Why Are Bed Headboards So Expensive?

Why Are Bed Headboards So Expensive?


Why should a piece of sophisticated and decorative furniture cost $1000 or even more (depending on the customizations like size, materials and decorations)?

Well, your guesses are right. We are speaking about headboards. 

And your question is legitimate because headboards are the basic component of a bed and are often considered an essential decorative piece of furniture, but why empty your pocket on something so simple?

We all get these questions at some point during our lives (or precisely at some point during our bedroom decoration process). So, we are here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease concerning headboards. 

Headboards are more than a decorative piece of furniture but are usually known to only improve the aesthetics of the room. According to our research, studies and personal opinions, headboards are expensive, true, but for legitimate reasons that make them special and worth every penny!

Since headboards come with myriad benefits like protecting the walls from stains and damage, helps stack the pillows in place, provides maximum back support, and also offers to improve the aesthetics of the room, this is no means we can consider headboards as just a piece of furniture used for aesthetic purposes.

As we dig deeper into the topic of headboards, we can understand their amazing contribution to functionality purposes that justifies why headboards are an unremarkable long-term investment and not something to be considered as a wrong investment.

Although headboards are made of real wood, good-quality leather or an expensive metal which contributes to its high price range, one can still find headboards with reasonable price tags. At Crafted Beds, we offer premium quality headboards for the most competitive prices.

Since there are so many practical reasons to buy a headboard, keep surfing the article to better understand why headboards are expensive and why they are worth the price.

Why are headboards so expensive?


Not every bed needs headboards but, the headboard prices are soaring high by the end of each passing day and that’s because even though you may think you do not need one in your room if you consider buying one, you are all set for both comfortability and the looks of your bed and the bedroom.

And here are a few other reasons why you should consider buying a headboard -

  • Since some headboards come with built-in storage, they provide extra space to store special belongings like books, candles and maybe your favourite toys. Who doesn’t need additional storage in 2021?
  • Depending on the material, headboards allow an easier cleaning process and thereby can last longer without losing their sheen.
  • Headboards make the room feel cosier through colour, theme and a superior comfortability factor.
  • Headboards help regulate the temperature and help temperature sensitive sleepers to have a peaceful night sleep.

So, all the above points prove that headboards are not just a piece of a luxury item but are also a piece of furniture which offers many other benefits. Adding to the comfortability and better sleep quality, they substitute their high price ranges and show us why they are worth the pounds.

Now, let’s move to the next section and deep dive into 5 unique points that explain the importance of headboards.

Headboards protect walls

Headboards act as a protective barrier between the bed and the wall. It’s way easier to clean a headboard rather than an oil-stained wall! 

Ex - Imagine you forgot that you just had an oil massage to your hair and propped against your beautiful wall to read a book.


The frustration of getting the oil on the wall is real. And the cleaning process is another irritating process. Headboards are a great solution, which eliminates such blenders and also aids to reduce the wear and tear experienced by your bedroom walls over time.

We all know that repairing or re-painting a wall is a huge investment and nobody wants to do their wall repairs and repainting frequently. 

So, why not invest in a good headboard that saves your pocket from future wall repairs?

As we mentioned, it is easier to clean a headboard from stains when compared to cleaning a wall accumulated with a stain, as it requires deep cleaning. So, once again headboards are time savers and also our little lifesavers.

If you love to have your breakfast or snack in the comfort of your bed, headboards can prevent major blunders like your food stains and grease from coming in close contact with the wall.

Of course, we might say we can be careful but when things happen we are unsure and with kids around us, stains and messes are sure to occur. So, it is always a better idea to buy a headboard to protect your wall and grant them a long life!

Headboards keep your pillows in place

Are you waking up constantly during the middle of the night to collect your fallen pillows? Or is your sleep disturbed by your pillows sliding into the gap between the bed and the wall or sliding to the side of the bed?

Beds that do not have headboards fitted behind them is the culprit for this particular problem. It is the reason why your pillows won’t stay in place. 

To prevent your pillows from falling behind your bed, a headboard is an effective preventive measure. It supports the pillows and helps them be in place, as a result, you can have a peaceful night sleep.

Of course, there is no need for a headboard for a bed with an adjacent wall, but still when a headboard can prevent your cute little pillows from sneaking into the cervix behind the bed and helps you to stack your pillow against the headboard when not in use, why not consider buying one for your bedroom?

So, headboards are your new pillow-savers!

They provide back support

Who doesn’t want to spend a few good hours, either watching a Netflix movie or just flipping through their favourite magazine, on their comfortable little corner of the bed?

It is difficult to suppress the urge of lounging on your beds on a Sunday morning, eating your favourite breakfast or on a Saturday night, pulling an all-nighter, enjoying your snacks, while binging on your favourite series. 

But the only disadvantage of this comfortable, dreamy situation is that sitting on the bed, without proper back support, for hours together can strain your muscles on your back and can cause backaches or pains or even potential long-term problems if not addressed in time.

Through our research, we observed that when sitting in bed for long hours, without proper back support, the potential problems one can experience range from stiffness in the back and neck to upper back pain as well as lower back pain.

Thankfully, this situation can be successfully prevented by using a good headboard which will not only allow you to sit on the bed for long hours but will also ease your strained muscles and provides the needed back support.

Be it work from bed scenario or a binge-watch marathon, you can rest assured that a headboard has your back!

A headboard not only provides you stability but also straightens your back posture and thereby prevents and alleviates any back strain one might be experiencing.

This is one of the best reasons why you must invest in a good, comfortable and supportive headboard, because, after all, it’s not just a luxury item that only serves the purpose of increasing the aesthetics of the room, right?

Upholstery material

The price of headboards depends on the type of the headboard along with the material used, design and the trend. And if you are curious to know which headboard is the most expensive, the answer is an upholstered headboard.

They are the most popular headboard types which make these headboards the most expensive types in the market. Also, one of the major contributors to the price tag of the upholstered headboards is the upholstery material, which is chic, trendy and is available in a variety of different designs to support your style and theme.

Headboards made out of microfiber, linen or velvet as an upholstery fabric makes the headboard expensive as the fabrics used are expensive. 

So, if you are planning to get a custom made upholstered headboard made of any of the above-mentioned fabrics, you have to consider spending more than the usual and the standard rates.

Leather as an upholstered material for headboards is far more expensive than what we mentioned above. 

If you are looking for pure leather material for your upholstered headboards, then you must not think about a low or a normal budget range. Because these types of upholstered beds are the most expensive in the market.

Customization and size

Headboards are expensive depending on the size and the customization which may be dependent on an individual’s preference. To give a general explanation, an oversized headboard can be more expensive when compared to double-sided or single-sized headboards. 

So generally speaking, the price of the headboard increases as the size of the headboard increases. For a better understanding of the headboard sizes, you can refer to this guide.

One more thing that adds to the expensive tag is customization. Of course, most of us would like a headboard that goes extremely well with our current theme or a new theme, style and luxury, classic or traditional and rustic look of the bedroom.

The individual taste, along with the bedroom’s design, decor and theme, plays a vital role in the selection of a headboard. So, the process of customization is different and difficult when compared to buying a normal or general headboard that is easily available in the market.

When the customer wants their headboard to be customized, the company has to take care of certain things, and the customization should be done precisely to meet the needs and requirements of the customer while providing 100% satisfaction.

So, the process costs time, effort and also the use of high-end materials according to customer’s demands. This altogether adds to the price chart and makes the headboard an expensive option for consumers.

But one can completely skip this part and go for headboards that are already made to fulfil your requirements and also come with reasonable pricing. You can check our website to get more ideas about these headboards, and we promise you will not be disappointed!

How much should you spend on headboards?


The standard price of headboards in the market is anywhere between $150 to $700. And yes, any headboard within this price range can be considered as a good-quality headboard that also comes in your preferred size.

But, if you are looking for a headboard that is oversized with exotic designs and is made with top-notch quality materials, this will reflect on the bill, and you may be expected to spend more than $1000.

One more thing to add is that some customized headboards which are designed by reputed brands through reputable interior designers and are combined with brands high-quality materials can bring you a bill of a whopping $10,000 or more!

But if you want to listen to our headboard experts at Craftedbed.co.uk, we suggest you keep the price between $150 to $1000 and not anything more than the recommended price. 

Why? Because headboards are a piece of furniture that increase the aesthetics of the room while improving the comfortability of a sleeper in most ways.

But spending more on headboards means that you will lose the flexibility to go for new designs and trends as you have already spent so much on your previous headboard.

So, if you have made up your mind to go for affordable headboards it is a good choice.



As we have summarised above, several reasons contribute to the price of a headboard. Headboards are also expensive because they serve dual purposes like functionality and aesthetics. They help to provide back support to the sleeper while also helping the room get a stunning, luxurious look.

So, we can justify why headboards are expensive. But that doesn’t mean that people within budgets cannot afford a better headboard. 

Even though many headboards are considered expensive, there are still cheaper options that you can find in the markets that contribute well to the beauty of your rooms while also drastically improving the quality of your sleep.

So, whether you are looking for a headboard to improve the comfortability of the bed or just want to improve the appearance of your bed and the bedroom, buying a headboard is a great option and is a great investment that will refine the look of your bedroom.

Headboards are a worth considering money investment option.


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