Easy Way To Attach Headboard To Adjustable Bed Frame

Easy Way To Attach Headboard To Adjustable Bed Frame


While sleeping is considered comfortable, sleeping on an adjustable bed base is considered a luxury! Being utilized in the hospitals to enhance the comfortability of the patients, the bed bases also made their way into the markets and became the number one sleeping choice for numerous sleep lovers.

With additional perks like zero-gravity mode available in modern adjustable beds, they might have now made it to your home as well! And we can easily gauge that your favourite place in your home, your bedroom, is already beaming in pride with your new purchase.

But what about adding a headboard to your adjustable bed base? Although headboards are considered just as an aesthetic piece of furniture, many shoppers disagree with the thought. Headboards not only make your bedroom look cosy and eye-soothing but also serve many other purposes like keeping the pillows in place and providing your back with undeniably comfortable support.

So, we understand why you need a headboard in your bedroom. The combination of an adjustable bed base with a neutral or dark themed headboard is seriously the perfect duo. But the question is how do you attach your headboard to your adjustable bed frame. 

Well, we are here to clear your confusion. This guide covers the 5 easy steps to attach the headboard to an adjustable bed. All it takes for you is to grab a cup of coffee and scroll down the page!

Bed frames review


Not made your buying decision about an adjustable bed frame yet? Well, this section is designed to help you buy the most comfortable bed frame that will change your sleep game forever.

If you already have an adjustable bed frame in your home and if you are not looking to buy a new one, please feel free to skip forward. So, with that being said, here are our top picks:

    • Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0

With the design, and added features like dual setting, massage and wave function, snore function and remote control, one can see why this is the go-to option for many buyers. The control function available on the app works in conjunction with the remote and offers the ability to control features of the bed easily. We are sure this would be an excellent add-on to your home. Visit the website to know more.

    • Reverie 75 Adjustable bed

Looking for a good adjustable mattress that fits well within your budget? Although the Reverie bed doesn’t have all the luxury features like flush connection or dual adjustment settings, they will certainly provide the best comfort according to your needs. And the best feature of the product is its different message function which includes head massage, foot massage and even a full body massage. So, a great ‘fit within a budget’ option.

    • Serta’s adjustable motion essential 111

Just like Crafted Beds, Serta is a trusted name in the mattress market. So, with this adjustable bed frame, you get the special zero-gravity feature, and also in one touch. If you are looking for a comfortable option that justifies your money spent - then Serat is the popular option. With that we end our bed frames review but what about headboards? The next section holds answers to all your questions.

Are there special headboards for bed frames?


Yes, there are certain headboards that are just marketed for adjustable bed frames. But in our expert’s opinion, any kind of regular headboard does the same job as the special headboards. And also the attaching property is similar. 

Unless recommended by your adjustable bed frame manufacturer, you can proceed to buy any headboard that makes you go ‘wow’ with the first look. Wondering where you can find such headboards?

Crafted Beds is your one-stop solution. From 9 panel headboards to chesterfield winged headboards and Lina headboards, you have everything in our store to fulfil your needs, visit the website and make your selection soon - buy here.

Step by step guide on how to attach headboard to the adjustable bed frame


Now that you have your adjustable bed frame and the headboard, let’s further unravel the 5 easy steps to attach the headboard to the bed frame.

Check the adjustable bed

The first step in the attachment process is to check the features, the dos and the don’ts of your new adjustable bed. The first question you need to get answered is whether your new adjustable bed and the mattress has the provision for attaching a headboard and also a footboard.

This step is vital because not every adjustable bed frame has the same features and design. While some adjustable beds may not need you to attach brackets, a few others need brackets to be attached to proceed further in the process.

It is not uncommon for the bed frames to exclude brackets as a part of their design. So, it is vital to check if the brackets are on your adjustable bed frames or our headboard. 

If the brackets are not found on either of them, you can check your kit or the tool pack as well. If you are unable to find your sturdy steel brackets on your bed base, then you might need to buy them separately and then attach them to your base.

Also, don’t forget to check for the type of brackets, please check the instructions manual for the names or the types that will go with your base. Remember, your brackets must be comfortable with your adjustable bed frame.

Also, don’t worry about buying appropriate brackets, channels, bolts, nuts, washers, as they will be available in the headboard bracket kit itself. 

Note - The kit only includes the bolts that are needed to fit the bracket to the base and not the headboard to the base. The bolts needed to attach your headboard with the base comes with your headboard and you need to check for the compatibility of the diameter of the bracket’s hole with the diameter of the headboards’ bolts so that they fit well with the holes.

Check your headboard

Now that you have the bracket kit, ensure to check your headboard mount to check the type of fixture the mount has, needed to connect the headboard to the bed frame. The second step is to have a thorough look at your headboard.

There are two types of headboard attachments available and there are bolt-on and hook-on. Speaking about the bolt-on type of attachment, the bolt-on design has holes into which the bolts will be drilled. 

The bolts will be drilled into the legs (where the holes will be present) of the bed base to connect the headboard to the adjustable base. 

Whereas the hook-on design will have slits and the hooks can be attached to the slits. So, check the headboard for the type of attachment your headboard has and also make sure that it has all the required parts needed to attach the headboard to the bed.

Once again take thorough care about the compatibility of the adjustable bed frame and the headboard. To ensure that both are compatible, you need to have the same sized bolts so that they can be drilled perfectly into the holes of the headboard to attach it securely to the base.

Some bed bases do come with a universal headboard attachment type that fits all types of headboards. So, if you have one such base, you need not have to worry about checking the headboard mount types.

Now that you have your adjustable bed base and the headboard type-checked, let’s proceed to the third important step of the attachment.

Prepare everything

Now the time is to prepare. Most of you might be attaching the headboard in your bedroom space since the bed was already in the room. Firstly you need to ensure that you have a good amount of space to get access to the head of the bed where the brackets will be attached before you attach your headboard to your adjustable base.

You can get under the bed or you can flip the bed base depending on the design of the bed base, also you might need to rearrange some of your bedroom items to create extra needed space in the room.

The space should be enough to carry out the procedure even when the brackets are easily accessible. To get to the underside of the bed, you can move the bed from the wall and then elevate the bed. Raising the head of the bed will make the attachment process easier.

Also, make sure that your bedroom is clean and tidy and hence thereby you can have easy access to your headboard and all the other tools that you might need during the fixing process, which means you need to confirm that all the tools you may require from the headboard kit are present within your reach.

And one more suggestion to consider is that you can work with a partner if there is one (like one of your friends or family) to ease the process and get the required help while aligning the brackets or while lifting the headboard.

And if you have made sure that all you need is neatly secured and placed, we can proceed to the further steps of attaching the headboard to an adjustable bed base.


The time has come to make the connections. Attach the brackets to the bed frame. The instructions and directions for attaching the headboard brackets to the bed frame may vary depending on the adjustable bed types, so following the instructions manual is a wise step.

However, we have laid out a general instruction method down below for your ease:

    1. Before attaching the headboard flanges to the bracket channels, make sure to fasten the headboard bracket channels to the bed frame of the adjustable bed.
    2. To allow for clearance, slide the brackets 1.5 to 2 inches away from the bed edge. This step will actually prevent the headboard from rubbing against the wall and causing damage to the walls if the base moves. 
    3. Tighten the bolts to keep the bracket channels and flanges secured in place.

Once the brackets are fastened to the frame, you can proceed to measure the distance between mounting holes, and also remember to measure the distance between the holes of the headboard mounting slots present on the headboard bracket flanges. 

The measurement process helps ensure the headboard will be aligned properly. If the measurements are not aligning, then slide the headboard brackets flanges until the holes match. 

Now, secure the headboard attachment - The final step in the process is to secure the headboard. To complete the process, line up the headboard’s holes with brackets, and stick the bolts through the holes.

And once the headboard is secured in place, you can lower the head of the adjustable frame into a flat position. Once again do a final round check-up that has at least 1.5 to 2 inches of space between the base and the headboard. This will ensure that your wall will be safe.

Buy brackets

You might be confused about this term if your headboard or adjustable bed base don’t have the bracket kit. But it’s not a major problem. You can easily buy a bracket kit from the manufacturer. 

Simply request them to provide both headboard and footboard brackets to complete the bed set. Or if you decide to buy the brackets from a separate manufacturer as a spare kit, you need to have your measurements in place.

Always double check your measurements, mainly the width of the screws from each other and the inches up from the floor. Also, make sure to check the instructions to see which type of bracket is compatible with the headboard and once you know what you buy, you can easily buy them separately.

A general headboard bracket kit will include bracket channels, headboard bracket flanges, and also comes with a hardware package that includes nuts, washers, and bolts to help you attach the headboard bracket to the base.

But you need to know the fact that a headboard bracket kit will not include the bolts that are required to attach the headboard itself (they will come with the headboard generally). So, you should check the specs to make sure the diameter of headboard bolts match with the holes in the headboard bracket.



Attaching the headboard to an adjustable bed base is one of the best ways to light up the room. As per our judgement, all modern headboards can be paired with your adjustable bed base. But you may also need to purchase additional brackets channels and make sure you fill the gap between headboard and mattress.

Some headboard designs can be bulky and can take up a huge space in your bedroom. So, if you are short on space, then it might be a good option to go for slim and sleep designs which will help you save a lot of space in your bedroom.

A headboard is a great option to enhance the beauty of the bedroom and also helps to keep you comfortable and improves the quality of your life. But remember there is no right way or wrong way to design and decorate a bedroom.

What matters the most is your comfortability and your sleep schedule and we never want you to sacrifice anything in return for a good quality sleep.

With that being said, we hope you gained some insights about attaching a headboard to the bed frame, and with that, we will get going.


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