Studio Apartment Ideas

Studio Apartment Ideas

With the rising popularity and fame, studio apartments are becoming the cosy little homes of many people all across the globe. 

Maybe one of your friend’s owns a studio apartment and the interiors, the stress-relieving designs and aesthetics might have swept you by your feet, making you crave for owning a studio apartment yourself.

Or you might have already brought a studio apartment but is confused about how you have to approach the designing aspects for this particular type of apartment. 

Or you might be completely unknown of this term and want to know more about the concept from experts. Whatever you might be looking for, you have landed on the right page.

Studio apartments are just like single bedroom apartments but studio bedrooms do not have dividers or walls separating the different areas like kitchen and bedroom, unlike single bedroom apartments. 

Young people like budding entrepreneurs with budget tags, people who seek simplicity and high-quality living, or someone who prefers privacy are falling for studio apartments more than ever. 

So, you might be one of these people who want to give a studio apartment a headshot, make a simple decor and own your private space.

Where do you start?

Of course, through this guide! Our craftedBed experts have brought together the single guide that helps people to ideate, decorate, and make their studio apartment meet the needs of the hour with beauty, elegance, and vibrance. 

Through this guide, we will go through the top secrets of making your studio apartment worth a feature in the magazine! All geared up? Let’s dive straight into the content.

Use every bit of space

Use curtains to divide a space

We describe a studio apartment as the single name for efficiency through modernity! This is the single best option for people who always have tight schedules and may not want to spend most of their time cleaning every room of their apartment. 

It is also a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream for students who need privacy through a place they can call their own. But some people consider that having a kitchen, a dining room, and a bedroom in a living room can be a bit out of the ordinary.

Also, it can become a problem when you invite your friends to your home, as all your private belongings are openly available to anyone and everyone. Some people even feel a bit uncomfortable sleeping in the same room as the kitchen.

But this is not a disadvantage when you can buy some curtains! What if we do not have a wall to divide the space between the kitchen and the bedroom? We have curtains to cover up. Just buy the curtains that go well with your interior aesthetics and divide the space.

Moreover, curtains are the cheapest, most affordable interior decoration items that can spice up the look of a studio apartment in the blink of an eye without you having to entirely sacrifice your bank balance!

Choose the right colour (Magical gray for instance), textures, or patterns and visualise how your studio apartment beams with the presence of curtain dividers. Also, ceiling-high curtains with colours like navy blue or emerald green can make the place come together. 

And with that being said, using curtains as your dividers is our first recommendation to make your studio apartment feel more comfortable, cosy, and also respect your privacy - all at the same time.

Now, let’s move on to the next step where will speak more about how we can make more space for things and keep the apartment clean and uncluttered.

Use curtains to divide a space

Declutter and storage things nicely

Now you have divided the space between your kitchen and bedroom or bedroom and bathroom, you can proceed to follow the declutter and storage steps to make sure that your studio apartment looks well-organised and neat.

Decluttering: Here are a few steps you can follow to declutter your studio apartment space -

  1. Pick all the things that are lying around meaninglessly and also pick out those things that don’t fit the place, or is not the need of the moment.
  2. Divide the items according to the best place they can be stored. For example - The clothes in the closet, the books in the small cabinets, and the cooling glasses in the drawer.
  3. Place the items in the assigned cabinets, closets, and drawers. Make sure you have not left anything around that don't add more meaning or is simply an addition that is not needed.

Once you declutter the space, it is time to store away the things 

Storage - As we already mentioned in the decluttering step, you need to palace your things neatly in their assigned spaces and also make sure that you will have access to all the things without cluttering the space again.

For example - Always store the clothes in the cabinet in a way that you can easily get the daily use clothes without having to pull the other clothes while taking thee daily use ones. Similarly, place the books in an order that makes it easy for you to pick the ones that you love the most.

Storing this way makes it possible for you to maintain the space uncluttered for a long period. And that is what we always advocate - Cleaning up is not about keeping the place good for the next few days but for the next few months or even years!

Have multifunctional furniture

Choosing multifunctional furniture (Refer to how to arrange bedroom furniture) for your studio apartment can come along with many benefits and luxuries. Multifunctional furniture can make the space look spacious with just a few tweaks in the arrangement and design features.

Along with making the space of the apartment appear bigger, these furniture pieces can also contribute to the functionality aspect. 

Added with strong wall paintings, accessories, and mirrors (which we are going to talk about in the next section), multifunctional furniture can quickly change the game. So, here are some of the benefits of including multifunctional furniture in your studio apartment -

  1. They maximise the space - Take for example a wall bed, they can be a part of your bedroom, a study place or even a corner for entertainment. One furniture and three uses. This way furniture pieces can help perform many tasks can maximise the space.
  • They minimise the clutter - A cluttered room not only looks too small but also snatched the real beauty and professionalism from the room. So, multi-purpose furniture like ottoman beds can perform as a bed but also help you to store away the things that clutter your space.

  • They save your wallets from being ripped - Multifunctional furniture is not only affordable but also helps to save us from spending money on different furniture pieces which can all be found in one piece of furniture.

  • Also, here are some furniture you can buy to make your place look more organised -

    1. A shelf floor lamp - Which is a lamp with storage space for books.
    2. Storage stool - A stool that can store away towels or can be a chair for your friends.
    3. Ottoman bed/footrest - A bed that has a place for storage

    So, go ahead and buy some of the furniture pieces like ottoman beds, wall beds, or even multinational study tables. Make your space clutter-free and enjoy the cleanliness and beauty with peace of mind.

    Have multifunctional furniture

    Use mirrors to widen the space

    Large mirrors, decorative mirrors, or normal light-reflecting mirrors are your best friend when you choose a studio apartment. Carefully place the mirrors opposite to the windows that get most of the natural light into your studio apartment.

    This will make the mirror bounce the light from the surface and multiply the natural light that and adds a “spacious” look to your small space. This is just the trick of the light, but it seems to work by adding a unique perspective to the interiors of the home.

    Use a giant floor mirror that can visually double the size of your home by reflecting and bouncing the natural light off the surface. You can also add a chandelier on the ceiling and have a mirror reflect the chandelier and add more dimension to the room.

    Not a fan of buying mirrors after mirrors for your studio apartment? Or do you think that they do not have a strong purpose and also consume a lot of space? 

    No worries, you can choose multifunctional furniture like a wardrobe with a mirror to brighten up your space but also have a purpose for the furniture and its space in your apartment! 

    Just make sure to place the wardrobe at the right place (opposite to a window that brings the most light to your bedroom) to make the best use of the mirror. Or maybe you can buy a wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. Speak about more practical investment!

    These are just a few ways you can use the mirror to double the space or give the vision of an enlarged room to yourself and your visitors. All you need is some mirror and natural light that reflects through the mirror.

    Let natural light in

    According to CraftedBeds experts, there is nothing more “boring”, “unexciting”, and “uninteresting” than a room that is dull and has no natural light! Natural lighting is the single most gorgeous ornament your room needs!

    Thus you always need to open your windows to let as much natural light as possible into your studio apartment. This will not only enhance the look of your apartment but is also the single most cost-effective way (Well, natural light is free!).

    If you are located in a place that doesn’t have warm sunlight pouring through the windows, you might need to add artificial lights like lamps and chandeliers. The good rule here is to lighten up all four corners of your apartment.

    You have to ensure that there is less space for shadows or dark corners, and more space for light and glow throughout the home. Also, having multiple lighting options apart from the natural sunlight can be helpful if you live with a partner who has different preferences than you.

    So, always make sure that you make the right investment when it comes to artificial lights and mirrors. Both light and mirrors go hand in hand. And both give the illusion of a large place to your relatively small studio apartment.

    But as always, we recommend people to go for natural light rather than adding up more artificial lights. 

    Natural light has many benefits over artificial ones (Although we will not be diving into the advantages of natural light and disadvantages of artificial light in this article) and hence stays on the top of our lists.

    natural light in home

    Use every bit of space

    It’s a studio apartment, it’s small, it doesn’t have dividers, nor does it have specific rooms to hold space for more materials, but does that mean you have to compromise on certain things and not have more space for yourself?

    It’s wrong! If you strategically use every bit of space in your studio apartment, we are sure, things are going to turn in your favour and also will help you to make your studio apartment look more organised, purposeful, and elegant at the same time.

    So, how to use every bit of the space in your apartment? Here are a few examples -

    1. Make your climb-up stairs a storage space - Do you have climb-up stairs for your bedroom? You can easily convert the space underneath it (Remember Harry Potter?) into a storage space where you can store clothes or even wine bottles!
    2. Use ottoman beds in your room - Having seasonal clothes like sweaters, duvet covers, and rugs all over the place can be overwhelming. So, why not choose an ottoman storage bed to store away things that you only need for seasonal changes?
    3. A kitchen with drawers, cabinets, and cupboards - The kitchen is the place that can go haywire with all the things that need to be stored in a tiny place. So, incorporate some cupboards and cabinets to store kitchens accessories and make it an organised place.

    You can make good use of your studio apartment with tiny tweaks here and there. Studio apartments are a great option for budget-friendly needs. 

    And this affordable apartment lets you have a roof on your head, and food in your stomach like all the other apartments, so, why distinguish?

    With that being said, we have come to the end section of the guide. We encourage you to buy studio apartments and take advantage of them through this write-up. 

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