Top 5 Divan Beds and Headboards

Top 5 Divan Beds and Headboards


We all know either through experience or through information on the internet, that mattresses have a limited lifespan. And the lifespan of any mattress depends on the quality of the mattress brought, how well the mattress is taken care of, and how frequently the mattress is used for different purposes.

Similarly, beds don’t have a perfect unlimited lifespan as well and if your bed is old enough, you might already be experiencing the consequence like sleep deprivation, chronic backaches and a ruined quality of life.

So, if you have made your decision to change your bed and improve the quality of your sleep, this guide is a perfect place to start your search.

Although there are numerous beds in the market to choose from, each of them varying in style, price and statement, in today’s read we will speak about ‘divan beds’. 

There are reasons why divan beds are considered the most popular styles in the UK. With the versatility and the adaptability of the divan beds, they make a great buying option for people who not only care about quality sleep but also care about creating a compact sleep place for themselves or their family, especially if they have limited storage space. 

And, like many buyers in the UK, Crafted Beds is also a huge fan of diva beds and hence we have put together a complete guide on 'Divan beds' to pass on everything that you need to know to make your next best bed purchase.

What is a divan bed?

  A divan bed is a bed type that consists of two parts: They comprise a specially designed solid divan base and a mattress that corresponds well with the base. Divan bases are made from sturdy wooden frames upholstered with fabric to cover the basic structure. The base is placed on wheels which allow for easier movement. But, these wheels can also be locked in place and hence you do not have to worry about slipping and sliding. Also, most bases contain additional storage space like drawers. This additional feature helps the bedroom look neat, uncluttered and tidy. But that’s not always the case because some divan base models will have spring support in place of storage space to provide a comfortable night sleep. Divan beds are paired with matching mattresses, and both work hand in hand to provide a good night sleep. So, if you are on the lookout for a complete bed and mattress set that can dramatically increase your quality sleep routine, then divan beds are an ideal option to consider. But even if you only want to purchase a bed base, you can do that as well. Even though there are myriad options in the market for modern bed frames, divan beds remain the popular options mainly due to their variety of features offered and also their ability to provide great value for the money spent. But is that all about them? No, there are many more advantages to a divan bed. So, let’s get to know them one by one.

Main advantages

    1. Additional storage space - As we mentioned in the earlier section, most of the divan beds do come with built-in storage space like drawers and shelves which make the bases an amazing choice for people who have storage issues or shorter wardrobe space to put any occasional-use items like pillows.
      Also, one more advantage to consider is that the bed bases are the platforms for mattresses available with discreet under-bed storage space revealed by lifting the bed, they are better suited for smaller rooms to save more space than considering to buy a bed frame which often requires more space since they are wider and longer than mattresses.
      So, not only these divan bases are practical, but these storage beds also look fabulous and are available in a range of coloured fabric options to further enhance the look and feel of your bedroom space and match your style and theme.
    2. Compact design - Yes, divan beds are so compact that they save you a lot of floor space that can be utilised for various other purposes. Since divan beds are the same size as the mattress, they leave more space in the room and are easy to manoeuvre. The compact design also makes the divan bed easy to assemble and transport from place to place.
    3. Customizable - Not much worried about saving space? Then you can dress your divan bed with a headboard or footboards to achieve the looks of your wish. You can add an eye-catching headboard to your bed and bring a purpose and statement to your sleeping station.
      Want inspiration? Look no further. Our headboards provide you with everything you need to enhance the look of your bedroom. From elegance, sophistication and theme, everything will work together to provide the best taste, look, and feel to your bedroom. Now, how about the dreamy look.
    4. Evenly spread support - Divan beds offer consistent support across the entire mattress, and when paired with a denser mattress, the comfortability and support effects are simply doubled. 


Although there are no major disadvantages to a divan bed, one may need to consider the below two disadvantages before buying a divan bed -
    1. Not an affordable option - It is obvious why divan beds are an expensive option. Because divan beds serve multipurpose and also contain many components. But at Crafted Beds, we try to keep the prices of the divan beds as affordable and economical as possible.So, this should be your excuse to shop from our range of divan bed collections.
    2. Not an aesthetic piece of furniture - If you consider a divan bed, it is quite plain and may not be the right fit for your theme. But this is not the end of the world because divan beds are customizable, and hence you can add more look through headboards and footboards.

Why should you consider a divan bed?

There are six good reasons why divan beds can be an ideal option for you. Battle an eye towards the details, and you will understand why divan beds are just the perfect selection for your bedroom.
    1. Divan beds can be lifesavers because of their compact design - This should be a good enough reason to buy a divan bed for someone not living in a penthouse! The no-fuss, box design and compact look offer maximum sleeping space but will also fit into tiny spaces and do not contribute to a cramped look.
    2. Divan beds have the fine aspect of providing amazing support - If you consider buying a platform divan base (a common type among divan bed bases), it is a great option because they have a solid timber frame and also a non-sprung panel which means that this type of bed provides a high-level of support to the back. Also, this bed base offers a sturdy frame for the mattress. But if you are looking for a soft and comfortable bed base, a sprung divan base can be considered. The flexible base structure of the sprung divan base is known to provide gentle support and also helps to prolong the lifespan of the mattress.
    3. Integrated storage facilities count as a major benefit - A bed base with drawers or under-bed storage to store away essentials like books, shoes, clothes, bags, accessories or even occasionally used items like sweaters, extra pillows and duvets. This means that you can utilize your space smartly without cluttering the room.
    4. A variety of options for the mattress - Do you have specific needs concerning a mattress? No worries, you can choose from a myriad of options like orthopaedic, pocket sprung, latex or even memory foam. Thus you can get support and comfort with benefits like pain relief and blood circulation depending on the type of mattress you choose. No compromising on your quality sleep whatsoever!
    5. Tailor-made options available - When everything around you is pretty much customizable, why not your beds where you spend 1/3rd of your lives? And yes, this becomes a valid reason for someone to go for divan beds over others. Be it a fancy or luxury headboard or a customised storage space that checks your requirement boxes, you can get it all in one place, and divan beds make it possible for you.
    6. Divan beds are no longer an eye-sore for aesthetic loving people - Even though people consider divan beds as old-fashioned, bulky and a major disadvantage to a beautiful room. That’s not completely true. Because modern divan beds come in different styles, elegant fabrics and fashionable headboards which just change the look in one go. You can use the versatility of the divan beds to suit the theme of your bedroom interiors.

How to choose the perfect bed?


Comfortability and personal preference play a vital role when choosing the perfect mattress. Nobody wants to buy a bed that does not fit the criteria of comfortability and cosiness. And hence considering a few factors like style and material will make your choice worth the money and provides peace of mind.

So, how to choose the perfect bed style for your room? As much as style is important, it is largely based on individual preference, and it can be a tough option for someone to choose their perfect style from a whole lot of different options.

But we highly recommend that you go for a bed that has a timeless style and can stay in trend for long years. Also, do not forget to consider the style of your bed based on the appearance of your room.

Asking the below questions will make the process easier -

    1. What is the colour scheme of your bedroom?
    2. Does your room have a traditional appearance?
    3. Are you seeking a contemporary look for your bedroom?
    4. Do you want to add extreme cushiness and comfortability to your bedroom style?

Some bed styles like wooden ones are classic in style, while leather beds are sleek and modern. The second thing to consider is the material.

Divan beds have the options of metal, fabric, wood and leather. Again match your style and material. If the two and two don't go well, the look you want to achieve may fall out of place. For example, consider a creamy leather bed in a traditional and rustic room, a big no, right?

While considering the material, check out for their benefits and features as well. Wood adds warmth to the room, while a metal bed adds a minimalist look and is easy to dismantle and transport. The fabric material brings comfort, and cosiness and leather are known for its classy look and luxury touch. 

So, don’t worry about making a wrong decision, and remember, making the right choice is all about buying a new bed, the best one in the world to provide 100% satisfaction.

Best Divan beds and headboards


Diamond Divan bed

What’s our argument about this bed? Well, this divan bed is our first choice because of the value it provides for every pound spent! For just a price starting from 249 pounds, you get a divine diamond divan bed with an elegant and classic chesterfield style headboard. Simply choose your favourite fabric (We have 40 different fabric options to choose from), colour and size. 

You can also choose to add a drawer for extra storage space. All the amazing options like the free delivery system to mainland UK within 7 to 21 days added with a 1-year guarantee makes this piece of furniture an affordable purchase for UK residents. 

A 'steal the deal' option for all aesthetics lovers who would want to add a 'wow' statement to their rooms.

Eco Divan bed

Single, small double, double, king, super king - Choose the right bed size for your bedroom with our latest size chart available with 5 different sizes, each available at an affordable price range. Our eco divan bed and headboard is the secret to your good night sleep. The eco divan bed, as the name suggests is a bed handcrafted using the most environmentally friendly materials available in the UK.

These beds, with their minimalistic and simple design, promise to make your life better with their comfort and style. Once again you have the option to choose between two types of headboards (24’ headboard and 54’’ floor standing), 2 to 4 drawers and also a matching blanket box starting at the price of 99 pounds.

All these options make our 'Eco divan beds' the most sorted after, trusted and affordable addition to your stunning room. One more thing to note down is the extra storage available with the drawer option, a convenient way that allows for a tidy look in your room. Now, speak about a better 'dual performing' furniture?

Monaco Divan bed

The style, elegance and sophistication of the Monaco divan beds are the results of the handcraft of the UK artisans using one of the finest quality materials available in the UK.

The manufacturing process of the bed using top-notch manufacturing techniques makes it a more popular option. This gorgeous 'Monaco Divan bed' also features a button-tufted style headboard which is further enhanced by a frame made in the stunning hand-stitched border.

The bed comes with a vast fabric option to choose from which makes sure that your theme, style and statements definitions are reached with ease. With the advantages like minimal effort self-assembly option and free delivery to the mainland UK option, the Monaco divan bed makes the perfect choice for someone who wants to fall in love with their bedroom aesthetics and functionality all over again.

Check the Crafted Beds website for further information and payment options.

Arete Premium Divan base

Arete premium bed bases are the slimmest and firmest top divan bed bases starting from the price as affordable and economical as 199 pounds. If you look at Bedguru’s arete premium divan base option, you can see an upholstered option with 20 different coloured fabrics. The colours range from fusion teal to Verona terracotta. You also get to choose chrome or oak finish legs to match your bed and your bedroom furniture.

You can also explore their headboard collections to choose from a variety of headboard options. One of our favourites is a floor standing upholstered headboard. So, it is a perfect option for someone who doesn't like to add bulky beds to their furniture collection.

Arete Premium divan base is something that offers the look of perfection to any bedroom.

Firm top premium Divan base

Firm top premium divan bases are known for their sturdiness due to their traditionally built and extra-strong compressed pegboard top, extra slats and also timber side supports. The bed is a very well-crafted divan base and is one of the most popular ones in Bedguru's collection.

Also, they recommend their buyers combine their firm top premium divan base with a floor standing Ripley headboard to get the most comfort and support. The bed comes with an affordable price of 259 pounds and also has 15 different bed sizes to choose from which includes the infamous small double bed and standard UK single divan bed. Visit their site for more information.


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