Complete Guide For Bed Bases

Complete Guide For Bed Bases


When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, everyone wants what's best for them. You need a perfect night’s sleep to measure a healthy and productive life. And what's an essential factor to a peaceful night of sleep? A great mattress.

Having a great mattress is key to getting better rest, but did you know that what goes under your mattress plays just as important a role as your mattress itself?  

So, you may want to think about putting your bed on a base for the most uncomplicated sleep experience.

The foundation of your home is what keeps it standing strong and tall. A mattress base serves an equivalent purpose, meaning it keeps you and your bed in good standing.

So let us first understand what exactly is a bed base and why should you buy one?

What is a bed base?


A bed base, also known as a bed foundation or a platform bed, supports your mattress and keeps it raised off the ground.

Have you ever wondered what makes your night sleep more comfortable without letting your mattress sag?

Yes, a bed base does precisely that!

A bed base is, indeed, the foundation for your mattress. In addition, it provides you with all the support you would like when you’re sleeping. A good bed base will improve your body posture and your sleep quality. 

Many mattresses are utilized in conjunction with a bed base. It is a raised bed frame designed to support a load of your mattress on its surface.

It’s useful if you don’t want to shop for a bedstead but to have your mattress raised off the bottom.

A good bed base also will enhance your bedroom design. In addition, adding a base may be an excellent way to upgrade your furniture and provide it with a rocking, classy finish.

Do I need a bed base?


Well, a very short answer for the question is No, you don’t need a bed base. But, are you willing to sacrifice your good health by not getting enough sleep?

A perfect bed base can make a lot of difference to your mattress. Pairing your new mattress with the best suitable bed base will ensure you'll get more benefits in terms of comfort and firmness out of your mattress.

However, if you still buy a bed base of poor quality, it can limit the benefits that your mattress can provide you. 

Hence, when buying a bed base, make sure that you buy a good quality one!

Now, you may be wondering how you can identify a good mattress, right? 

Firstly, a bed base should be strong enough to hold the weight of the mattress throughout the years without sagging or cracking. 

Some mattresses are heavier than others. If your bed base was constructed in an era where lighter mattresses were the norm, this base may simply not be strong enough for today's high-quality latex mattresses.

For your convenience, we have listed down the points that a good bed base should have:


The number one reason why you should invest in having a bed base is to have the support you need to boost sleep quality.

A good bed base will, of course, secure your mattress to provide optimal benefits such as firmness and comfort. Another thing is that a bed base should provide enough stability to prevent the mattress (or the person sleeping on it) from sliding down.

A bed base needs to be high-quality as the mattress on it and should support you and your partner’s weight.

A mattress, by itself, cannot support your body’s sleeping alignment. Therefore, you need a base to improve body support while you’re sleeping!


An important feature of a good bed base is better airflow. This is especially important to help deter mould growth in the warmth and humidity nowadays.

Besides maintaining excellent hygiene, proper air circulation also allows you to have a more relaxed and easier night's sleep. A slatted bed base is perfect for the simplest air circulation.

Slats are wood pieces that are laid across your bed frame to support the mattress. Many slats even come pre-connected, for easy setup. 

The slats are made to curve upward, so that it can easily bear the load of even the heaviest mattress without risk of sagging. An extra layer of spring on the slats will offer you a better level of comfort to your back. 

It also allows you to form reversible changes as required, like allowing you to pick a springier, softer base or platform for your bed once you are sick and return to a more rigid firmer feel once you are well again.

A well-aerated bed lets you sleep cooler and get more comfortable for a comfortable and peaceful sleep. If you can add springs and coils on your bed frame, it can add that extra - airflow you must be needing!

Collecting dust

Dust is an unfortunate part of our lives, and finding dust bunnies under the bed can be seriously gross. Due to dust, the flat surface underneath your mattress on the floor can become the home of moulds, bugs and infestations.

You wouldn’t want to sleep peacefully while knowing that there are piles of dust sitting under your bed, will you?

A bed base will let you access the space under your bed and clean the dust from each corner. Apart from that, if you have a cluttered bedroom, you can benefit from a bed base to store your necessities under it.

Types of bed bases


Finding the right bed base can be tricky. You may have found your dream mattress but then there is still a decision left to form.

You might be wondering about how you can get the best bed base to go with your mattress, right?  

This decision is as complicated as the mattress selection process. Before looking into the acquisition of a bed base, it’s important to first understand the difference between the kinds of bed bases.

Each bed base has its advantages and disadvantages, and while everyone has their preferences, it’s important to keep the below points in mind when considering your possible purchase.

We have prepared a base breakdown to help you decide what base will work best for you. Keep reading to know more about the types of bed bases:

Storage  beds

The best storage bases are adjustable. Adjustable bed bases are moveable and are used below the mattress. They lift your head and feet to offer you a cushiony posture when sitting. 

An adjustable bed base is also beneficial for the back and neck, as there is no direct pressure.

In all, they supply good support and good ventilation for the mattress, so it’s kept cleaner and hygienic.

Moreover, adjustable bed bases are the best choice for people having health or mobility issues, as it increases their comfort level. Thanks to advanced technologies, some companies manufacture these model pieces which can be controlled via Bluetooth, massaging features, and additional support.

Divan beds

Divans are one of the most popular styles of base. They are essentially an upholstered box, fitted with wheels for mobility or on legs to make space underneath.

These days there are many beautifully tailored and upholstered bases with matching headboards offered in a range of colours and fabrics.

Divans usually come in two sections which can sit side by side on your bedroom floor. It makes them the lightest and easiest to maneuver bed base on the market.

You can choose built-in storage beneath the mattress and the drawers on all four sides. You can also opt for extra-soft cushioning springs or firmer padding that are designed to enhance the feel of your mattress.

There are two main sorts of divan bed base:

    • Sprung edge divans:

Sprung edge divan bases are considered to be the most expensive with either open coil or pocket spring systems. They provide added support across the entire mattress. Sprung edge divans offer longer durability. 

These solid timber frames are finished with a shallow layer of open coil or pocket springs, which run the whole length of your bed, from edge to edge.

Sprung top divan beds increase the lifespan of your pocket sprung mattress. Ultimately, they're designed to melt the texture of your mattress.

    • Platform / Firm Top Divan:

If you’re thinking about a layer of padding for comfort, then you have yourself a divan bed base which offers a firmer, but no less comfortable sleep.

It's the better choice for those among you with a firmer mattress made without springs like latex or memory foam.

Ottoman beds

An ottoman bed base has a lifting lid that allows you to open and store your necessities under it. This type of bed base usually has a topped platform so that they do not contain springs. 

However, in small rooms or apartments, Ottomans can help release space and increase storage! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

There are many cheap low-quality ottomans out there and you would like to stay your wits about you to make sure it can lift your mattress and can last.

You need to be sure that whatever ottoman you select, the gas struts and construction materials will support the mattress you're using with it.  An amazing example of ottoman bed bases showing their proper usage is in flats or small apartments. 

Where room size may prohibit the utilization of drawers. It can also allow you to use the base for storage of spare bedding and other things!

Upholstered beds

An upholstered bed base is cheaper but still durable. This can prove to be a great option for you if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or if your budget is tight. Furthermore, these bed bases usually match your new mattress; for example, the base matches in colour and fabric.

Moreover, manufacturers recommend using the corresponding bed base with their mattress to ensure that the mattress stays for a longer duration of time. 

However, these bases aren’t the most pleasing furniture pieces. These bases come without a headboard. Therefore, you have to buy your own headboard if you choose to do so.

Furthermore, if you own a house with freshly done flooring, you might want to reconsider choosing an upholstered base, as its feet might easily scratch the floor.



When looking for a bed base, the first thing you should make sure of is if the base is pairing up and giving you the desired feel with your mattress. There might be various options that you may find good looking or well-suited, but make sure to list down your needs and then make a purchase. 

Your budget may dictate the type of base you select but it’s important to specialise because the bottom must be consistent. If the base is slatted, you may need to consider boarding over the slats. However, you might not find a lot of storage space if you opt for a slatted bed base. 

Ottoman bases can provide a huge space of storage and drawer options while divans can offer you places to store your bedding and towels. The storage options depend on how much you want to store.

The next and one of the most important things to consider while buying a bed base is the look of the interior. Style is given too much importance to modern interiors and you should consider this question: how will the base look?

You should keep in mind that sometimes it’s better to specialise in how the general bed will look once dressed. It may be better to put more effort into the design of the headboard.

Last but not the least, don’t forget that you need to replace your base as often as you replace a mattress. An old or mismatched base can have many effects on the comfort of your mattress as well as on your body.


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