Do Ottoman Beds Get Mouldy?

Are you tired of waking up to a damp and musty smell in your bedroom?

Do you need help with keeping your sleeping space clean and fresh?

Well, don't worry because you are not alone.

Many people struggle with Mould beds, especially those who own Ottoman beds. These beds are known for their storage capabilities and comfort, but they can also be prone to Mould if not properly taken care of.

However, you do not have to worry about it– there is a solution.

At high-quality ottoman beds, we provide durable and well-crafted Ottoman beds resistant to Mould and other common issues.

This article will delve into the common causes of Mould in traditional beds and how ottoman beds can help prevent it.

 Let's dive into it.

Why Do Ottoman Beds Get Mouldy?


With ample under-bed storage space, Ottoman beds are an excellent solution for those seeking functionality and comfort.Beds can host Mould due to poor ventilation and damp storage areas. Prevent Mould growth by improving ventilation and keeping your bed dry.

Explanation of Poor Ventilation

While sleek and practical for storage, the ottoman bed design can inadvertently restrict airflow within the under-bed warehouse.

Most ottoman beds are designed with a solid base or a platform top to support the mattress. This design, coupled with the added weight of a memory foam mattress or other heavy mattresses, can significantly reduce ventilation.

Insufficient air circulation can lead to humidity and heat buildup, creating a conducive environment for Mould growth.

Discussion on High Humidity and Its Effects

  • High levels of humidity under bed storage can exacerbate the problem of Mould growth.

  • Humidity is the amount of water vapors in the air, and when combined with poor ventilation, it creates a moist environment where spores of Mould can quickly multiply.

  • Mould ruins the aesthetic appeal of your ottoman bed and can pose health risks, such as triggering allergies and respiratory problems.

  • Moreover, Mould can attract dust mites, further contributing to the problem.

  • If you're looking for a bed that offers both luxury and practicality, our premium Majestic Ottoman bed is the perfect choice.

    Role of Exposure to Moisture

Exposure to moisture is another critical factor contributing to Mould growth in ottoman bedsIf the items stored under bed storage are damp or the room where the bed is placed experiences high humidity, it can increase the moisture level within the bed frame.

It is important to ensure that bedding and mattresses are properly dried before use to avoid potential issues from moisture. Over time, this moisture can encourage the growth of Mould spores, leading to a musty smell and potential damage to your bed and stored items.

The Impact of Mould in Ottoman Beds

Did you know that Mould can cause serious damage to your bed frame and memory foam mattresses? In addition, it can also infiltrate the items you store under your bed, leading to a variety of issues. It's important to take preventive measures to avoid the growth of Mould in your bedroom, such as keeping the area well-ventilated and dry.


Description of Signs of Mould like Musty Oduors or Discoloration

Identifying the presence of Mould in your storage bed can help you take preventive measures before it becomes a significant problem. A musty Oduor that persists even after cleaning is one of the first signs of Mould. This smell is caused by mycotoxins, a toxic compound produced by Mould spores.

Another sign is discoloration on the bed frame, mattress, or stored items. Mould often appears as black, white, green, or even red spots. If you spot any of these signs, it might be time to dismantle a bed for a thorough cleaning or consider replacing heavily infested parts.

The Effect of Mould on Sleep Quality

The presence of Mould can significantly affect the quality of your sleep. The musty smell can make your bedroom environment unpleasant, making it difficult to relax and fall asleep.

 Mould can degrade the quality of your memory foam mattress over time, affecting its comfort and support levels. This environment can lead to restless nights and prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.

Also, mould spores can infiltrate your bedding, which can cause skin irritation and breathing difficulties when you're trying to sleep. A mattress protector can provide a barrier against Mould, ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

If you have uncanny issues, you can purchase our new Helix Ottoman bed, which features a durable lift mechanism and sturdy hardware.

Risks Associated with Allergen-Releasing Mould

Spores of Mould are known allergens that can trigger various health issues, especially in people with allergies or respiratory conditions. Mould exposure can lead to symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rash, and even asthma attacks in severe cases.

Moreover, some types of Mould produce mycotoxins, which can pose serious health risks when inhaled or come into contact with the skin. Therefore, preventing mould growth in your ottoman bed is crucial to maintaining a healthy sleep environment.

The Role of Under Bed Storage in Mould Formation


Now, let's discuss the role of under-bed storage in Mould formation. Mould formation is a common problem every household face, and it can be particularly problematic in storage beds like the ottoman bed.

The under-bed storage area in these beds can inadvertently contribute to Mould formation due to several factors. While these beds offer extra storage, which is especially beneficial for small spaces, they may also create conditions conducive to Mould growth if not properly managed.

Explanation of How Under Bed Storage Can Contribute to Mould Formation

Under-bed storage in ottoman beds can contribute to Mould growth due to a lack of proper ventilation. The design of these beds typically involves a box spring or solid base, which can restrict airflow.

When there's limited fresh air circulation, it can lead to an accumulation of humidity and heat in the storage space. This environment is perfect for spores of Mould to thrive and multiply.

Furthermore, the weight of the mattress can compress under bed storage space, further reducing airflow and exacerbating the problem. Therefore, while under-bed storage can be a good idea for utilising space efficiently, it's crucial to ensure adequate ventilation to stop Mould growth.

Dangers of Storing Damp Items in the Bed

Storing damp items in the under-bed storage of your ottoman bed can pose significant risks for Mould formation. Damp items can increase the moisture level within the storage area, creating a humid environment, which Mould spores love. Even a slightly wet piece of clothing or bedding can lead to a severe Mould problem over time.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all items are dehydrated before storing them under your bed. Regularly cleaning the storage area with a damp cloth can also help control Mould growth.

Why Under Bed Storage Can Be a Catastrophic Mistake?

While under-bed storage can be a lifesaver for those with limited mobility or small living spaces, it can also become a catastrophic mistake if not appropriately managed.The lack of ventilation, combined with the potential for damp items to be stored, can create a perfect breeding ground for Mould.

Tips for Preventing Mould an Ottoman Beds


Now that you have learned much about Mould and its impacts on an ottoman bed. It's time to adopt some helpful preventive tips to avoid mould formation.

Importance of Regular Inspections

  • Regular inspections are crucial for preventing mould growth in your ottoman bed.

  • As part of your cleaning routine, check all aspects of the bed, including under-bed storage. Look out for any signs of Mould, such as discoloration or a musty smell.

  • When inspecting, pay particular attention to corners, crevices, and underneath the mattresses where dust and dampness accumulate. If you spot any signs of Mould or mildew, promptly clean and dry the affected area.

  • Early detection is critical to preventing Mould from spreading and causing more severe damage.

    Keeping Your Storage Bed Clean

  • Knowing how to clean an ottoman bed effectively can help prevent Mould growth.

  • Start by removing all items from the bed storage and vacuuming the inside to remove dust. 

  • Wipe down all surfaces, including the walls and floor of the storage area, with a damp cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaner.

  • Ensure the storage area is completely dry before replacing your items. A dehumidifier or opening windows to allow fresh air circulation can speed up drying.

  • Additionally, avoid storing items under bed storage that are damp or prone to creating moisture, such as wet towels or clothes.

If you want to avoid these common problems altogether, investing in a high-quality ottoman bed is critical. Our Ascot Ottoman Bed is made with durable and sturdy components to ensure long-lasting functionality and comfort.

Not Storing Things Under Bed Storage

While the under-bed storage in ottoman beds provides a convenient solution for cluttered bedrooms, not using it could have advantages. Leaving the storage area empty can improve air circulation, reducing the chances of mould growth.

Additionally, it eliminates the need to frequently move and lift heavy mattresses to access your stuff, making cleaning easier. If you have sufficient storage elsewhere, such as in wardrobes or boxes, consider keeping the under-bed hold empty.

Final Words

Now you've read everything, keeping your ottoman bed Mould-free requires proactive measures. Proper ventilation, avoiding moisture exposure, and regular inspections play crucial roles. Be mindful of what you store and how you clean the under-bed space. 

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