Solve Gap Problem Between Headboard And Mattress

Solve Gap Problem Between Headboard And Mattress


What's the most annoying thing in the world? 

It’s waking up in the dead of the night to adjust your head which sneakily slips into the cheeky little gap between your mattress and the headboard. Or maybe you just wake up now and then to adjust your pillow and prevent it from slipping into the gap between your mattress and the headboard.

What’s worse than that?

Damn! Your phones falling into the gap! Frustrating, right?

So, why is there a gap between your mattress and the headboard in the first place? 

This happens when the mattress is smaller than the headboard frame, which leads to an annoying gap between the two. Maybe you have brought a new mattress or a new headboard, but it’s not the perfect match and hence is causing the problem.

So, why do companies prepare mattresses or headboards that do not adapt well to each other’s size and length? Although many mattresses do come with a standard size, companies that prepare or manufacture headboard frames just don’t care about the right size and prepare something out of the box.

People do misunderstand the intentions and buy headboards just based on the design and comfortability, completely forgetting about the size and the fitness of the headboard. In this guide, we will discuss various situations to get rid of the issue.

Be it just an annoying situation wherein your head keeps slipping between the gap or a serious situation involving your child, continue reading to find the ultimate solution for the problem.

What is the gap problem and why should you solve it?


A headboard is something that improves the decor of the room while giving vertical interest to the bed. It is the support factor of the mattress and vice versa. If it fails to serve the purpose, the mattress will fail its purpose, too.

But, when the headboard is not quite fitting in with the mattress, the result would be a gap between the two. Not only is the gap frustrating and unsightly, but can also cause problems like your pillows or mobile phones or any other tiny materials falling into the gap.

The pitfalls are already a good enough reason to fix the gap between the mattress and the headboard. But the hazardous part of the gap is not discussed yet! The gap between mattress and headboard is a silent killer! It can cause your arm or hair to get pinched causing unbearable pain.

It can also be a potential danger for your kids as they can get their heads or neck stuck in the gap. According to a study, most of the kids’ death was associated with positional asphyxia caused due to wedging between the mattress and the wall or the headboard! 

So, no matter what, a gap between a mattress and a headboard is an uncomfortable and often dangerous situation that needs an immediate fix. Thus, how do you fix the situation?

Keep scrolling to read the 5 easy ways to fill the gap.

5 easy ways to fill the gap between headboard and mattress


Reposition the headboard

This is a vital step that needs to be done before moving into the next best ways to fill the gap. 

Inspect the area between your bed frame and the mattress to make sure there are no objects that are causing the gap. Maybe something like your child’s toy can be wedged between your bed frame and the mattress, causing a gap.

If that’s the case, you can simply remove your mattress from the bed and take the culprit from the place, before putting back your mattress into the place and that will solve the problem! But if that’s not the case, here are the further steps. 

The gap you are experiencing can be caused due to the improper positioning of your foundation. You can fix this problem by standing at the lower part of your bed and then pushing the box spring (or any kind of the foundation that you can push) until the box spring or the foundation of the bed comes into contact with the headboard.

In most cases, the gap between the mattress and the headboard is filled with this simple trick of positioning the foundation properly. 

Okay, let’s say you tried both the suggestions but couldn’t fix the problem. In that case, the problem might be with the position of the headboard.

The solution for this issue is to remove the foundation of the bed and the mattress. The protruding edge of the bed frame can be causing the gap by hitting the headboard. (If your headboard is attached to the bed frame). Dismantle your bedframe from the middle to widen the bedframe.

Adjust the bed frame, place the hook into the groove, now push the frame firmly against the headboard. Put back the box spring and the mattress on the frame in a way that both are properly connected with the headboard.

Apply the gap fillers

Gaps between headboards and mattresses are a common problem which is why gap-filling products are sold in the marketplace. But there are two special products and they can solve the problem at hand better. So, here’s a complete breakdown:

1. Pillowstops - Pillowstops are slender boards that are specifically designed to fill the gap between the mattress and the headboard. Pillowstops are unlike wood boards because they are cushioned and upholstered for more decorative touch which is not available with a wood board.

If you care about the look and the aesthetics of your bed and the bedroom, you must go for pillow stops, as they can be customized to match the upholstery and colour of your headboard and even the footboard. But if you are not a fan of looks and aesthetics and just want to fix the issue, then pillow stops can be an expensive option, hence you can go for a cost-effective option like wood boards.

2. Wood boards - Wood boards are a simpler alternative to pillow stops and can be easily purchased at hardware stores. Wood boards are available according to your specs, so you need not have cut them. But, if that option is unavailable, you can simply cut the wood boards to match the space between the bed and the headboard.

Cut according to the specs and measurements and then fit the board under the headboard. Simple yet effective strategy (You can also consider painting the wood board if you want it to match the colour of your bed frame).

Be creative with decorative pillows

Although blocking the gap with pillows is not a permanent solution for filling the gap between the headboard and the mattress, being creative with the best, aesthetically pleasing pillows can not only temporarily fix the problem but can also make your bedroom look more pleasant and eye-pleasing. 

Additionally, it helps to block the space and prevent the pillows from getting wedged between the gap. Just make sure to have big enough pillows that can rest in the gap without actually falling into the gap themselves.

If you care about the beauty of your bedroom, make sure to buy pillows that look elegant and acquire the place just like they are placed there to increase the aesthetics and not to simply close the gap. A better option than pillows would be to buy wooden boards, expanding foam or pillow stops which can be a costlier alternative but better when compared to stacking pillows which can get dirty very quickly and need constant care and washing.

Placing decorative pillows which look large and pretty is still a seamless and preferred option. It serves both the purposes of decorating a bed and thereby filling in the gap.

You can surely take inspiration from Pinterest and try different ways and methods to overcome the problem. It goes without saying, ‘attraction and aesthetics with convenience.’

Buy a new headboard

As we mentioned in the first step, if your headboards are adjustable, then you can just unscrew the bolts of your headboard, reposition it and tighten up the bolts. But if that’s not the case, and the other two options (mentioned above) also seem not so effective, the only option there would be to buy a new headboard.

Of course, one can choose to opt-out of headboards and simply live without them but if you are someone who gives a dime about the luxury and look of your bedroom, then headboards are not an option to opt-out of.

Imagine a cosy and comfortable headboard in place of a bare wall. Doesn’t that look more mesmerising? If you align with these thoughts, please have a look at our best headboard choices:

1. 9 Panel headboard - A sumptuous 9-panel headboard that gives you snuggles and hugs after a stressful day at work. Our 9-panel headboard is hand-crafted by artisans who reside in the heart of Britain. This headboard is promised to bring a luxury look along with an unmatched comfort level.

Please make sure to visit the site for more details and the prize. We are sure you will fall for it in the first go!

2. Chesterfield Winged headboard - Your private space can be designed with our best chesterfield winged headboard, giving you the contemporary as well as classic look and feel. Being the most opted for headboard, this features the luxury but a private and serene aura that is just unparallel to any other headboard design. Just make sure to visit the website and make the best choice for yourself and your private space.

Buy a new mattress

And ultimately buying a new mattress is our last option. Yes, this can be a huge and daunting decision, but it is better to buy a new mattress than lose your sleep for the next few years, isn’t it?

So, why a new mattress?

If the mattress that you own is one of the bunk beds and the bed frame you have is an extra-long twin, or if your mattress is queen size but the bed frame you have brought is specifically designed for a full-size bed, then a gap will be inevitable. Mattresses come in standard sizes and hence you have to go for a specific standard-sized mattress to go along with your headboard.

So, if you figure out that your mattress is the wrong size for your headboard, you might want to consider investing in a new mattress altogether. Confused about what type of mattress you should choose?

Head over to to make your next best decision!


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