5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Without Fiberglass

5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses Without Fiberglass


Fibreglass, have you come across this word mentioned on your mattress labels frequently?

If you did, then you might as well be confused why so many mattress manufacturers use this material inside their mattresses.

Fibreglass is the go-to material for many mattress manufacturers because of its affordability and its ability to pass flammability tests.

But the disadvantage of using fibreglass is,

It comes with some health risks including skin irritation and eye irritation (when you come in direct contact with it).  It also causes respiratory issues and whether it is carcinogenic or not is a topic to debate.

So, you might be looking for a memory foam mattress without fibreglass. Maybe, to improve your comfortability or to avoid any health issues caused by fibreglasses. But you might get disappointed!

Why? Because there is very limited information about the topic. 

And you might have lately discovered that almost every high-rated mattress also contains fibreglass material.

But rest assured, after reading this buying guide, you will be well informed to make your next best buying decision on memory foam mattresses without fibreglass. Also, we have mentioned our top 5 picks to make your buying process easier and enjoyable. We have made our choices based on people’s best reviews and a few other important factors.

Thus, rest assured when you buy from our website, and with that said, let’s begin with the informative guide. 5 types of a memory foam mattress without fibreglass.

1. CraftedBeds 10 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress


CraftedBeds  Cloud Memory foam mattress is one of the best fibreglass free mattresses in the market. 

Its super soft comfortable material lets you experience the “floating on the cloud” feeling every night you sleep on it. With its amazing features and soft feel, this mattress provides you with firm support throughout the night. 

Craftbed’s 10 Inch Cloud Foam memory mattress will give you a sound sleep and allow you to maintain a positive posture without giving any back pains.

So, go ahead and say hello to blissful sleep!

2. Dreamfoam Bedding Chill Gel Memory Foam Mattress without fiberglass


Dreamfoam Bedding Chill Gel mattress comes in either two or three layers of foam.  

To say more, the 6”, 8” and 10” profile comes in two layers while the 12” and 14” profile offer an additional layer of foam. Apart from being fiberglass free, this mattress provides a very comfortable environment. 

Logically, as the profile height increases, the firmness decreases making it a little plush. 

The unique feature that makes this mattress more attractive is its stain-resistant top cover that makes sure the mattress does not absorb any stain, spills or splashes.  

3. Best Overall Memory Foam Mattress: Tuft & Needle


Tuft & Needle mattress does not provide any fiberglass. Instead they use a fire barrier composed of polyester or cotton blended knit fabric.  

It is built with the company's proprietary foam  which is inspired by innovation. This mattress provides pressure relief, strong support and keeps you calm and cool while you sleep. 

Tuft & Needle offers a 100 day sleep trial and has backed it by a 10 year no warranty. 

This is one of the few mattresses to get a Greencard Gold certificate which means that the manufacturer has taken into full consideration to improve the indoor quality where their products will be made under less chemical influence.

4. RECCI 10-inch Twin XL Mattress with no Fibreglass


This RECCI Twin XL mattress will remind you of the fun times on the beach during summer. The RECCI foam mattress was first made available on Amazon during summer. 

It is made with Red Respira that allows breathability within the mattress to support the perfect spinal alignment and comfortable sleeping temperature. 

This mattress is versatile due it’s different bases and frames. Being a non-fibreglass mattress, RECCI Twin mattress also comes with a hybrid mattress for those who are not entirely satisfied with memory foam only. 

Hence, this is another fiberglass free mattress option making it a new type of Memory foam.

5. Sweetnight Memory Foam Mattress without fibreglass

This is by far the most versatile memory foam mattress without fiberglass. Sweetnight’s memory foam mattress is flippable! You can opt for medium-firm support Gel Mattress or flip it over and make a single side firm. 

This mattress can be used in various frames, be it adjustable, slats, plank or box spring. It is designed for both heavy and lightweight individuals and also offers motion isolation. 

Apart from being fiberglass free, this mattress has an edge-to-edge support, which makes it a great choice for couples. 

Many of the customers have found this mattress to be very comfortable and supportive, helping in pain relief, especially to the joints and hips.

Why do manufacturers prefer fibreglass in mattresses? (Fiberglass explained).

Fibreglass is a type of reinforced man-made polymer made from a combination of both natural minerals and synthetic components.

The synthetic components may include soda ash, silica sand, limestone, alumina, borax etc.

Fibreglass is commonly used across as an insulation material.

Many modern memory foam mattress manufacturers in the marketplace use these tiny sparkly glass particles or fibres as a fire retardant to comply with flammability standards.

But the reason why many people get concerned when it comes to buying a memory foam mattress with fibreglass is because of the serious health issues it poses to people who may come in contact with it during the use of the mattress.

Although there is no threat when the fibreglass is not in contact with the person, the risk of the shards breaking down and sticking to your skin through the mattress over time is high.

And when fibreglass particles get released into the air (when you open the cover of the mattress or through a hole caused in the mattress) they contaminate the air and cause skin and eye irritation.

They can also cause nose and throat irritation with high levels of exposure, enhancing the potential and existing threats like bronchitis and asthma.

Also, fibre glasses are tiny glass particles that stick to almost any surface, and it can become extremely hard to get rid of these particles once they are released into the living space.

After getting to know the hazardous nature of fibreglass, you might still be wondering why manufacturers choose to go with fibreglass as a top layer in their memory foam mattresses.

As we explained in the earlier section of the article, all mattress manufacturers are required by law to incorporate some kind of fire retardant in their mattresses to prevent fire accidents.

Foam is highly flammable, and hence fibreglass acts as a fire retardant and can help save people from major fire accidents.

One more thing to note down is that fibreglass is a very cheap and affordable material.

It makes a better choice for all memory foam mattress manufacturers to keep the cost low.

Is fibreglass in a mattress safe?

The short answer is both yes and no, depending on the factor whether you have been exposed to the fibreglass or not (through breathing, skin contact and also through ingestion).

But exposure to fibreglass is something to worry about because it has its effects on the health of humans, which is why people who work regularly with fibre glasses are recommended to wear protective gear like clothes, gloves and safety glasses.

How does fibreglass affect the health of a person?

Let’s get a bit on the medical side to explain this better. When you inhale fibreglass, larger fibres of the fibreglass may get trapped in the upper airway, while the smaller fibres may be inhaled and will pass to the lungs.

Inhaled fibres are removed from the body (partially) through sneezing or coughing which is the body’s defence mechanism to cope with the foreign particles entering the system.

Similarly, fibreglass in the lungs may remain there, and ingested fibres will be removed through faeces.

Short-term exposure to fibreglass material, like direct contact or breathing, can irritate the skin, eyes, throat and nose. The irritation can be temporary and may include symptoms like itching, coughing or wheezing.

Extensive exposure can also aggravate health conditions like asthma and bronchitis.

Even though fibreglass is deemed ""safe"" (no long term side effects caused according to the fibreglass Safety Data Sheet), it is still a headache to clean up any accidental exposure to the material in the home or the office space).

How to avoid fibreglass in a mattress?

Fibreglass not only causes health problems like skin and eye irritation when people come in contact with it but also is harder to clean if released into the air.

It also covers other materials in the house completely.

So how do you avoid a memory foam mattress with fibreglass the next time you buy it?

Since fibre glasses are woven into the inner cover of the mattress, it cannot be easily spotted and needs extra search to find out if a memory foam mattress contains it or not.

Here are a few steps to check for if you want to avoid fibreglass in a mattress:

Check the labels

Most manufactures do mention the type and the percentage of materials used in the mattress. 

But you should be aware of the alternative terms used instead of fibreglass, which are glass wool, glass fibre or GFK.

Following this step only will not ensure you a mattress that is fibreglass-free, because some manufactures omit the fact that they have used fibreglass as a fire retardant.

So, here comes the second step you need to follow,

Pay attention to the mattress cover

Is the mattress cover of the mattress you are interested in removable?

Does the manufacturer strictly mention that you should not remove the mattress cover?

Then, you might have to consider an alternative because this mattress can contain fibreglass underneath the cover.

Inquire the customer service or the manufacturer directly

Mattress companies are obliged to disclose any details regarding the materials they use in their mattress, hence you can inquire about what materials they use for flame barriers in their mattress.

If they seem reluctant or try to keep certain details to themselves, you can already be sure that the mattress contains harsh chemicals and harmful substances.

Factors to consider when looking for a new mattress - Our guide to buying memory foam without fibreglass.

A good memory foam mattress that is fibreglass-free also has certain characteristics that will lead to a good and comfortable sleep throughout the night. 

Thus when you shop for a memory foam mattress the next time, look into the below qualities and make sure your mattress checks the box for each vital factor.

Firmness level

The firmness level is a vital factor to consider because it determines how you feel once you sleep on the mattress. 

Firmness level can be chosen based on various factors, and your sleeping position is one among them.

            • Back sleeper - A medium-firm level mattress would work better. A mattress that is neither too plush nor too stiff will allow the hips and buttocks to align better and sink in when you are sleeping on your back, and the rest of the body will be supported properly as well.
            • Side sleeper - A soft to medium-firm level mattress is the best option for side sleepers. These types of beds offer more support to the shoulders and hips and hence aids a better sleeping process.
            • Stomach sleeper - A firmer bed that doesn’t sink and provides maximum support is a good choice. 

Also, don’t forget to consider your weight. It is an essential factor when searching for the perfect firmness level for your mattress.

If you are a lightweight sleeper (<130 pounds), you can choose a softer mattress for all kinds of positions, whereas if you are a heavy sleeper (> 230 pounds), you can go for a firmer base.

Inquire the customer service or the manufacturer directly

Is your mattress too saggy? 

Then consider looking into the 'support and thickness' quality the next time you buy a mattress.

A good mattress doesn’t sag too much because too saggy beds can cause uncomfortable sleep or even back problems. After all, the body is not supported, and it also doesn’t promote spinal alignment.

If you are facing these problems as well, here is our suggestion:

To achieve proper body support and spine alignment, go for a mattress with a thick support layer, and one which uses high-density foams.

Safety protocols

If you are looking for a memory foam mattress that is completely safe and far from chemical usage, then you must know that fibreglass is not the only dangerous substance used by manufacturers.

Some manufactures also use harmful chemicals like:

            • Modacrylic - A controversial flame retardant chemical that may cause skin irritation and is known as carcinogenic by a few people.
            • Antimony - A toxic heavy metal used as a flame retardant, and causes eyes, skin and lungs irritation.
            • Formaldehyde - Found in the glues of cheaper memory foam mattresses and is thought to be carcinogenic.

To be informed and stay away from all these harmful chemicals, look into the following certificates 

            1. CertiPUR-US, 
            2. Greenguard (Gold), 
            3. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 or
            4. USDA Organic 

(Refer - https://www.consumerreports.org/mattresses/organic-mattress-labels-you-can-trust/)


Who wants to change their mattress every year or two?

No one, right?

Therefore, consider a mattress that is both reliable and durable.

This will prevent you from investing a lot into high-quality mattresses now and then.

Our recommendation is to always go for a high-density foam mattress rather than a low-density foam mattress.

Warranty and sleep trial

You have to choose a manufacturing company that allows you to test your chosen mattress.

A long sleep trial will allow you to get adjusted and test the abilities of your new mattress and return it if it doesn’t work well for you (with a full refund)

Many manufacturing companies do provide a sleep trial of no more than 30 days, but a few other foam mattress manufacturers do give out a 180-day sleep trial.

Why is a sleep trial required?

Because memory foam mattresses need some time to adapt to your body shape, and it takes some time for your body to adjust to the new mattress as well. So. lookout for a mattress company that provides sleep trial options.

Also, don’t forget to check for the warranty period of your mattress. If the mattress manufacturer is offering a short warranty period, then you can easily guess that the mattress uses cheap materials and is not sure about its product durability.

Temperature regulation

Memory foam mattresses almost always have heat-trapping properties. Since it hugs your whole body, it can be an issue for hot sleepers. 

So, if you are a hot sleeper and want to get rid of sweating problems during the night, you can choose a mattress that uses open-cell or gel-infused memory foam.

Motion isolation (for partnered sleep)

Do you always switch positions during the night? Then you might want to check good motion-isolating mattresses. 

Memory foam absorbs shock from motion well and works great for restless people and also couples so that they don’t disturb each other during the sleep process. 

But remember that a mattress might produce a bit of a bounce if the transition layer is made of polyurethane foam.

Final thoughts

We hope by reading this blog you might have understood that it is not a tough task to look into or even buy a mattress that is fibreglass-free because there are a handful of manufacturers who consider using the safer alternatives to fibreglass like wool.

All you need to do is be a bit more attentive to the details on the label of the product or do your end of the research.

Also, make sure that you always contact customer support before you make your buying decision. You can also consider looking into the customer reviews and ratings for the mattress you have decided to buy.


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