The complete guide to Luxury Mattresses

The complete guide to Luxury Mattresses


""An investment in great bedding is an investment in better sleep!"" -

We spend about 1/3rd of our lives sleeping! Quality bedding is not just a good investment but is a necessity.

There are numerous health benefits linked to a night of better night sleep. For example, a good night's sleep can help boost the immune system and contribute to a productive day.

Sleeping is the best remedy to get relief from stress due to a lengthy day at work or to rest and relax after a tense gym workout.  

(For complete information on the health benefits of sleep, click here.)

So, what aids a better sleep then?

Of course, it's the kind of surface you sleep on!

The right bed that gives maximum support and comfort to your body will naturally promote better sleep. And a night of better sleep means better health, a better mood and a happy, glowing face.

A luxury mattress is one such mattress that can aid in better sleep and help you to get rejuvenated, refreshed and all lit up to take the next day under your possession. 

So today let us take a ride into the city of ""luxury mattresses"" and get to know why it can be your next best buying decision.

What is a luxury mattress?


A luxury mattress is a mattress that makes you feel rich and grand. Luxury mattresses go beyond standard mattresses to provide a lavish sleeping experience to the sleeper.

Luxury mattresses are considered best in the marketplace because of the premium quality materials they are manufactured with.

While a standard mattress still provides you quality sleep and promotes comfort and support, a luxury mattress comes with added benefits like specially formulated materials, innovative technology and designs to help you get a more qualified sleep.

Of course, these added features may demand extra dollars from your pocket, but for the healthy life it promotes, it's worth every penny!

Types of luxury mattresses


1. Memory Foam luxury mattress

Memory foam mattresses are widely known for their viscoelastic properties that provide body contouring ability to the mattress. The benefit of the visco-elastic properties of the memory foam mattress is its ability to provide pain relief from pressure points of the body.

One more added benefit of this type of mattress is its ability to isolate motion, which means you will no longer be distracted by your partner's movements like tossing and turning throughout the night.

Just like any other mattress, a memory foam mattress also has its disadvantages. The main complaint memory foam mattress has received over the years is its heat retention property.

Manufacturers have come up with different solutions to solve this particular problem. You can opt for open-cell foams that enhance airflow, or a cooling gel foam mattress that is infused with copper or graphite for better temperature regulation.

2. Innerspring luxury mattress

The most popular mattress before memory foam mattress took the crown! Innerspring mattresses have coils under the thin comfort layer which they put in the place to avoid the feel of coils on your body.

When compared to memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses are firmer and cool as their cold enables better airflow. These mattresses also have more loft and bounce compared to a memory foam mattress.

3. Latex luxury mattress

Latex mattresses are pricier compared to the other mattresses mentioned above. This is because they use natural materials for which the production and the processing charges are higher. Natural latex mattresses are harvested from the sap of the rubber tree and then manufactured under two different procedures called Dunlop and Talalay.

Natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic since they use very little to no chemicals during their manufacturing process.

But natural latex mattresses are not the only type of latex mattress. There are synthetic latex mattresses that are made from petroleum.

4. Hybrid luxury mattress

There are two types of hybrid mattresses

    • Memory foam and innerspring.
    • Latex and innerspring.

Both the type of mattress helps the customers feel the feel of both cushiony nature and a responsive bounce. A hybrid mattress uses both memory foam and innerspring to provide advantages of both types while negating the disadvantages of the other.

For example, memory foam is known to provide a warm hug feeling to the body but is known to trap body heat. But since it is not the only material found in the hybrid mattress, the innerspring included will improve airflow and enhance the breathability of the mattress.

Similarly, in a combination of latex and innerspring, you can get the benefits of both the pocketed coil layer of the innerspring and the hypoallergenic as well as the cooling properties of the latex.

The advantages of buying a luxury mattress


1. Innovative and adjustable technology

Luxury mattresses are one of the best quality mattresses in the mattress and are produced using innovative and adjustable technology. 

The innovative technology used in these luxury mattresses promote healthy blood flow, and aids in a deep sleep without you having to invest in scented candles and meditative apps to do so.

They also provide a good balance between comfort and support to the body by adjusting to every sleep position of the sleeper.

There are multiple technologies used in premium beds to provide the desired result you want. So, investing in a new luxury mattress should be on the bucket list of every sleep lover. 

2. Best cushion and support

Luxury beds have the supernatural mechanism used to provide targeted pressure relief and support to zoned areas. To the bodily regions which need support like the lower back, the luxury mattress can provide firmness.

Whereas to the regions of your body like hips and shoulder, the mattress can be more cushiony. 

3. Best sleeping experience

Best sleeping experience is a bonus to the lists of advantages provided by luxury mattresses. Along with durability, quality, softness, and comfort, luxury mattresses also have protective layers that keep away dust mites and germs.

Therefore, with all these added benefits, it is perfectly curated to enhance and uplift your sleep quality thereby helping you to lead a healthier lifestyle.  

4. Durable and cost-effective

Would you like to change your mattress every year?

Hmm, we have already guessed the answer to be 'no'.

Because nobody wants to spend dollars every year on their mattress to improve their sleep cycle.

Therefore, why invest in a mattress that is made of cheap materials and gets old in just a year or six months?

Luxury mattresses, though being costly, are made from premium quality materials which will save you from the hassle of the year on year exchanges and spending your hard-earned cash on repairing your mattress now and then.

Luxury mattresses come with warranties that can prevent you from the losses mentioned above.

5. Wide variety to choose from

You don't have to worry about your mattress not checking all the boxes in your checklist when you are buying a luxury mattress, because these mattresses are available in all shapes, sizes, and many different types of additional layers for added support and comfort.

There are firm top layers for deep sleepers, there are soft and pliable mattresses for people who need less support in the top layers and more responsiveness. So, you will be spoiled with a variety of choices when you shop from reputable companies.

Final thoughts

Choosing the mattress that is perfect for you increasingly depends on your individual preference and some factors like budget, sleep problems, and sleep needs. 

Your bed is a place that you spend relaxing, watching Netflix before you wind down to sleep or rejuvenating and getting refreshed for the next big day of your life.

So, investing in a bed that fulfils your sleep wishes, in the way and style that you need, is indeed a luxury in itself. And hence, we curated an article about luxury mattresses for you to get the best of both worlds. 

Luxury mattresses are on the top of the game and will help you not compromise on your sleep schedule.

We hope this article helped you to gain extra knowledge about luxury mattresses and help make a better choice. For any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


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