Types of Storage Beds

Are you tired of constantly cluttered and cramped bedrooms?

Do you need help finding enough storage space for your belongings, leaving your room disorganised?

If so, then a storage bed may be the perfect solution.

Storage beds offer a sleek and stylish way to maximise storage in your bedroom without sacrificing valuable floor space. With various design options, including the popular Design Selection, you can choose a storage bed that solves your storage problems and enhances your room's overall aesthetic.

This article will explore the different types of storage beds available and how they can transform your bedroom into a functional and beautiful space.

Let's dive in!

Types of Storage Beds

As the name suggests, storage beds are designed with built-in storage facilities. They blend functionality and style perfectly, offering a convenient solution to space constraints in many modern homes.

With their innovative design, these beds allow you to utilise the underutilised space beneath your bed, providing an excellent way to de-clutter your bedroom.

Now, let's delve into the discussion about different storage bed types, which will help you understand their functionality and designs.

Divan Beds


The first bed on our list offering a huge storage space is a Divan bed that combines comfort, practicality, and style effortlessly. It's a unique bed frame with storage typically consisting of a sturdy base, incorporating pull-out drawers and a lift-up mechanism, providing extra storage space.

The description of a Divan bed would only be complete by acknowledging its noteworthy features. This bed frame with storage is usually split into two sections, making it easier to manoeuvre through tight spaces. In addition, the base is often upholstered in fabric, lending an air of elegance to any bedroom decor.

Divan bed offers several advantages, including ample storage perfect for small bedrooms. Their versatile storage options are convenient for storing bedding, clothes, or seasonal items. Additionally, their bed frame provides durability and firm support.

However, there are some downsides. A Divan bed can be pricier than other bed frames, and their size and bulkiness may only suit some room sizes and layouts, particularly in small or irregularly shaped rooms.

Remember, A Divan bed is worth considering if you're seeking a bed that offers comfort and extra storage space. With their blend of practicality and style, they are undoubtedly among the best storage beds available today.

Drawer Storage Beds


Drawer Storage Beds are a clever blend of design and practicality, boasting built-in drawers within the bed frame for discreet, efficient storage.

These beds with storage are more than just a place to sleep, featuring integrated drawers on the sides or foot of the bed, providing convenient storage for various items. They cater to diverse preferences and room dimensions in different designs and sizes.

The critical advantage of Drawer Storage Beds is their hidden extra storage, promoting tidiness and organisation, especially in smaller rooms or for those favouring minimalism. They also eliminate the need for additional furniture, saving bedroom space.

However, there are some downsides. Accessing drawers can be tricky if the bed is against a wall or corner, and they offer less storage than more extensive solutions like wardrobes or ottoman beds.

Sliding Storage Beds:


Sliding Storage Beds are innovative beds with storage that maximise bedroom space while maintaining a clean aesthetic. They feature a bed base with hidden compartments or drawers that slide out easily, providing accessible storage without requiring more floor space.

These storage beds efficiently utilise the often-neglected space beneath the sleeping area and come in various sizes to suit different needs and room dimensions.

The benefits of a Sliding Storage Bed include a clutter-free bedroom environment with ample hidden storage for various items. The sliding mechanism ensures easy access to your belongings.

However, there are a few downsides. Though they offer extra space, their storage capacity might not match other options like ottoman bed frames. Accessing the storage space can be challenging, as it may require removing bedding and lifting the mattress, which could be inconvenient.

Ottoman Beds


Ottoman Beds are a superb storage solution that merges functionality and style, offering Space Maximisation in any bedroom decor. An Ottoman bed is a type of bed with a large storage area within its base.


This storage compartment, accessible via gas lift hydraulics or ottoman lifts, offers significant space for storing extra bedding, clothing, or other items. The ottoman storage beds come in various sizes, from single beds perfect for a child's bedroom to super king sizes ideal for master suites.

The features of an Ottoman Bed are indeed noteworthy. Aside from the spacious internal storage, these bed frames often feature a sturdy, durable design, ensuring a long lifespan. Some designs even include additional drawers at the foot end, providing even more storage options.

Ottoman Beds are ideal for smaller spaces, offering a great storage solution for a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Their hidden storage and easy-to-use lifting mechanisms ensure straightforward access to stored items.

However, they have a few downsides. Ottoman Beds can be heavier than regular beds because of their sturdy build and lifting mechanisms, making them difficult to move or reposition. Plus, their additional features often result in a higher price tag than standard beds.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Storage Bed

Now that you know some different types of storage beds, let's talk about some factors to consider while choosing a storage bed. These factors are:

  • Size: Ensure the bed and frame fit comfortably within the room, enabling easy movement. The size should be suitable for both the user and the room, whether you choose a high sleeper bed, cabin bed, or ottoman bed.

  • Material & Design: OPT for a durable and sturdy material for longevity. The bed's design should match your bedroom decor. Styles range from traditional divan beds to modern lift-up storage beds.

  • Storage Capacity: Consider how much storage you need. Beds with drawers or an ottoman storage bed offer more space, while a simple bed base may suffice for less storage needs.

  • Accessibility & Functionality: Storage compartments should be easy to open and close, with stored items easily accessible. Choose between different mechanisms, like the lift of an ottoman bed or sliding drawers, based on preference.

Consider our Rio Divan storage bed if you want a sleek and modern solution. It has built-in drawers, providing ample space for your belongings without sacrificing style.

Tips for Maximising Storage Bed Usage


Let's discuss some tips for maximising your storage bed usage.

  • Embrace the concept of 'divan beds', which have storage compartments built into the base for storing items you don't require daily access to.

  • Consider super king beds for additional storage space without compromising room aesthetics.

  • Use cabin and bunk beds in rooms with limited space, as they offer multiple storage options, including drawers and shelves.

  • Consider lift-up storage beds, which feature a storage bed frame that lifts to reveal a large storage area beneath, ideal for bulky items.

  • Utilise bedside tables as extra storage solutions, opting for ones with drawers or shelves for easy organisation.

  • If you're considering a new storage bed, consider getting a bed with drawers for easy access to stored items without lifting heavy mattresses or removing bed covers.

  • Remember the space under your bed. Utilise this with bed lifts to raise your bed slightly, creating more room for storage beneath.

  • Use clear storage containers for under-bed storage to see what's inside without opening them.

Final Words

Now you've read everything, and we hope this guide has helped you know everything you need about storage beds.

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