10 Amazing Solutions to Decorate a Bedroom Without a Headboard

10 Amazing Solutions to Decorate a Bedroom Without a Headboard

Hello headboard enthusiasts! We might piss you off with this challenge, but our CraftedBeds experts want to dare you to style your bed without a headboard

Yes, this New Year, we want to celebrate new things, think out of the box, and decorate elegantly but with a ting of unusualness! And this guide is a head start to all the goals, missions, and visions of bringing uniqueness through creativity.

We do agree, a headboard is the statement piece, the focal point, the attention-snatcher of all the items. But that doesn’t mean you cannot design bring luxury without a headboard while making it as beautiful as the bedrooms with expensive headboards.

And to facilitate your budget-friendly ideas, we have put together this guide, where you can learn 10 different ways you can opt to create an appealing bedroom. 

It may be a bedroom without a headboard, but it will not be a bedroom without style and details of imaginative ideas though! So, are you ready to welcome a ‘no headboard’ look in your bedroom this new year?

If yes, let’s begin with our first very trick of bringing together a bedroom that stands strong to speak your personality and character with its aesthetics and functionality features. Shall we get going then?

Bedroom Without a Headboard

Have shelves on the wall

Maybe you live in a studio apartment or a small bedroom that has little to no space for more storage. So, why not use the space behind your bed as a multipurpose storage getaway? 

Yes, be it a book shelved, or a plants gallery, you can turn your bedroom into a library or a botanical garden thanks to the multifunctional shelves in place of your headboard!

Put some of your favourite genre books on the shelf, add some lights, and create a fairytale effect or bring more plants, jars, floating baskets, place the plants and make your place a calm and green retreat to sleep. 

Or you can also be more creative and combine books, plants, and throw in some art pieces to get your bedroom to celebrate the artistry and intelligence. 

But we do understand that some of you can be originating from an earthquake-prone place, in which case having heavy bookshelves or plant jars above your heads can be terrifying and uncomfortable, to say the least.

So, in that case, let’s quickly dismiss this idea and get into the second (one of the most beautiful) creative ideas to eliminate the headboard idea and make no one ever miss a headboard when they visit your bedroom! 

shelves on the wall

Hang your favourite art

Artworks and wall paintings - Dang, they are always the hot alternatives to any headboards bedroom decoration ideas. Why? Because they make anyone forget the purpose of a headboard and stare in awe at them!

Think about your favourite theme and co-relate the theme with the art pieces you want to add behind your bed. Also, do you want to hang one piece of large art or several small pieces of art? Think about your preferences before you walk into the art store.

If you are going to go for a single art piece that is going to make a statement, the best option would be to invest in an artwork that matches the overall theme and vibe of the room. 

It can be a picture of the beach, sunset, or something entirely different, but make sure to always pick an artwork that goes very well with your room and also compliments your fantasy.

If you want to experiment with many artworks and wall paintings, you can do so with small art pieces that define many things at a time but when combined they stand to tell one story and create a bold statement look. 

We promise you this step can never go wrong. But let’s not get fixated on one idea. Keep reading to know more about the 8 other different techniques you can use to decorate your bedroom without a headboard.

Wallpaper or mural behind the bed

Be it a section of your bedroom wall or all the walls of your bedroom - Wallpapers and murals can create a look that can boldly knock away the need for a headboard! 

Wallpapers - If you are renting a place or if you do not want to stick to a single design throughout the entirety of your life, stick and peel wallpapers are your best bet. You can easily get rid of them if you are bored or no longer align with the design of the wallpaper.

Murals - A beach background, a forest background, or an abstract pattern that you always have been dreaming of, murals, according to Limitlesswalls.com, have always been doing what they have been doing for centuries, which is to show off the personality, culture across the globe, artistic style, travel destinations, and also define the decor sense of the person. 

So, discover your style and create a design art around it. Do not be afraid to experiment with different art styles, designs, and decors. Be creative, go a step ahead if you have to, and choose something that you will be proud to show off for years to come.

And with that being said, let’s move on to the fourth suggestion on our list.

Wallpaper or mural behind the bed

Curtains and tapestries

Great alternatives to wallpapers and murals are curtains and tapestries. These are the most cost-effective ideas and also can be experimented with a lot. You can try many different curtains and tapestries unlike with wallpapers and murals.

Do you have any curtains or tapestries that don’t go well with your bedroom vibe? Well, no worries, you can easily put them down and add new ones to your cart! This is one of the best ways to replace the need for a headboard.

Not just for headboards, but you can always switch the look of your entire bedroom with floor to ceiling curtains. Once again choose contrasting colours between the curtains and the bedroom walls and you will be good to go.

And coming to the subject of tapestries - Do we have to tell anything about it after the above picture? The bedroom and the tapestry used in the bedroom clearly define what the bedroom stands for and what the visitors have to gain from the look of it.

Tapestries come in wide varieties and hence they add more versatility to the bedroom without trying too much! 

You can choose anything from art to artistic painting weaved in the threads. Whatever your choice is, we are sure tapestries for your bedroom can never end up being boring. 

Brick wall

Brick walls? In 2022? Are you sure?

Well yes, we are! Brick walls bring the industrial vibe to the bedroom with minimal effort and they are not something that must be hidden behind the headboards! Brick walls can bring a variety of vibes through their versatility and diversity.

From minimalist chic to vintage chic, the brick Callas can define and hold anything under their wings. But we know that some of you might be sceptical about how good the bedroom can look with just brick walls or that brick walls are just for old age artistic lovers!

But this is far from the truth! Brick walls are bouncing back to popularity and will surely make the style statement in 2022. So, this is the best time to show off your love for brick walls or even brick wall theme wallpapers.

You can choose fake white brick walls, faux brick walls, or fake red brick walls - And we are sure your 2022 couldn’t get any better than adding these beautiful accent walls into your theme.

Brick wall on bedroom

Hang a huge mirror

How about adding a huge mirror behind your bed? Will it replace the beauty that a headboard brings to the room? Mirrors, huge mirrors at that, can change the appearance of your bedroom in the most positive ways.

Huge round mirrors or floor length mirrors can make your room appear bigger than it is already and hence creates an illusion of spaciousness and brightness. Also, if you have more natural light hitting through the windows in your bedroom, it’s high time you add mirrors to your room!

Because mirrors bounce the light off of their surface and double the brightness in the room, they can make your room pull out the look of creativity and elegance through the presence of the light. 

You can see the ideas behind the execution in the above room. A small mirror and some light, and boom, you have a bedroom that creates a cosy corner for soothing your study enthusiasm and also to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

Room with a view

How about a room with a view? We are sure most of the attention spent in this bedroom goes into the outdoor views. So, why is there even a need for a headboard when you can easily divert yourself into the views of nature or the sky?

The above bedroom backs up our statement without a doubt! The white beddings, the artwork above the bed, the light lamps and the view. Do we even need to think about a headboard at this point?

What if you do not have such a view? No worries, you can always place your bed right below the windows in your room and there you go, you will have the perfect bedroom without a headboard. 

Do not forget to try this trick if you have a viewpoint from your bedroom, or if you have windows where you can place your bed. If this is not an option you can consider, we can move to our next suggestion, which is sure, for everyone.

Use curtains

If you want to create a fairytale look with, dreamy background effect in your bedroom, go ahead and use curtains! All you need to achieve the look is some floor-to-ceiling curtains paired with some lights that can bring together the dream look.

You can also pair the curtains with a chandelier and bring in more natural light to your bedroom, making it the most beautiful place that facilitates your sleep. 

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, you can also combine curtains with a tapestry and make the most out of these cost-effective ways of sprucing up a sleeping place. So, bring your curtains together and hang them behind your bed.

The look you will create in your bedroom will depend on your artistic and creative side and how you want to express the same. But don't worry, once you start working with curtains, you and we, all can become experts at artistry!

curtains in bedroom

Macrame wall hanging

Huge macrame wall hangings are taking off and are currently flaunting in the trending headboard alternatives list right now. They make gorgeous statement pieces, especially when chosen with a contrasting colour, against the wall.

Headboards become a distant thing when you can be creative enough, and can always strive to keep your place far from dullness. And one of the most fascinating ways to do that is to add macrame wall hangings into your cart! 

The below macrame is one of the best examples of elegance and beauty through simplicity. This colour goes very well with every type of wall paint, but we would highly recommend you go for such light colours when you have dark paints on your walls like navy blue.

This picture here demonstrates how one can combine a macrame wall hanging with shelves and some hanging plants to bring their bedroom alive. The experimenting, the macrame wall hanging, and the plants, along with the bed - Everything is perfectly well done in this bedroom. 

Hope the illustrations give some amazing ideas to decorate your room and make the best out of it without any fancy headboard. And now let’s move to the last section of the guide. We are sure this might seem intriguing to many of you!

Maybe have nothing behind the bed

Is your bedroom already in great shape and condition? If yes, depending on how well you have designed the rest of your bedroom, you may need nothing in place of a headboard to fill the gap of not having a headboard.

With art pieces decked up on the walls of your room, with cool and cosy study places giving off the professional vibe, and with textures, paints, and graphics that are doubling the beauty of your bedroom, you might want to stay away from adding something more!

We know this advice can throw you off the seat sometimes, but believe us, it works like a charm and the best part is that you do not have to do anything here to replace the look of your headboard.

Remember - Having enough visual interest in the bedroom is about how much you resonate with the bedroom rather than how much you would like to please others with the look and feel of your bedroom! Also, less is more!

And with that, we have neared the end of the guide. Hope you got something out of this guide and if yes, we are glad to help you with the same.

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