Should You Flip Your Mattress?

Should You Flip Your Mattress?


For centuries, the mattress industry's standard recommendation was to rotate and turn the mattress regularly to help extend its life and increase comfort. However, due to changes in the design of current mattresses, this advice is no longer valid as many modern-day mattresses are designed in a way that flipping them can eventually damage them. Should you flip or rotate your mattress in the twenty-first century?

The answer is contingent on the design of your particular mattress. In general, most of the mattresses have to be and should be rotated regularly rather than being flipped. In the days before foam mattresses, flipping your innerspring bed was the norm. By flipping and rotating your mattress, you may extend its life and help it wear down evenly over time.

That information is no longer applicable with today's foam mattresses, which come folded in a package at your front door. Many of these new mattresses have only one layer of foam on one side, which means that that side must constantly be up.

 We'll go over the basics of rotating or turning mattresses, as well as how doing so regularly may help prolong the life of a mattress.

Difference Between Rotating & Flipping a Mattress


Flipping a mattress is similar to flipping a pancake in that the side facing the floor is turned around to face the ceiling. What used to be at the top is now at the bottom, and vice versa.

On the other hand, moving the mattress 180 degrees on its imaginary central axis is akin to turning the knob on a stove. What was formerly at the head of your bed has now moved to the foot, and vice versa. Flipping the mattress is typically the best option (in addition to turning it). This is true since you are only sleeping on one of the mattress's surfaces when you rotate it. When you flip a mattress, you utilize the opposing side. This helps to extend the life of your mattress even further.

Good Practice of Flipping The Mattress


A mattress should be flipped regularly. It's difficult to do on your own, especially if the weight is heavy, so enlist help. Also, doing it all above can break it, so it’s rather better to take help from someone. The pressure while lifting should be the same on both sides and it should be the first rotated to 180 degrees, which means the area where you lay your head now comes at the place where you used to put your legs. After rotating it 180 degrees, the mattress should then be flipped slowly.

You'll only have to flip your mattress once if it's double-sided. If you're not sure if your mattress is single-sided or double-sided, check the mattress label or the care instruction booklet. Everything should be mentioned in the guide along with the time interval at which you should flip your mattress.

Why Flip the Mattress?


If you sleep in the same spot for months on end, you may notice a few dents in your mattress.

You may have uneven mattress wear and a disturbed night's sleep if you continue to sleep on that side.

Because your mattress is no longer subjected to the same pressure areas, the fresh surface that comes with flipping is intended to help extend the life of your mattress.

Mattress flipping may improve sleep quality and help those with back issues, as well as potentially improve your financial situation as you would not have to buy a mattress again over a very short time. Flipping simply increases the life of your mattress, giving you more comfort and peaceful sleep at night.

How Often to Flip The Mattress?


Unexpectedly, no research on the best flipping schedule has been done till now. Most mattress manufacturers, on the other hand, advise rotating and flipping your mattress every 3 to 6 months. Of course, if you think there is a need to do this even before, you may do it on a more frequent basis.

When it comes to rotating your mattress, there are many different points of view. Once or twice a year, memory foam and latex mattresses, for example, should be changed. Older innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, should be changed every 2 to 5 years.

Regardless of how often you do it, make an effort to be consistent for the best results.

How to Flip the Mattress?

It's best to flip and rotate your mattress at the same time because flippable mattresses can typically be rotated as well. To turn and rotate your mattress without destroying it, follow the procedures below.

  • Remove your duvet, pillows, and sheets, as well as any close-by furniture. Make proper space so that the mattress doesn’t strike any of the nearby objects.
  • You can utilize the turning handles on your mattress if it has them. Many mattresses nowadays have handles in them to even more ease the process of flipping the mattress. These handles are placed accordingly so that the pressure while lifting is equal and it does not get torn from any place. It is thus recommended to use these handles if you have them in your mattress.
  • To rotate your mattress, turn it 180 degrees from the head to the foot of your bed. This has to be done before flipping your mattress as if you simply flip your mattress without rotating it, your mattress may get pressed from one end and fine from the other end. As the pressure is only in one place from both sides, giving your mattress a bumpy and uneven look. 
  • To flip your mattress, lift it onto its side and set it on the other side. This way you will be able to flip the mattress without actually putting in a lot of your energy. It is like simply pulling and sliding it over the other end.
  • Vacuum your mattress every time you are planning to flip the mattress. Cleaning the mattress is very important as a clean mattress leads to a clean and healthy life. Sleeping on a dirty mattress is not a good practice as it can not only harm the mattress, resulting in its wearing but can also cause harm to your bed.

Types of Mattresses That Should Not Be Flipped

Innerspring mattresses without pillow tops should be flipped regularly to maintain support and reduce outwear. By turning the bed, you may avoid overuse in particular places. Some types of mattresses, however, should not be turned as they can cause damage to the mattress itself and some mattresses are probably not designed to be flipped. Below we have discussed the mattresses that should not be flipped.

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses should not be flipped unless they are dual-sided since they have a unique structure and are uncomfortable when flipped. These mattresses often have a memory foam comfort layer and a firm poly-foam core.

You're more likely to wake up with aches and pains if you sleep on the core of a memory foam mattress. It's also worth mentioning that many memory foam mattresses come with sleep technologies that, if not used appropriately, will not help you sleep better.Regular mattress rotation is desirable, but flipping one of these beds might cause irreversible damage. It is therefore important to analyze whether or not your mattress is dual-sided or not.

2. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses have a comfort layer that is at least 2 inches thick and a coiled support layer. Because of the number of components employed, hybrid mattresses are heavier than other mattress types. Flipping this mattress might damage the comfort layers and cause the innerspring coils to droop too soon. In addition, resting directly on the support layer may cause the coils to protrude through the cover, resulting in pressure points. It is generally not recommended to flip a hybrid mattress because of its complex structure and delicate design.

3. Latex

Latex mattresses can be flipped without difficulty, but they don't have to be because they're so durable that signs of wear and tear can take a decade or more to surface. Some latex mattress types include interchangeable latex layers that can be replaced out to vary the feel of the mattress, but they can also be swapped out to extend the mattress's life.If you want to flip your latex mattress, you should first check with the manufacturer. This mattress type should be able to get away with only rotating it. Flipping this type of mattress is not a necessary practice to be performed.

Tips to Flip a Heavy Mattress

Is your mattress a flippable type mattress, but is bulky to be flipped? Here are some pointers on how to turn a hefty mattress over:

  • Don't flip it over on your own! Always get someone to help you
  • Use the mattress turning handles
  • Not only should you turn your mattress, but you should also rotate it from end to end.
  • You can always rotate your mattress one day before flipping it over the next.


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