What are the best materials for headboards? Here is everything you need to know!

What are the best materials for headboards? Here is everything you need to know!


Are you planning to buy a beautiful and cosy headboard for your bedroom? 

If you are facing situations like your pillows falling off the bed, and cleaning your headboard becoming a nuisance more than an enjoyable process, maybe it's high time you consider buying a new headboard to ease the situation. But before that, you need to read this guide to prevent the mistake you committed the last time you bought your headboard!

Why do we say that cleaning a headboard should not be a chore anymore? Because there are certain headboard materials that make your cleaning process feel more like a sports activity rather than an irritating task that you keep doing on Sunday's! 

Thus, we have taken an extra step to ensure that you will find more about different materials that the headboards are manufactured with and hence can make a buying decision that will aid your sleeping process while giving you ease of mind.

Headboards – Overview


Before we take a ride into knowing about the materials of headboards, let's first understand what headboards are. A simple definition of a headboard can be that it is a piece of furniture that you find at the head of a bed. 

We understand that many of you love to style your beds with so much attention to detail and give a lot of care and attention to the headboard details, design and structure. And as headboards come in various sizes as per your bed size, it can be quite overwhelming to make the perfect decision. 

However, in this guide, you will learn about the different types of materials used while manufacturing a headboard and thus will help you to decide the best headboard that will go very well with your room, the mood, look and feel.

But before that let us take a look at the advantages of headboards. Headboards do have many benefits, some of which are listed below.

Gives a different look to your room – If you are shifting into a new house or re-doing your existing room, you may need to change the whole setup of your bed, for which a new headboard can be bought to increase the look and also the comfort and cosiness of the room with minimal efforts.

Can give you a comfy feel during winters – Maybe you live in a country that doesn't see the face of the sun constantly. You may have experienced cold chills when you lay your back against cold walls. Hence buying a headboard is a great option that will provide you with warmth and comfort while you sit up in bed. 

Provides good backrest support especially when you like to sit propping your back against the wall – Backrest is something you will get when you have a headboard, thus when you want to have your breakfast in bed, you can rest against the headboard that will support your back to keep it straight and aids you to be comfortable.

Keeps bedding in place – If you have problems such as falling pillows or if your bedding keeps sliding out of place, having a headboard can easily solve your problem. Headboards act as a barrier against the bed and the wall and give the pillows and the bedding good support so that the sleeping process is not disturbed.

Choosing the perfect headboard fabric


When the time comes to choose your first or next headboard, there are certain points that you need to remember. Choosing a piece of fabric for your headboard can extinguish the creative cells in your brain because there are so many options available. Different fabrics, styles, and colours can take you ages to finalise, but you need not worry about that. We have curated some points below for you to ease your buying process.

  1. Padding – If you are looking to get the right amount of comfort, then choose the right amount of padding. The right amount of padding means the perfect support to the back to keep the back straight.
  1. Size – Your fabric headboard should always be in proportion to the size of your bed. The headboard should not be smaller than the size of your bed. If it is of the wrong size, it can cause a gap between the headboard and the bed and cause hazardous problems to kids. But if it is a wall-mounted headboard, it does not have to match the size of your bed.
  1. Headboard type – There are three types of headboards namely headboards with struts, wall-mounted headboards, and floor standing headboards. A headboard with struts is attached to your bed and moves along when the bed moves. Wall-mounted headboards are attached to the wall, and floor standing headboards are attached to the bed and the floor.
  1. Colours – Choose complementary colours. The colour should go with your interior bedroom decor. You can also go for a colour that stands out or a colour that blends in, ultimately it's your choice. But, try to choose the colours that will complement the bed base/frame.
  1. Free Swatch - What is a Swatch? A swatch is like a fabric sample where you can compare the exact colour and feel of the fabric with your bedroom aesthetics before you even decide to purchase the material. This is one of the best options before you confirm on a fabric. Here at Crafted Beds, we offer you a free swatch to try out so that it helps you to make a better and accurate decision before making a purchase anywhere.
  1. Choose made-to-order – One way of getting what you want is by contacting companies that make custom designs for you as per your taste and desire. Some companies offer this service where they design as per the fabric you want. Since this is tailormade, it will be at a level of quality much better than the level you get from a factory manufacturing in mass production.
  1. Delivery – Opt-in to get the headboard delivered to your home or get it in the store, whatever feels more comfortable to you. But, we would recommend that you do check our website for a better idea about headboards.

Once you have decided on the above, it is time to choose the fabric for your headboard. Think it up well and make your choice the best. If you are confused, please continue the read to learn about the different types of fabric headboard types and their specifics. 

Linen headboard

One fabric that you cannot miss out on is Linen. Linen is an environmentally friendly material that is good for your headboard as it keeps it smooth and is an organic material that helps the headboard to breathe freely. Linen headboards can come in three different types – 

  • Soft Linen – They have a luxurious feel and are good long-lasting fabric.
  • Texture Linen – They are perfect for headboards that have a natural finish to them.
  • Brushed Linen – They have a soft feel and have acquired the number one position in the marketplace.

Velvet headboard

Velvet is one of the many choices for various people when it comes to upholstering a headboard. A velvet headboard can give an instant classy or royal look to your room as soon as you step in. Velvet is a material that is classified as 'class' so why not have it in your room?

Pros of having a velvet headboard are its soft feel and deluxe look. They are durable and can last for many months and years to come. Amazing, right?

One disadvantage of choosing a velvet headboard is that when compared with other fabrics, this fabric is a bit harder to clean and maintain. You need to be extra careful when cleaning this fabric as it can wear and tear easily when not properly attended to.

Faux leather headboard

The Faux leather headboard is a good option for headboards as it is antimicrobial, can be waterproof, and is also fire retardant. Cleaning a faux leather headboard is much easier and faster and requires low levels of looking after, although it is necessary to clean it once every week. Cleaning a proper leather headboard would require more care, however for a faux leather headboard; a normal damp cloth would be sufficient. These headboards are long-lasting and come in different shades of colour for you to choose from.

But the one disadvantage of this type of headboard is that when compared with real leather, this wears off faster. It is prone to get torn easily and will not have the same look after some time. Another con is that when compared with a linen headboard, these types are unable to breathe air freely and may not have the required allergenic qualities that you would find in a headboard of pure leather. Find out more here.

Tufted headboard

A tufted headboard is a type of headboard which is covered by fabric and set to the back of the headboard by several buttons like closures. These are usually fitted in the form of a vertical or horizontal pattern. Normally you would find these patterns on sofas.

The advantage of having a fitting of this type is that you can fix in any type of fabric according to your taste and a style that suits and complements the background of your room. You can choose any colour that you like. People can choose darker colours to add a dark theme and make their bed stand out or they can use subtle and plain colours to blend it with the colours of the furniture in the room.

You also can conduct a Do-It-Yourself tufted headboard. An example with a method is demonstrated here. 

Is there any fabric to avoid?


There are certain fabric materials that you must avoid as they are non-durable and can wear and tear easily. Fabrics such as satin or silk may not last long and are very fragile for use. 

Top picks from Crafted Beds


As you are now reading this on our site, we bring you a variety of cheap headboards for you to choose from. We have a classification where we give you options for all the different sizes of headboards along with the different colour shades we offer. Apart from headboards, we also have a wide range of mattresses, thus if you want to get a full set of a headboard along with a mattress of your choice, you have come to the one-stop shop to make your dream a reality.

Concerning headboards, Crafted Beds has different types of headboards such as Panel, Studded, Cube, Hatton, Lina, and Chesterfield Winged. Varying in sizes from 3'0 to 6'0, you can choose what suits you best at a price rate too good for the quality offered.


In short, you need to make your decision for your first or next headboard considering the responsibility and individual preference. Choose the fabric that you are comfortable with and make sure that it matches with your requirement of the room along with its use which can be either for a backrest or just for a good look.

Keep in mind that leather headboards need regular maintenance and cleaning them is very important. Along with this, also take the value of money that you are to get with your purchase. Finally, whatever option you choose, get it fixed in a way that won’t require changing or alteration for a long time. 


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