Tidying Up Your Room: How To Make It Fun

Tidying Up Your Room: How To Make It Fun

Do you spend hours every day cleaning your room? If yes, you don't enjoy cleaning because it feels like a chore. That is why we devised a fun way to   clean your room.

We were inspired to write this article after one of our friends told me she had trouble tidying her room. She said she didn't want to spend time cleaning her room because it felt like a chore.

We realised that some people might have the same problem. So, we decided to find fun tidying up our rooms. We thought of ways to make it enjoyable. Keep reading the article to snatch out ideas.

How To Motivate Yourself To Clean?

Before we start, let me tell you how to motivate yourself to clean. It would help if you thought about what you gain from doing so.

For example, if you are inspired by money, you can use rewards such as buying new clothes or going on vacation.

Some of the   interesting ideas that can motivate you to clean are:

Crank Up The Music

Music makes your home chores fun, and you don't realise how much you are done when the music is on. The reason is it uplifts your mood and keeps you happy. From Jazz to oldies, you have ample options to count on.

Schedule A Party

If you invite your friends for a party, a tidy home is the first thing that comes to mind. So, it's important to  keep things neat before guests arrive. And this is the best motivation that can help you with faster cleaning.

Make A List Of Things To Be Made

Create a checklist of all the tasks that need to be completed. Then, check off each task as you complete it. It will help you stay focused on one thing at a time.

Have A Clean-Up Day

It is a great idea to  get your house in order. On a particular date, do everything. Go through all the rooms, dust, vacuum, wipe down shelves, etc.

Reward Yourself

You can reward yourself by spending time on something else. For instance, you could go out shopping or watch movies.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Clutter is a big distraction. When there is too much clutter around us,  we become stressed. So, take a step towards decluttering. Get rid of unnecessary items in your life.

How to motivate yourself for cleaning

What Are The Steps To Clean The Room?

Here are the important steps to proceed with your cleaning:

Make A List Of Things That Need To Be Done.

It is important to list all the tasks that need to be handled first to avoid missing out on any job. Starting from the most important ones, list down all the functions based on their priority, to begin with.

Break It Down Into Smaller Tasks.

Cleaning the entire house is a heavy task. Your mind starts boggling with the thought of cleaning the whole house.

Hence breaking up the whole assignment into smaller fragments helps you complete them faster. You can  start with your bedroom and then move to the kitchen, the living room, and so on.

Use A Timer

It works well if you need help focusing on one task at a time. Set a timer for 5 minutes and work on one task only.

After five minutes, switch to another job. It will make the tasks challenging, but this is the quickest way to do away with your cleaning tasks.

Create A Playlist And Dance.

Music is the  best stress reliever when you have a lot of house-cleaning work piled up. It makes your cleaning tasks fun and relieves you from the stress of cleaning chores.

When you are all set with your cleaning tools, the next is to head to your music station to turn on the music.

Change The Sheets

The bed is the central part of your bedroom. Start changing the bedsheets when you are ready to begin your cleaning session. Changing the sheets and cleaning your mattress gives a complete makeover to your bedroom.

Tips For Cleaning The Home Efficiently

So here are my tips on how to clean your home efficiently:

Use A Bucket For Your Laundry

It will help you organise your dirty clothes in one place for laundry. Throwing dirty clothes all around the house will make the home appear messy, and you may miss out on many clothes when washing.

Even your washing  area will appear cluttered if you don't get all your dirty clothes piled up in a bucket.

Keep Your Bed Neat

If you have a messy bed, your entire room will appear unclean, and you  cannot sleep peacefully.

Hence it is very important to keep your bed clean by keeping your clothes in the closets and books on the bookshelves. The messy bed is also believed to attract negative vibes.

Place All Your Shoes Together.

If you have many pairs of shoes, place them all together. This way, you can easily find the right team without searching through each shoe one by one.

Organising our shoes properly makes us struggle to find the pair at the time of need. Hence, staking them in one place helps you get your favourite pair of shoes or slippers at the time of need.

Clean your closet

It would help if you emptied your closet once a week. Remember the shelves! You may not notice them initially, but they can become very dirty.

Cleaning your closet once a week also allows taking the unused stuff you might only be used for a short time. It will  create additional space for new things and declutter your closets efficiently.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean.

Don't let your bathroom look like a mess. Instead, keep it tidy and organised. Every time you step into a dirty bathroom, you come out in a bad mood and spoiled feet/slippers. And you start moving around with dirty feet. Your house gets dirty and messy too.

Use A Basket For Your School Supplies.

To ensure you never lose anything, you can  create a special basket for your school supplies and fill it up during the year. It will help you easily find anything that you buy across the year.

Organise Your Desk

Make sure your desk is well-organised so you can find what you need quickly. Also, it helps you stay focused while working.

The cluttered desk often creates so much confusion. Your efficiency deteriorates over time when you find a lot of chaos over your desk. It takes more time to find the things you need at a specific moment leading to further delays with your  work schedules.

Take Advantage Of Free Space.

You can use your DIY skills to make your room cleaner and more impressive. You can make your bookcase, display a collection of photos, or organise your favourite items.  Use the space around your room wisely.

Have A Designated Area For Your Homework.

Set up a specific spot where you can work on your homework. Books lying around the house make your home appear dirty. Also, you may only find that important notebook when they have a designated place at the need of the hour.

Put Your Phone Charger In A Convenient Location.

It would not be very pleasant to plug in your phone every time you turn it off. So, make sure you charge your phone somewhere close to your bed.  Consider using a wire organiser to avoid chaos if your desk has many wires.

Tidy Up Your Room

Collect recyclables in your room. Keep up the good job by challenging yourself to find ten things to put away each day before having your supper. You'll feel proud of yourself when you see how much easier it is to keep your room tidy when you do it regularly.

Collect All The Clothes And Arrange Them In Closet

Piles of cloth lying all around the house will not only make the home appear messy. Collect all the washed clothes and start folding and hanging them in your closet. Next time, you don't need to run around the house to find a pair of socks or your favourite shirt.

Dusting And Cleaning Are Equally Important.

Do you remember when you wiped off your study table or bookshelves? Once you  arrange everything in its respective places, it's time to clean the surfaces. Once you are done with the furniture arrangement around the house, the next is to mop down your home.

Partner Up With Your Kids.

Cleaning the entire house is not the sole responsibility. It is the responsibility of everyone living in the house.

Hence, it becomes important to include your  children in your cleaning mission. It will inculcate a sense of responsibility in them. Also, they will learn the skill of organising and cleaning the house. Doing the tasks together as a family is surely fun. 

Partner up with your kids


Enjoy The Cleaning As The Game.

You can make cleaning your house fun by handing over a basket to your child and asking them to pick up the things lying on the counter, floor, corners, and wherever they find the mess.

Set the timer for 5 minutes. Once the time is up, check who has collected the most trash to reward them.

Visual Charts

Visual charts are an interesting way to keep track of your pending cleaning tasks. You can   easily create it on the computer and make your cleaning sessions more interesting.

Why Tidying Your Room Is Important?

Here are the five convincing reasons you should consider cleaning an important task.

To Know About The Resources.

You should  organise your room by keeping everything neat. It will help you save time because you won't need to search for things whenever you want to use them.

Also, you will avoid wasting energy as you won't have to move around the house searching for something. You may waste money buying the stuff you already have but need help finding out due to a messy home.

To Get Rid Of Clutter.

It will look like a junk shop when you have a cluttered room. As such, you will need help finding something. Moreover, you will need help to focus on other work while looking for lost items.

To Improve The Appearance Of Your Room.

A messy room will give a negative impression to visitors. They might think that you live in a  chaotic environment. If you are planning to sell your house, this could affect your property's price. Therefore, tidying up your room is extremely important.

To Improve The Health Of Your Family.

A cluttered room will increase the chances of  allergies and asthma attacks. The dust particles will settle on the bedding, pillows, curtains, etc., irritating your eyes and nose. Furthermore, there is also a risk of getting sick from bacteria and viruses.

To Maintain Order In Your Life.

You need  more space in your room to store all the necessary items. It will lead to chaos in your daily routine. You will always feel stressed when you need help finding what you want. Thus, having a clean room will ensure you avoid facing these problems.

Tidying your room is important


Now that you know all about ways to tidy up your bedroom, let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions.

Is It Ok If I Don't Feel Like Cleaning?

Of course! But there is no harm in starting early. The earlier you begin, the better you will get  used to the routine. And, once you are accustomed to it, the task won't seem so daunting anymore.

Why Tidying Your Room Is Important?

While a tidy space has been linked to improved mental health and promotes calmness, recently experts have also shown its connection to  physical health. A tidy space improves focus, promotes productivity, and displays a huge reduction in stress and anxiety.

Wrap Up!

It's always possible to start tidying up your room. However, it is advisable to start small. Start with one or two rooms and gradually  expand your area. Remember that it takes some practice before you master the art of tidying. So, take baby steps.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more tips and tricks to make your daily life tasks fun, and improve your health and sleep quality, then you have come to the right place. At  Crafted Beds, we have experts' opinions and procedures to help you achieve the good night’s rest that you deserve!

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