Why sleeping with your phone is bad for you?

Why sleeping with your phone is bad for you?


Mobile phones or smartphones are now an integral part of everyone's daily life. 

This technology has now become a pocket-sized computer that can perform a wide range of activities for modern living. With the help of your phone, you will be able to send messages, route maps, interact with the world using various social media, respond to emails, talk to your loved ones. 

Cell phones are also used to make you entertained, and you can also use various games with the help of different stunning apps. Despite providing a lot of benefits, this cell phone also contributes to harming your sleep hygiene. 

By spending most of the time on your cell phone while you go to bed, you keep on scrolling, responding, checking, refreshing, and clicking different apps or mails that affect your sleeping schedule. Let's find out some of the ways which tell us how your phone affects your sleeping schedule a lot.

Blue light increases alertness

The blue light emitted from your mobile phone screen produces a hormone called melatonin that controls your sleep-waking cycle and increases alertness that in turn provides difficulty in sleeping. 

This blue light increases your alertness and tricks your brain, and it keeps on thinking, and hence you stay awake and find it difficult to sleep. Because of this blue light, you spend a lot of time staying awake scrolling through your social media instead of sleeping, and hence the next day, you will feel more tired and less alert. 

Because of your cell phone, you may not be able to stay awake the next day, and hence you lose your productivity as you may feel drowsy the whole day. 

If you get more exposed to blue light, then it may affect your internal body clock, and you throw a certain circadian rhythm. This blue light interrupts your body's internal rhythm, and you may suffer from a hard sleep. 

Sleeping along with your phone is a very hard task as it may impact your alertness, and you may not be able to have a good sleep. 

As you have spent your whole night scrolling to your phone, that makes you less efficient towards your working, and also it has a significant impact on your sleep, and you may have a chronic deficiency in sleep.

It makes falling asleep harder

Smartphones were designed to make our life easy and comfortable, but now we have become addicted to them, and that is why most people are suffering from sleeping disorders due to excessive use of mobile phones. 

But whenever we try to sleep and turn off the lights, the last thing our brain wants to do is get entertained and gather information from around the world. 

During that time, if you check your phone, it stimulates the brain, and everyone becomes more active and awake; that is why it is said that cell phones increase alertness as your brain gets engaged by the cell phone, and you may get a sleep delay. 

If you are getting more addicted to your phone and it is the last thing you do before bed, then you are affecting your sleeping schedule in a very bad way. 

Various studies have shown that if you check your phone right before your sleeping time, it may cause distracting thoughts, emotions, and anxiety. 

Because of these mixed emotions, you may think deeply and face difficulty sleeping. Although your cellphone is supposed to make your life easy and provide a great entertainment source at night, it may provide the exact opposite results if you are using it.

Phone can mess up your sleep cycle

According to certain studies, it has been found out that 9 out of 10 people find it difficult to sleep easily when they are using any mobile phones before going to bed. 

It is so because when you use your cell phone before going to bed, you give your brain and body not enough time to unwind all the things you are doing throughout the day. 

It will create more alertness as you get engaged with gaming apps or other social media apps, and you forget that you need to sleep and become more alert. 

Moreover, it becomes difficult for us to put down our phone and go to sleep once we have engaged with something on our mobile phone. 

Moreover, the blue light coming from the phone interferes with your cardiac Rhythm and messages off with your sleeping schedule. 

If you cannot sleep properly at night, then it provides adverse signals to your brain, and there is a great chance that you may suffer from various psychological problems as well due to lack of sleep.

Low risk for radiation

Mobile phones are known to emit low levels of radiofrequency energy. According to various research, no evidence proves that this non-ionizing radiation increases the cancer risk in the human body. The only recognized effect is the biological effect of radiofrequency radiation that causes cancer in the human body, which is heating.

Tips to consider

Suppose you want to improve your sleep schedule. In that case, some of the following tips you must adapt as these tips help you a lot to get rid of the wrong sleeping cycle and have a better sleeping time that further increases your efficiency, and you may become more productive throughout the day.

Get an alarm clock

Alarm clocks have been used for various times because they are known for solving most real problems faced by different human beings. By setting an alarm clock, we can sleep in peace by ensuring ourselves that we will wake up on time. 

With the advent of mobile phones and technology, most people forget about the existence of an alarm clock as they set the alarm on their phones. 

As discussed earlier, sleeping with your phone causes great damage to your sleeping schedule; hence, it is advisable to avoid bringing your phone to your bedroom. 

In place of a cell phone alarm, you can go for a traditional alarm clock that helps you have a good sleep by ensuring that you will wake up on time the next day. 

Due to our busy schedules, we get influenced by various external factors, and mobile phones and tablets continue to interrupt our sleep, and we feel Drowsy throughout the day. 

But if you get addicted to Vivo, an alarm clock will help you remain psychologically fit, and your brain will start responding more efficiently than before.

Don't bring the phone to the bedroom

  • Smartphones and tablets generate a lot of blue light, which might harm your retinas if you use them late at night. During the day, we are accustomed to blue light as part of the whole spectral region from natural sunshine, but exposure to elevated levels of blue light at night is inappropriate. Long-term high-level exposure has been related to macular degeneration, a disease that results in visual loss.
  • If you use a screen right before bed, you're more liable to getting up in the middle of the night. If you have a phone next to you in bed, it's all too simple to check anything, and the display will make getting back to sleep much more difficult. The use of a smartphone in bed has been related to a decrease in REM sleep.
  • When using a phone, most individuals force their bodies into positions that alter the normal curve of the neck. This condition is exacerbated by using a phone in bed, which puts additional strain on your nerves, spine, and neck.
  • Do not disregard the pain you experience when using a gadget, such as a neck ache or lifeless hands/fingers. It could go away the next day, but if you keep doing something that hurts, it will take longer to recover each time and may result in lasting damage.
  • When you use your phone in bed, you will feel drowsy and less aware when you wake up. People who use their phones before bed take longer to wake up in the morning and do not feel like they have had a deep sleep, according to studies. 

People who read a book before bedtime are more awake and rejuvenated the next day. It might take a day for some people to recover from feeling less alert and fatigued, and weariness can become a vicious cycle.

Have a bedtime routine

According to studies, resuming a nighttime ritual as an adult can improve sleep length and quality. Good sleep is essential for runners' training and recuperation. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of rebuilding your body once it has been torn down.

To guarantee that their children go to bed, many parents put a bedtime routine on them. Parents cease enforcing the nighttime ritual at a certain age, and kids stop enforcing it on themselves. 

As those children grow into adults, bedtime may become an unpleasant and stressful experience for many (kind of like when they were three years old)

Five steps to a good night's sleep:

  • Dim the lights and switch off displays - Avoid blue light from electronics at least one hour before lights off.
  • Put your phone away for the evening — Make a sleep location for your phone and put it there every night at the same time. Keep your phone out of your bedroom since it disrupts your sleep.
  • Enjoy your beauty regimen - Brush your teeth, cleanse, and moisturize your face in the same order every night to signal to your body that sleep is approaching. To make your cosmetic regimen more pleasurable, choose products that smell nice.
  • To relax and shift from a hectic day to a tranquil evening, perform your favourite wind-down activity — read, meditate, write in your gratitude notebook, or do some gentle yoga. This activity should be done in a pleasant environment, not on your bed.

Lie down and turn out the lights – Train your mind to link your bedroom with nothing except sleeping and sex. If you spend some time awake in bed (for example, reading), your brain will link your bedroom with being awake, making falling asleep more difficult.


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