Do Storage Beds Need Box Springs?

Do you want to avoid constantly organising your bedroom to create more storage space?

Do you wish for a solution that would provide ample storage for all your belongings and eliminate the need for clunky box springs?

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This article will discuss whether storage beds require box springs and provide you with all the information you need before investing in one.

So, let's get started!

What Are Box Springs?


Box springs are essential to any bed, providing a sturdy and supportive foundation for your mattress.

Traditionally, they were constructed from a wooden frame filled with metal coils or springs covered with fabric.

This construction provided a firm base for innerspring mattresses, helping to distribute weight evenly and reduce wear and tear on the mattress.

Firstly, they offer additional support, which can enhance the comfort and longevity of your mattress.

Secondly, they elevate the mattress off the ground, keeping it away from dust and damp and cold temperatures, essentially acting as a protective barrier.

Moreover, Modern versions may include a simple wooden or metal platform bed with slats spaced evenly across its breadth, replacing the need for a box spring.

These platform beds often feature a low-profile bed frame, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic or have limited space.

The box spring absorbs the shock from body weight, which helps extend the lifespan of the innerspring mattress.

Do Storage Beds Require Box Springs?

Do Storage Beds Require Box Springs?


Now that you know what a box spring is, one question that often comes up when considering a storage bed is whether or not it requires a box spring. The answer is that storage beds typically do not need a box spring.

Unlike traditional bed frames, which were designed to work in conjunction with a box spring, storage beds are often built with a solid platform base or wooden slats that provide the necessary support for your mattress.

The design is one of the main arguments against using a box spring with a storage bed. Storage beds are designed to use the space underneath the bed frame, typically featuring built-in storage drawers or compartments.

Adding a box spring would not only raise the height of the bed but also interfere with the functionality of these storage features. On the other hand, the argument for using a box spring, particularly with innerspring mattresses, is that they can provide additional support and extend the mattress's lifespan.

However, many modern mattresses are designed for solid surfaces, such as platform beds or slatted frames, eliminating the need for a box spring.

Regarding mattress support, a well-built storage bed with a solid wooden or metal frame and evenly spaced slats can offer support comparable to a traditional box spring.

This is especially true for memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses requiring a firm, flat surface for optimal performance.

Pros and Cons of Using Box Springs with Storage Beds



Let's discuss some pros and cons of using box springs with storage beds.

Pros of Using Box Springs with Storage Beds

  • Box springs add height to your bed, facilitating ease of access, especially for those with mobility issues.

  • They give your bed a traditional, elevated aesthetic.

  • They provide extra support, acting as a shock absorber for your mattress, spreading weight evenly, and reducing wear.

  • Particularly beneficial for innerspring mattresses, box springs offer optimal support and comfort.

  • They improve air circulation under the mattress, preventing moisture build-up and keeping it fresh and dry.

  • It benefits those living in humid climates or who tend to sleep hot.

  • By providing a solid surface that prevents sagging, box springs can extend the life of your mattress, leading to better sleep quality over time.

Cons of Using Box Springs with Storage Beds

  • Box springs typically need more storage space due to their bulky nature, which can disadvantage those with limited space or needing extra storage.

  • They significantly raise the bed's height, potentially making it difficult for some individuals, especially those with mobility issues, to access the bed.

  • The increased height can also limit access to under-bed storage compartments, reducing their practicality.

  • In terms of design, box springs may not fit aesthetically with certain bed types, like platform beds designed to function without a box spring.

  • Not all mattresses require a box spring. Modern mattress types like memory foam or latex often perform better on firm, solid surfaces like platform beds or adjustable bases.

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Alternative Support Systems for Storage Beds

When it comes to supporting storage beds, several popular alternatives to traditional box springs can provide the necessary support while maximising and adding to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

One of the most common alternatives is the platform bed frame. These bed frames are typically built with wooden or metal slats that provide a stable base for your mattress.

Another alternative is the adjustable bed frame. These bed frames allow you to adjust the height and angle of your mattress, providing personalised comfort and support. Given below are some alternatives for storage beds some detail.

Slats and Solid Platforms


Slats and solid platforms are two types of bed foundations that are often used to support a mattress. Each provides unique benefits and can be a more space-efficient alternative to traditional box springs, particularly for storage beds.

Slats are typically made from wood or metal and are placed across the bed frame. The spacing between the slats allows for good air circulation, which can keep your mattress fresher for longer and help prevent the build-up of moisture and mould.

Slats also provide a firm and sturdy base for your mattress, distributing the weight evenly across the surface. This can help extend your mattress's life and enhance your sleeping comfort.

On the other hand, solid platforms provide a flat, hard surface for your mattress. This foundation is particularly beneficial for foam and latex mattresses, which need a box spring or similar foundation to ensure they don't sink or sag over time.

Slats and solid platforms can provide adequate support for most mattress types, but they might only suit some. Some innerspring mattresses, for example, may require a box spring or a specific type of foundation to perform at their best.

It's always important to check with the mattress manufacturer or warranty details to ensure you choose the right foundation for your mattress.

Adjustable Bases


An adjustable base is a type of bed frame that offers the user the flexibility to alter the position of their mattress, adding a level of functionality and comfort not typically found in traditional bed frames or platform beds.

One of the major benefits of adjustable bases is the enhanced comfort they provide. These bases allow for personalised positions, improving blood circulation and relieving common aches and pains associated with back problems, arthritis, and neck issues.

They also offer the ability to distribute weight evenly across the mattress, reducing pressure points and increasing overall comfort.

However, there are several considerations to bear in mind. Adjustable bases can be more expensive than standard bed frames or platform beds, which may deter those on a tight budget.

Moreover, not all types of mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. Some, particularly innerspring mattresses, may not conform properly when adjusted, potentially affecting comfort and longevity.

Another potential downside is that adjustable bases often require more maintenance and repairs due to the electrical components and motors used to adjust their position. While some models offer under-bed storage, this tends to be less spacious than the storage options provided by storage platform beds.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Support for Storage Beds

After thoroughly discussing alternative support systems for storage beds and their pros and cons, let's delve into considering factors while choosing support for storage beds.

  • Consideration of the mattress type is crucial when choosing support for storage beds. Different mattresses require varying levels of support.

    • Memory foam mattresses are best paired with solid platform beds or adjustable bases.

    • Innerspring mattresses may need a box spring for optimum comfort.

  • The budget should be factored in.

    • Box springs are cost-effective but might provide a different level of support or longevity than pricier options like metal platform beds or adjustable bases.

    • Balancing cost with quality is key to ensuring a durable bed base with the necessary support.

  • Value assessment is another key consideration.

    • Evaluate if the features and benefits of the bed base justify its price tag.

    • For instance, adjustable bases offer flexibility and customer customisation at a higher cost. If these features matter to you, the extra cost might be worth it.

  • Personal preference significantly influences the decision-making process.

    • Some people prefer the traditional look and feel of a box spring, while others prefer the modern aesthetic of a platform bed.

    • When considering a bed frame separately from your mattress, consider how the style, height, and material of the bed frame will complement your overall bedroom design.

  • Lastly, consider the space available in your bedroom.

    • Like floating platform beds, certain bed bases can make a small room appear larger.

    • Other options, like platform beds with built-in storage, can help maximise the space in a cluttered room.

Final Words

Now you've read everything, we hope this guide has helped you know everything you need about storage beds.

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