Can You Use an Adjustable Base With a Storage Bed

Are you someone who loves the convenience and functionality of a storage bed but also wants to experience the comfort and customisation of an adjustable base?

If so, you're not alone!

Many people struggle with this dilemma when shopping for bedroom furniture.

Luckily, a solution may combine both features - using an adjustable base with a storage bed frame.

In this article, we'll dive into the details of whether or not it's possible to use an adjustable base with a storage bed and provide some valuable insights from Bed Frame Insights to help you make the best decision for your bedroom setup.

So let's get started!

Compatibility of Adjustable Beds with Storage Beds

Compatibility of Adjustable Beds with Storage Beds

Adjustable beds and storage beds are two types of furniture that have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, understanding the compatibility between these two can be intricate.

Overview of Compatibility

The first thing is that Adjustable beds, renowned for their versatile positioning capabilities, are generally self-contained units with specially designed frames to facilitate movement. Conversely, storage beds, such as the ottoman style, are typically stationary platform beds featuring under-bed storage.

The challenge of compatibility arises when attempting to merge an adjustable bed's functionality with a storage bed frame's practicality. This is primarily due to the potential incompatibility between the adjustable base's moving parts and the existing static frame of a storage bed.

Nevertheless, certain manufacturers now produce adjustable beds specifically engineered to fit within some storage bed frames. These bases are uniquely designed to operate within the pre-existing frame while retaining the benefits of adjustability.

However, it's important to remember that this combination may restrict the under-bed storage space due to the mechanics involved in adjustability. As such, consulting with manufacturers or retailers on the compatibility of specific models before committing to a purchase is recommended.

Moreover, it's worth mentioning that proper sleep and comfort are crucial for our health and well-being, as outlined by The Sleep Charity. Therefore, choosing the right bed - be it an adjustable bed, ottoman storage bed, or a combination of both, should be done considering one's unique requirements and preferences.

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Prerequisites for Using Adjustable Beds with Storage Beds

Now, we'll discuss some Prerequisites for Using Adjustable Beds with Storage Beds.

Firstly, the bed frame should have a flat or middle surface to provide a sturdy base for the adjustable bed. This surface is crucial as the flexible base must securely and evenly fit within the frame for optimal functionality.

Side rails can be challenging, so choosing a bed frame without them or where they can be easily removed is recommended. Moreover, traditional bed features like the box spring must be discarded due to their incompatibility with adjustable beds.

When selecting a storage bed frame, consider the storage options as an integral part of your bed storage organisation. Designs may include up to four drawers for additional space, although two-drawer models are also standard.

It's essential to ensure these drawers are built into the frame so that it doesn't interfere with the adjustable bed's operation.

Lastly, the style of your bedroom significantly influences this decision. The bed frame should complement the room's aesthetics and offer functional benefits. Achieving a balance between utility and style is vital.

Clearance Requirements

The third compatibility, while considering the integration of an adjustable bed with a storage bed frame, is the clearance requirement under the flat surface of the storage bed frame. This clearance, or free space, allows the adjustable base to function optimally.

In many instances, adjustable beds require a non-zero clearance, meaning they need free space beneath the base. This is because these types of beds cannot sit flat on the panels due to the mechanics involved in their adjustability.

However, some companies offer zero-clearance adjustable bases, which can rest flat on the floor or other platforms without needing additional space underneath.

The clearance also needs to accommodate movement at the head and foot of the bed, especially if features such as massage are included. The mattresses' weight must also be considered, as it adds to the overall load the adjustable base has to support.

For storage beds, especially those like the ottoman style, the clearance may be occupied by drawers or other storage compartments. While this provides convenient access to store items, it may pose challenges when trying to fit in an adjustable base.

Therefore, it's crucial to ensure the storage options do not interfere with the adjustable base's functioning.

Check out our Glitz Divan Storage Bed for a sleek, modern look. It features spacious drawers for maximum storage and comes in various colours and sizes to match your bedroom decor.

Adjustable Bed Frames Designed for Storage Beds

An adjustable bed frame is designed for storage beds and is a game-changer in sleep improvement, blending comfort, functionality, and style. This bed frame offers an adjustable base for personalised comfort and integrated storage solutions like built-in drawers, optimising room space.

However, The market showcases a variety of Storage Bed Options, exemplifying how an adjustable base can effortlessly fit within an existing bed frame. This compatibility allows users to modify their sleep position while maintaining the appearance of a traditional bed frame.

However, Some adjustable bed frames are engineered to sit atop a solid base, extending the compatibility of adjustable bases with storage beds and showcasing how sleep product innovation can yield more practical and comfortable solutions.

For those seeking advanced features, some adjustable bed frames incorporate modern amenities such as LED lights and USB ports, adding a contemporary spin on the classic platform bed. Coupled with an adjustable base, these beds also offer ample storage space, including multiple drawers, capturing the spirit of an ottoman storage bed.

Furthermore, The development of adjustable bed frames designed for storage beds offers consumers various versatile and ergonomic sleep solutions.

These products from the bed storage organization stand as a testament to the creativity and expertise of sleep experts, who continue to push the boundaries and enhance our sleep experiences.

Benefits of Using an Adjustable Base with a Storage Bed


Pairing an adjustable base with a storage bed presents a perfect blend of comfort, customisation, and functionality, offering many benefits.

Firstly, the adjustable base provides exceptional comfort. It allows you to change your sleeping position effortlessly, providing support where you need it most. This flexible feature enhances sleep quality and relieves various health issues such as back pain, snoring, and acid reflux.

Secondly, the adjustable base brings unprecedented personalisation to your sleep environment. With options to adjust the head or foot positions, you can create the ideal position for activities like reading, watching television, or simply unwinding.

On the other hand, storage beds solve the problem of limited space. They have built-in storage facilities, including drawers or lift-up mechanisms, offering ample room to store items like bedding, clothing, or other items.

Combining these two types of beds results in a versatile piece of furniture that optimises comfort and space. For example, consider a platform bed with an adjustable base that fits inside the existing bed frame.

These designs offer the convenience of an adjustable bed while maintaining the practicality of storage under-bed.

If you're looking for a bed that offers both luxury and storage, then the Geneva Divan Storage bed is the perfect choice. This bed is sleek and modern, with a deep cushioned headboard for added comfort and style.

How to Choose an Adjustable Base for a Storage Bed

How to Choose an Adjustable Base for a Storage Bed

Let's discuss some factors to consider when choosing an adjustable base for a storage bed.

  • First and foremost, size matters. The adjustable base must fit inside the existing frame of your storage bed. Therefore, taking accurate measurements of your bed frame, including the length, width, and depth, is crucial to ensure compatibility.

  • Weight capacity is another critical consideration. Adjustable bases vary in the weight they can support, including the combined weight of the mattress and the sleepers.

  • Features are another factor to consider. Some adjustable bases have features such as built-in USB ports, under-bed lighting, or massage functions.

  • Ease of access to the storage components of your bed is also crucial. Look for an adjustable base that allows easy access to built-in drawers or other storage compartments when in any adjusted position.

  • This step will ensure that the addition of the adjustable base doesn't compromise the functionality of your storage bed.

One of the common questions related to this topic is whether the headboard can be attached to the adjustable base. This largely depends on the manufacturer's design. Some adjustable bases are compatible with both footboards and headboards, while others may not support this feature.

Final Words

Now you've read everything, and we hope this guide has helped you know everything you need about Storage beds.

Let's take advantage of our wide range of Storage beds and choose the perfect one for your home.

You can choose your storage bed based on your needs and budget. Whether you need extra storage space or want to elevate the style of your bedroom, Crafted Beds has got you covered.

Moreover, with our high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, your storage bed will be functional and last years.

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