of the mid-century design and decor, this room uses the same white and wood brown colours to bring a modern and luxurious look into the bedroom.

White and wood brown

Red and brown

Red and brown - Will they not look too obvious and not so contrasting? Or will they not give off vibes? Well, let the bedroom below speak for itself!

Well, isn’t the above bedroom perfect? The light brown shades used in the curtains and the dark red/maroon used for beddings and chairs make the place look like a ‘sleep empire’. That could be something we just made up but the bedroom is showing that red and brown are great colours for a bedroom and can bring positive radiance with ease.

Red and brown room

Pink and gold yellow

And, this is the best way to end our colour guide blog. Pink and yellow are colours of love and cheerfulness and when brought together can create subtle magic that evokes positive feelings and motivates a person to do more (Shop for pink headboards). Go ahead and use them in your bedroom to get things right in a charming way.

And with that, we have come to the end of today’s guide. For more inspiration, you can visit Pinterest. There is plenty of designs and decor inspiration online, so make sure to make use of it.

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