Top 10 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Top 10 Tips for Buying a New Mattress


Finding a new mattress that you can fall in love with quickly or buying mattresses that will love you back in the same way you do is a dream come true! Choosing that luxury mattress that you always associate with sleep is a process. 

From research on the web which includes reading hundreds of articles to enquiring every mattress manufacturer about the cost, the life expectancy of the mattress and more...a mattress that could join your bedroom can seem like a distant truth.

While this is true for many people, people with specific problems like back pain or neck pain might need a different approach altogether. And for them, buying a new mattress is not only overwhelming but also somewhat impossible.

Well, where is my dream mattress that could induce me to sleep and aid me to wake up without body aches and pains? Are you asking the same question? If so, CraftedBeds is here to end all your problems and agitations for once and for all.

After reading this guide, you will not need to research, do a lot of bouncing back and forth with mattress stores, all you need to do is follow our quick tips and combine them with your personal preference.

And that’s it, you will welcome home a beautiful mattress that will tick all the boxes on your checklist without a doubt. So, if you are excited to snag that sleep that you've been waiting for all your life, quickly grab a cup of coffee and let’s get in.

1. Don't rush

Stop! Stop right before you make that wrong decision of buying a mattress that will either have you regretting your judgement or make you spend all your dollars for buying a new mattress to correct the mistake you made. 

We understand your excitement before wanting to welcome your new comfort home as soon as possible, but rushing to make a buying decision regarding a mattress or even as small an item as a coffee mug can push you to make the wrong move.

While a coffee mug can be bought twice, that will not be the case with a mattress. As distressing as this can get, a mattress is a costly option and buying a new mattress to let go of your new mattress is a huge bang on the wallet!

So, before making any buying decision, make it a point to take your time. Do not knock on the doors of a mattress store on a Monday morning after dropping your kids at school or on a Wednesday evening when you are just out of work.

Instead, we recommend you to take some time off of your weekends and go to a shopping haul where you are not under pressure and can make a decision from a calm and peaceful angle. Take your time to try different mattresses and narrow down your options carefully.

Spend time with each mattress and make your choice only when you feel comfortable and confident. There is nothing to rush here. The mattress is a choice that will aid your sleep for the next 10 or so years. So, take your time and make it worth your money and energy.

2. Decide on a budget

Although people say quality comes with a price, CraftedBeds always believes that in today’s day and age cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality! Not every mattress that flashes a high price is going to help you snag that comfortable sleep and we mean it.

Uncomfortable sleep and potential health issues (back pain and body aches) due to sleeping on the wrong mattress is not anybody’s cup of tea. 

But going to shop for a mattress to only look at the high priced sections can lead you to pour your money into something that you would not want to sleep or spend time on. So, considering these points you can prepare a budget that will suit you the most.

Also, always try to stick to your budget. Don’t fall into the trap of expensive products or trending choices just because they are expensive and trending. Make the perfect choice that is unbiased and will fit your list of requirements and fall within your budget range.

You can always check our website to see and compare between a myriad of options. You will get to see both expensive and affordable options. So, why not start your research from the CraftedBeds website? We promise you, this will be your best decision.

3. Learn all about mattress materials

This is the most vital step you need to consider before making your next best mattress purchase. Familiarising yourself with the common mattress types and their construction process will help you to narrow down your options sooner.

Here we have mentioned the top 5 common mattress materials for your convenience. For a more detailed explanation of each one of them, simply check the blogs section on our website.

  1. Innerspring mattress - These types of mattresses use coils due to which this mattress will provide you with a traditional bounce feel and also provides strong support to the sleeper.
  2. Latex mattress - Since these mattress types offer more bounce and responsiveness than the innerspring mattress, they tend to fall under the wings of a high price tag. But they are a great option if you hate the ‘sleep hot’ scenario and would prefer a cooler mattress material.
  3. Memory foam mattress - With their visco-elastic property, these mattresses tend to contour to the shape of the sleeper and lead to pressure relief. Although people report that this material captures heat and makes the sleeper warm, there are gel-infused memory foam mattresses made to deal with the situation.
  4. Hybrid mattress - As the name suggests, these mattress types are a combination of memory foam mattress or latex mattress with innerspring mattress. Henceforth they are a great choice for softness and support.

5.Air mattress - Using an air pump you can inflate these mattresses with air according to your desired firmness levels. These beds are also known to support partners with different sleeping preferences.

4. Find the right size mattress

Although this might seem like common advice, you must be surprised to know that many people will miss it knowingly or unknowingly. So, we decided to include this tip in this guide to help you not make the same mistake your neighbour did!

Make sure that you always buy a mattress that fits the size of your bed frame. Not every mattress is designed to suit the comfort of your bed size. So, you need to manually make sure if the mattress is the right partner for your bed frame.

You can check our guide on bed sizes and dimensions to know better about each bed type. And according to the different bed sizes, mattress sizes vary as well. There are single, twin, twin XL, full, king, and California size mattresses.

When you view the bed size chart from our guide, you can easily get to know your bed type and simultaneously choose the perfect mattress size for your bed frame. So, with that being said, let us move on to the next point.

5. Don't go too soft or too firm

A mattress that is too firm can be extremely uncomfortable (Like, sleeping on a rough floor!). And this is especially true for side sleepers or someone with joint pains. A firm mattress will not help in relieving pressure points.

And the story is different with a mattress that is too soft. It is a painful situation to sink deep into the mattress and lose alignment of the spine (ouch! Back pain on the way!). Also, a bed that is too soft can make it hard for people to roll around.

So, what are the perfect softness or firmness levels that people should go for? It greatly depends on the kind of sleeper you are. And we have shed some light on each type of sleeping position and the best mattress they should opt for.

Back sleepers

As a general rule, back sleepers need to go for a firm mattress. A medium-firm mattress can help back sleepers get rid of back pain. 

Stomach sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, then you might also want to opt for a firm mattress that helps to retain the natural shape of the spine. A soft mattress can cause you to sink deep and misalignment of the spine leading to back pain.

A moderately firm mattress can get you the best sleeping posture. 

Side sleepers

A partially soft or softer mattress where you can sink a bit deep but still get enough support for your spine is something that side sleepers need to look for. The lighter you are, the softer the bed you can prefer.

6. Consider your weight and sleep position

Sleeping position and weight can affect the choice of an ideal mattress. Different sleeping positions and different weights will have unique body requirements. So, a perfect mattress choice will highly depend on your sleeping position and your weight as well. 

So, if you are a side sleeper or back sleeper, you might want to go for a firmer or medium-firm mattress and if you are a stomach sleeper, you can go for a body-conforming, soft mattress type to support the spine.

And coming back to weight, heavier sleepers can find it hard to sleep on a soft mattress as it makes them sink too deeper and makes it hard for them to change their sleeping positions frequently. 

While light sleepers can easily adjust to a soft mattress, heavier people can prefer a firm-level mattress. Supportive and less body contouring mattresses like innerspring and hybrid mattresses are popular options for heavy sleepers. 

This is just a recommendation from experts and you need to stick to the same. Whatever you prefer to choose, just make sure that the mattress gives you comfort and the required support to the sleeping posture and the natural body curve.

7. Test the mattress

Testing a mattress is not always an option. For example, some online, as well as offline companies, like to ship their mattresses to the front of the door of the payment and the process ends right there.

But if you have the option to try the mattress, please do so. But if you do not like the feeling of lying around 20 different types of beds in 20 different mattress shops, combined with the starting of the salesperson, you can simply skip this step.

But what if I want to get to know about the feeling of lying on the bed but not going out and doing it on my own? Well, we understand your concern, and that’s exactly where our next suggestion comes from.

8. Read customer reviews

Always make it a point to consider reading customer reviews. Be it online or offline reviews, it is important to get to know what others are feeling about the bed that you want to buy. If you are buying from an online store, go to their review section.

Check the reviews of the people. See if they are written by a genuine group of people. Or if you are buying from an offline store, make sure to ask about the experience of your close peer or from your friends who might have brought the mattress from there (make sure to follow this step before visiting a mattress shop).

You may find some interesting points that mattress manufacturers can never give away. Even if you think that the mattress is great, you might still want to ask people about their personal experiences to learn more.

9. Check the warranty

This is an extremely vital step one needs to consider before making any mattress purchase. Not all companies provide warranties, and even if they do provide warranties, not all of them are the same.

You always need to make sure with the manufacturer what is covered in the warranty and what is not. In any case of problems like breakdowns and defects, it will help you to claim the money back and make up for the loss.

10. Protect your mattress

Now that you have selected the perfect mattress for yourself, you need to make your mattress last longer. And that is why we always suggest you go for a waterproof mattress protector.

A waterproof mattress protector can save your mattress from stains and dirt collecting on the mattress. If you are co-sleeping with your baby, this is a good investment to protect the mattress from sudden accidents by the baby.

One more thing is that mattress stains will void the warranty. So, investing in a good mattress protector can save you from a lot of mistakes and headaches. And with that, we are ending today’s mattress buying guide.

But if you still have some doubts on this topic, do not forget to check our FAQ section for some brilliant answers.


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