The Complete Guide to Adjustable Air Mattresses

The Complete Guide to Adjustable Air Mattresses

"Looking for a better bed option to step up your sleep game? Maybe you are in search of a mattress that is softer and firmer at the same time, or you are looking for a compatible bed that helps to improve your couple goals (when your partner prefers a different comfort level than you but you don’t want to compromise). Then you need to consider an adjustable air mattress which comes with a lot of benefits like the ability to customize the bed. Adjustable air mattresses are rated as the best choice for comfort and support by Consumer Reports. So, it is a good option to consider. But many people struggle to understand the terminology surrounding this type of mattress. And hence, more information should be fed into the minds of the consumers to aid them to make a better decision when choosing a mattress. So, we have curated this wholesome guide to help you navigate your way across selecting the best mattress for you or your family.

What is an adjustable air mattress?

Adjustable air mattresses are mattresses that contain internal air chambers. These air chambers can be inflated or deflated with an electric pump according to your comfort level or firmness level. The number of internal air chambers varies from two to ten or more in select modes and also has anywhere from 20 to 100 possible settings. Adjustable air mattresses also come with the facility of remote controls or apps which are used to inflate and deflate the air in any selected area of the bed. The higher the number of settings, the more firmness of the bed. Adjustable air mattresses are all about adjustability and offer unprecedented levels of comfort, hence the name. These beds also offer a unique level of comfortability and thus please a wide variety of customers. In traditional beds, you have to choose between one comfort level, which is either extra softness or extra firmness. In adjustable air beds, you can switch between the level of softness and firmness due to the air chambers inside the mattress. The more air you fill into the air chambers, the more pressure and firmer sleep surface and so, the less air you fill, the softer sleep surface you get. What more? This bed comes with the dual firmness feature to fine-tune the firmness on each side of the bed according to your individual preferences.

How does an adjustable mattress work?

Adjustable air mattresses contain internal chambers instead of traditional support cores that are made of foam or spring. These internal chambers can be inflated or deflated via an electric pump which are mechanical pumps powered by electricity that stay plugged in and can be used non-stop to adjust the firmness of the bed. This standalone pump can be nestled under your bed or can be attached to the bed rails if you prefer to give a cleaner and better look to your bedroom. Beds with fewer internal chambers make it easy to customize the firmness of the mattress whereas adjustable mattresses with six or more chambers usually come with a zoned feature. The zone feature allows the bed owner to adjust the pressure levels in several areas. The number of chambers varies from two to ten or more. The settings range anywhere between twenty to a hundred.  The higher the settings, the firmer the mattress. And as we already mentioned earlier, the adjustable air mattress is available with the dual firmness feature which is much more preferred by couples. Under the dual firmness feature, you can customize each separate part of the bed as per your individual preferences so that neither of you has to compromise on the comfort levels. Of course, it takes a few rounds of trial and error, especially for people who are new to the ‘adjustable air mattress’ subject. But it’s not a tough job to adjust and re-adjust the position a few times when needed.

Why choose an adjustable air mattress?

The major advantage of an air mattress is the ability to make adjustments to the firmness of the bed by changing the air pressure. This means that the bed is suitable for any and every suitable position, be it on the back, on the stomach, or the side. According to research, one of the most viable factors for solid and non-disruptive sleep is the temperature (According to, the ideal temperature for sleeping is anywhere near 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.3 degrees Celsius) The surface you sleep on plays a critical role in adding warmth or cold to your body. And air mattresses have a huge advantage over other mattresses here because air mattresses are temperate neutral. The top layer can contribute to the difference in temperature, for example, the memory foam tends to fall under the ‘sleep hot’ department. One more advantage of air bed mattresses is that they absorb as well as isolate motion transfer, which is an added benefit for couples or sharing mattresses. This helps the other person to get undisrupted sleep, no matter how much the other person shifts or moves during sleep. As per our extensive research, air mattresses have an average lifespan of eight years, which is longer than expected durability. Other mattresses like memory foam and hybrid mattresses don’t offer this feature.

Best adjustable mattress for everyday use

According to, a custom-inflated or self-adjustable mattress is considered to be the best for quality and comfortable sleep and also spinal alignment. So, an air mattress is definitely a great choice for people struggling to get a quality sleep or even have back problems. Hence, here are our picks for the best adjustable mattresses for everyday use:
          • Solaire Mattress - The Solaire Mattress is a very comfortable air bed with foam support. It offers different firmness levels on each side and therefore, provides the best comfort to you. It also has various features with six comforting layers, including materials like Talalay latex and organic cotton.
          • Deluxe Raised Air Mattress - This mattress has a coil beam construction to give it a firm support with a  proper spinal alignment. Moreover, the Deluxe Raised Air Mattress has an amazing built-in pump that inflates the material in just 2 minutes. Its puncture-resistant PVC helps the mattress to stay durable and firm to last long. 
          • SoundAsleep Air Mattress - SoundAsleep Air mattress comes with a one-click pump that inflates in just 4 minutes. The mattress has 40 internal air coils to keep it firm and give it support. The plus point? It is made with eco-friendly PVC for longer durability.

Best luxury adjustable mattress

At a glance, lots of adjustable mattresses can look good, but there are only a few brands that would provide you with the best luxury adjustable mattress. Luxury mattresses can be pricey, but if you’re getting it according to your needs, they could be worth it. Here are some of the options for the Luxury Adjustable Mattresses for you:
          • Premium Adjustable Beds Comfort Craft 5500 - The  Comfort Craft 5500 is an amazing option to step up your classiness as it has around 50 firmness settings. It provides you with a removable pillow top encased in a knit material that is styled in a very unique way. This mattress is available in a few different sizes counting from twin to King. 
          • Personal Comfort A10 Bed - This luxury mattress has nine layers, air flow, air chambers and gel. It has 45 firmness settings on each side. This Comfort A10 Bed has been called luxurious due to its advanced settings control that can be used in any Apple or Android devices. 
          • Selectable Air-Pedic 600 - This luxury mattress has a gel-infused surface, six chambers and certified foam for support. It has an advanced button feature that allows you to control the heat, foot and the middle area of the bed accordingly to maintain a spinal alignment. This mattress is available in various sizes, including a split version that makes it easy for you to maintain the left and right side separately.

How to inflate an air mattress?

Reading the article, you now have a thorough understanding of adjustable air mattresses and their uses. But what most articles don’t address is the topic of inflating an air mattress. Although it seems like an easy topic, it might come across as a headache when done for the first time. We do not want you to go through the hassle of going through thousands of articles to know how to inflate an air mattress. And hence, we have covered everything you need to know about inflating an air mattress under this section. Keep reading to know more.

Electric pump

The first step is to push the nozzle of your electric pump into your air mattress and then start pumping. If the valve inlet of the air mattress is larger than the nozzle of the electric pump, then you can seal the excess gap using scotch tape or duct tape. If the nozzle of the electric pump is larger than the valve of the air mattress, you can repeat the same step explained above. Inflate the mattress according to your preference, the more air, the more pressure and the bed will provide more firmness. Less air will give you a soft sleeping surface. After pumping the right amount of air into the air mattress, you can seal the valve with the valve cap.

Built-in pump

Has your mattress arrived with a built-in pump? Then you do not need to take the risk or worry more about it, the process is as easy as flipping a switch. The first thing you need to do is to get familiar with the button configurations. You can learn this by reading the manual that comes in with your air mattress. More often than not, you will be provided with the option to inflate or deflate the mattress, along with some selections for firmness. So, this is the easiest process of all and all you need to do is to get good with using the buttons.

Air compressor

There are two types of air compressors:
          1. Manual air compressor.
          2. Electric air compressor.
So the solution depends on what type of compressor you are using to fill air into your air mattress. Manual air compressors can be either leg or hand air compressors. When using a manual air compressor, you can follow the same steps explained under the electric pump section. But if you are using an electric compressor, make sure you have charged your electric compressor and attach the adapter to the valve of the bed. Also, make sure that no air is flowing out and then switch the power on. For more information don’t forget to refer to the company guidelines and instructions about the inflation method. If you don’t find it, ask the manufacturer about the same.


We hope that we provided justice by providing clear and concise information about all the things you needed to know about adjustable air mattresses. Although we have given you all the information you need to know before considering buying an air mattress, the most important factor here is your personal preference. Make sure that you test and trial different mattresses before you fixate on one bed for the next 10 to 15 years of your life. Some companies, as per our research, offer 100 to 180 days sleep trials with 10 to 15 years of warranty, so you can choose that as well. With the hopes that we answered all your major concerns, we are ready to take your leave. For any more questions, don’t forget to contact us.


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