What is an Ottoman Bed?

A tidy-looking bedroom with ample space for storage and looks that match the aesthetics that a person prefers is a different mood.

Do you agree? We all dream about having a specific type of bedroom for ourselves at some point. Be it a tiny bedroom or a big spacious one, the things that matter the most are:

  1. The design of the bedroom.

  2. The placement of certain things across the room.

  3. The style and lighting.

  4. The composure and serenity of the place.

But imagine the scenario where your bedroom is a wreck. The bedsheets and pillows are strewn across your bedroom floor, things crammed into the room, and the files are thrown here and there due to all the work from home.

Whether you are in small rooms and want a beautiful storage unit to store away certain things to free up space in your room, or maybe you want a more spacious bedroom in general, you need to consider 'Ottoman beds.'

Why Would I Want to Buy Ottoman Beds?

Now, you might be asking, "Why would I want to buy ottoman beds, and why not buy some cupboards and cabinets to stuff the extras away?" That's because cupboards and cabinets only serve one purpose: to fill up clothes, bedsheets, and files as time flies. What more? They demand more space in your already cluttered room.

So, why not choose a dual-purpose ottoman bed which serves you both as a bed and a beautiful storage unit and doesn't take up much of your precious space. Are you excited to learn more? Keep reading.

What Is an Ottoman Bed?

You now know that an ottoman bed is something that can solve your problem of decluttering and make your bedroom look spacious, even if it is small. Now, let's answer the most important question that might be running through your mind: "What is an ottoman bed?"

The Ottoman storage bed is simple yet sophisticated, with a built-in and hidden storage system placed behind the mattress. The bed comes with a gas-hydraulic lift system, which makes it easier to lift the bed from the foot-end or the side.

Also, unlike other bed frames, most ottoman beds with storage have no space underneath them. Instead, they have baseless features that seamlessly blend into your room's modern aesthetics and trends. 

Ottoman bed frames are both aesthetically pleasing and satisfy the functionality feature. Since they come accompanied by the built-in storage system, you can store away your bed sheets, pillows, and any seasonal extras well hidden within the bed.

And since the built-in storage system does not allow any dust particles to seep into it, your mattress and bed sheets or any extras you need to store away are clean the next time you open it (probably when some guests arrive).

If the place is a limited option for you or you are living in a small apartment with small bedrooms, this is the type of bed you need to opt for. It works as a sleeping bed and storage unit without letting others know it is a storage unit in the first place.

Doesn't it sound like a great idea? If your answer is Yes, and you want to know more about the ottoman bed storage space, like their origins, the features, the advantages, and the disadvantages of owning an ottoman bed, keep scrolling.

How Do the Ottoman Beds Lift?

As mentioned earlier, the ottoman bed use gas-lift hydraulics technology, which makes the process easier. A gas-lift bed frame uses hydraulic arms to allow you to easily pop open the entire underside of the bed in a similar way to how you open the hood of your car to inspect the engine.

This means the entire internal space of the ottoman bed frame is available for you to store things in. On the side Opening ottoman bed, you can easily access the items stored inside than if you use drawers or shove things under a platform bed.

Unlike the regular bed with no hidden built-up storage compartment system or beds with drawers, a gas-lift hydraulic bed makes it effortless to access things that you can store under the ottoman bed by making it smoother to pull the top of the bed entirely to the ceiling.

Like in drawers, you do not have to fumble across things that you have kept at the back of the drawer because ottoman beds allow you to see all the things you have stored clearly and allow extra storage space to arrange and rearrange things.

An ottoman bed frame is a bed with storage space underneath it. It differs from a divan bed because it includes a sprung slat for comfort and improved mattress longevity. Ottoman beds are perfect for small rooms because they don't take up extra space. Another advantage of an ottoman bed is that it protects your stored items from dust, insects, and spills.

So, overall the gas-lift hydraulic system in the ottoman beds makes it uncomplicated and faster to access the hidden storage unit and provides storage solutions altogether.

Origin of Ottoman Bed

According to Britannica.com, the ottoman was introduced by Turkey to Europe in the late 18th century, during the ottoman empire's rule, known for its gorgeous fabrics, colours, and tidy bedroom solution.

During the ottoman empire, ottomans (low cushion chairs without a back, arm, or headboard) were simple furniture pieces draped with fabrics and piled with cushions to take it to the next step, making them look and feel more luxurious and comfortable.

The ottoman name originated from the ottoman empire itself. According to Thesleepstation.co, "the ottoman empire was a long-running dynasty, ruling over huge swathes of the world for six hundred years!

They are responsible for inventing many pieces of important surgical equipment; they also pioneered and contributed to many art forms like calligraphy and ceramics."

From the ottoman empire to the ottoman beds and boxes, the ottoman furniture pieces have travelled along time. With the technology, the furniture and its aesthetics and functionality have increased, and it no longer remains just a piece of wood.

From simple designs to colourful and holistic features, you can look up to this furniture to make your bedroom tidy the look of your taste.

Ottoman Bed Sizes and Storage Mechanism

We will discuss the most common ottoman bed frames and how much storage space each frame has? So keep reading:

Foot-End Opening

Foot opening mechanisms in the storage beds work by allowing the bed to open from either the foot end or one side. There are two types of storage beds in this mechanism, they are:

Full Ottoman Bed

Full ottoman beds open till the headboard, meaning they are hinged till the headboard. This type of ottoman bed opens the foot of the bed to the ceiling, allowing you to have greater access across the storage unit.

  1. You will have more available storage space to store things.

  2. You will have complete access to how you arrange the things around the storage unit.


Although there are no significant disadvantages to consider, you can look over the below-mentioned disadvantages for your convenience.

  1. Since this bed has more storage units, it might be hard to assemble things around.

  2. And the second thing, with more space, ottoman bed comes more maintenance.

Half Ottoman Bed

A half ottoman bed doesn't open till the headboard since it is hinged in the middle of the bed. When you open this type of bed, it only opens halfway through. It's an excellent option for people with apartments that have slanted ceilings. Also, you can maximize the storage compartment of the bed by installing drawers across the space where the bed storage unit remains unused.

  1. Considering the half-opening system it provides, it is easier to set up.

  2. And the less space, the more convenient it is to access or assemble things.


Once again, there are no significant disadvantages other than that it provides less storage space which can be solved by installing drawers in the unutilized parts.

Ottoman Beds Side Opening

Side opening ottoman bed work by allowing the bed to open at one of the sides, giving you full access to the storage unit through one end. You can prefer the ottoman beds' side lift feature considering the space of your bedroom and the bed placement in your bedroom vicinity.

Why Should We Use an Ottoman Bed?

We are already through half of the article and have successfully learned many of the benefits of an ottoman bed, along with lightweight metal frames and robust fittings. Now let's discuss why should we use them.

The ottoman beds are designed in a great way to provide maximum support and comfort to your body. You can sleep peacefully without stressing about waking up with a sore body the next day.

But that is not the complete story. In this article section, let's discuss why we need an ottoman bed in our apartment.

Decluttering the Room

I know a fair number of people who cannot function when their space is all cluttered, unclean, and almost gives them anxiety. Also, an area filled with unwanted things or a room with files, kid's toys, or towels scattered across the floor reduces a person's productivity to a certain level, rendering them lazy.

With an ottoman storage bed in your room, you can declutter your bedroom space with minimal effort.

Large Storage Space

You can fill the extra storage space with all the towels, bedsheets, duvets, and pillows you occasionally use and tidy your space. You can also design the bedroom according to your interest to unwind after a long office day or even not have to worry about cleaning your room when you have a zoom meeting the next hour.

Helpful in Home Decoration

Ottoman storage beds are available in many colours, touches, and finishes that will suit your needs and requirements and your home aesthetics. With all the variety available in the markets, you can easily design your home's decor without much hassle.

Customize the standout bed and tweak it to meet your expectations. It's that easy.

How to Use an Ottoman Bed?

Now that we know all the reasons that make ottoman beds a necessity in our home, let's jump right into learning how to use them:

Pair the Ottoman Beds With a Mattress

Although the most emphasis is given to the hidden built-in storage unit of the ottoman beds, it is also worth noticing that these beds are meant to be used in a supportive and comfortable manner.

The bed's frame is vital in determining the overall comfortability, but the mattress also plays an important role. So, choosing a mattress for the bed must be done while considering specific factors like firmness and the material of the mattress. Also, you need to consider an allergen-free mattress if you are allergic to some materials.

The most recommended option is to buy a lighter mattress that goes well with the lifting mechanism and other things of the ottoman bed.

Use the Ottoman Bed in Smaller Rooms

Not to say that ottoman beds are not of much use in larger or spacious bedrooms, but these beds are specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller loft rooms and eliminate a cluttered space.

Enough space underneath the ottoman storage bed specially serves this purpose, and hence they can be utilized to store away things that are not needed right now. The sole purpose of the ottoman beds is to look pleasing, blending seamlessly into the surrounding while also providing you with a space-saving option.

So, if you are looking for a bed that fits the aesthetics of your apartment and also helps you make more space in the room, an ottoman bed is perfect for musing your tastes.

What Is the Difference Between Ottoman Beds and Divan Beds?

A divan bed and ottoman bed are both excellent for keeping stuff under the bed, but they have some subtle differences:

Storage Options

Ottoman/Storage beds are designed to provide a complete storage facility for your room. Unlike divan beds come with multiple options like drawers, ottoman storage, or even both.

Mattress Options

A divan bed comes as a complete package with the heavier mattress included, but the ottoman beds don't include mattresses. It is ideal for people who are looking for bed options, although if you want a lightweight mattress, you can buy it separately and get the most comfort out of your ottoman beds.

It is again recommended that you go for a lightweight mattress option as it will aid in the gas-lifting process, unlike heavier mattresses, which might cost you some effort to make a move, overall making it an unpleasant experience.


According to Mattressonline.co.uk "Ottoman bed frame include sprung slats, for enhanced comfort and improved mattress longevity. As the slats are slightly curved, they offer greater flexibility. So ottoman beds work harmoniously with the mattress to provide more gentle support. In comparison, ottoman divan beds include a platform top base and a firmer, more supportive surface for your mattress.

Space Required

Ottoman bed frames do not require a lot of space since the storage space is hidden, built-in, and doesn't need more space than the bed already consumes.

Also, you can lift the top of the ottoman bed, and the storage option is available inside the bed, unlike drawers you have to open at the sides of the bed, which might consume more space.

Whereas a divan bed is made to the same dimensions as a mattress, and hence they are more compact than an ottoman bed frame.

The Final Words

The ultimate goal of this article was to let you know about what is an ottoman bed, the advantages and disadvantages of an ottoman bed and the suitability it can provide you. This dual-effective bed will come with many benefits, as mentioned above, and has a history that can be remembered again. This historic piece of furniture has made our lives simple and has evolved a lot since the ottoman bed originated in Turkey.

If you have read the whole article, we know that your next big decision is to buy an ottoman bed that offers greater storage capacities and can bear maximum weight. Visit Crafted beds to find the best option.

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