How to Clean Mattress Stains?

How to Clean Mattress Stains?


Everyone wishes for a good night's sleep (maybe with some cute dreams as well). However, not all nights are designed to please the sleeper. 

During some nights, we may experience certain issues that can lead to health disasters and eventually cause stains on mattresses which might include urine, blood, vomiting, and profuse sweating.Or you might be thinking about your aged bed that you might want to restore from yellow stains.

In this article,  you will get an insight into different problems that you may have faced regarding mattresses and how these problems have very simple solutions that can aid you to keep your mattress strong and long-lasting.

Why do I need to clean the mattress?


It may not be necessary as of now to clean your mattress, but you could be sleeping on thousands of dust mites, sweat, and several other bacterias and viruses! No, we are not trying to scare you by any means, but want to genuinely help you understand the importance of cleaning your mattress very often.

Even if you are cleaning your bed linen now and then, you need to take an extra measure to clean your mattress, even if your mattress is stain and odour free. Although taking shower before going to bed is a good measure to keep your bed away from collecting dust and stains, there might be numerous other reasons and facts you need to consider.

Stating a few of them below:

  1. According to the sleep council, 285ml of fluids is lost by an average adult every night.
  2. Humans shed 454g of dead skin over a year which could be nestled in your bed.
  3. Your bed might be your most favourite and costly possession.
  4. You spend almost a third of your life on your bed.
  5. You sweat excessively during sleep or wear lotion to bed.

And these reasons are extremely important to consider why we should regularly clean our bed and make it our routine process.

Now that you have a clear understanding of why one should clean their bed often, let’s understand how often mattresses need to be cleaned to prevent them from wearing down soon.

How often should I clean the mattress?


As far as we are concerned, there is no such rule which states that you need to clean your mattress every week, every month or every year. It mostly depends on the usage of the bed, the person or the persons using it, it also depends on the quality of the mattress itself. But if you are constantly suffering from allergies or symptoms like dry eyes, itchy throat and runny nose etc, you should consider cleaning your bed as a preliminary step.

Also, consider the fact that according to a spokesperson from the National Bed Federation one should vacuum a mattress every six months.

No matter if the mattress is stained or not, it is a good habit to clean the mattress as per the recommended schedule. This also benefits in helping the bed stay clean for a long time and also improves the durability of the mattress.

So, what’s there to lose? Of course, cleaning a mattress is the most tedious job and it does require some mental preparation and energy.

But, mattresses being our costly possession and something that we spend most of our time on, it would be rather better to clean and vacuum them every six months or according to your needs and requirements (depends on how you use your bed and how much time you spend on your bed).

How to clean mattress stains?


Stains have always been a headache and nuisance to every household. Stains recur a couple of times and there are indeed many solutions to these common issues that can help to make life easier. 

Following are some of the main stain causes and the ultimate solution to help clear them out.

  1. First and the easiest option is to get rid of the stain as soon as it appears. Removing fresh urine stains can prevent a strong odour and any extra bacteria from entering your mattress.
  2. The other home remedy that you can try out for fresh stains is by using products such as baking soda, washing detergent, vinegar etc. Here are the exact steps to follow:
    • Take off the sheets/bedding before the stain dries and put it into the washing machine.
    • On the mattress, apply a dry towel to absorb any excess liquid. Only dab on the stain and do not rub it.
    • Prepare a solution of two cups of cold water, one cup of distilled vinegar and 2-3 tablespoons of washing detergent. Spray this onto the stain. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
    • Apply baking soda on the patch and leave it for 10 hours. If the baking soda on the mattress is dry, vacuum it off.

For old stains

  • Prepare the same solution as mentioned above with the vinegar. Apply it on the dried urine patch.
  • Cover the stained area with plastic covers to avoid evaporation of the solution. Leave it on for at least 24-48 hours.
  • Prepare another solution - One cup hydrogen peroxide, three tablespoons of baking soda, and a couple of drops of liquid detergent.
  • Spray the above solution on the stain and let it dry.
  • Vacuum the dried mixture to see the after-effects.

How to clean blood stains from the mattress?

One stain that is almost impossible to remove from your favourite mattress is a dry bloodstain. Yes, you may have experienced this on various occasions either during menstruation or blood stains from wounds.

There would have been many ways you have tried to get rid of those stubborn stains; however, you might have not got the best results. This could have left you annoyed and confused as to how to solve this recurring problem. 

No worries, we have covered your back. Keep reading to find out the different methods that you can use to make your day stain-free.

  1. The first and most simple method is to blot out the bloodstain while it’s fresh and use cold water to remove the stain. You can vacuum it once done to avoid the mattress getting wet and moist.
  2. Using baking soda – Mix baking soda with water in the ratio of 1:2 and apply this mixture to the stain. Leave it for half an hour at least for better results. To remove extra water, dab the spot dry using a towel.
  1. Make a combination paste of one tablespoon of salt, half a cup of cornstarch and a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide to get that stain off your mattress.

Leave it on for half an hour and scrape the dry paste off. Use a clean towel with water to dab off the remaining paste and pat dry so that the mattress does not get damp from within.

Yellow stains on mattresses

Apart from the reasons above, other minor reasons which can cause yellow stains on mattresses are sweat, oil or even the ageing of  mattresses due to which they turn yellow.

The general method is similar to the methods which we spoke about in the earlier section of the article (Refer to the Urine stain or blood stain removal methods)

where the simplest method is to dab soap and water on the stain and clean it in circular motions or using hydrogen peroxide for a deeper cleaning to get rid of dry and stubborn stains. 

How to clean vomit from a mattress?

A person never prepares to get sick. It can happen at any time of the day without you even anticipating it. 

Thus, in case you experience this awful situation, one of it being vomiting, you need to find a solution to save your mattress from the vomit stains plus get rid of it as soon as possible.

Here is a seven-step by step guide to help you out –

  1. Using the help of a paper plate, remove the excess vomit onto it and dispose of it.
  2. Wash the bedding as soon as possible to avoid the odour from spreading around your room and to prevent germs lingering in your sleeping space.
  3. Dab the area on the mattress with a clean towel.
  4. Make up a solution of warm water and detergent, blot the area and clean it up using another clean towel. Next, blot the same area with a vinegar solution. Let it dry.
  5. Disinfect using some rubbing alcohol and let it dry.
  6. If there is any remaining odour, apply baking soda to the patch. You can apply the bedding after.
  7. Vacuum up the baking soda the next time you change your sheets.

All in all, you can thus see that for all major reasons, you have either a homemade or a scientific solution to help you out at the time of need. 

Make sure that whichever method you choose, do not use excessive amounts of items like vinegar or hydrogen peroxide or even water as we do not want the mattress to be harmed by any means or even the mattress getting damp from within. Another point that we can make sure is to try cleaning any of the above issues as soon as they happen which gives us a more convenient method.

Cleaning up the fresh stain is easier rather than wiping off a dried stain that might have already been ingrained within the fibres of the mattress.


Well, the reason that you found this article tells us that you might have had a ‘bed-accident’ recently or you are trying to save your old mattress from the yellow stains.

We understand your problems and hence we have curated this article to help you get rid of the stains caused due to these minor or major ‘bed-accidents’.

We hope that this article gave you some solutions that you can save up and use for now or later to keep your mattress stain-free.

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